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Here, Dahn Yoga Voice provides a place where members and their families can share about their personal experiences with Dahn Yoga and its respected founder, Ilchi Lee. Anyone who is curious about Dahn Yoga will find an uplifting source of real and positive information.

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Going to my Dahn Yoga center is the best way to start my day. At the center I am surrounded with people who want to be healthier, happier, more positive, more centered and most importantly want to have a positive energy in the world, even if it just a simple smile. The instructors each bring their own style, yet they all come from the most sincere heartfelt place when giving the class. Dahn Yoga has generously given me the opportunity to train and learn yoga so that I can now give classes. Dahn Yoga for me, is something that I would hope everyone would at least try and see for themselves what they feel.

I am a Dahn instructor and have been a member for three years. I have had so many positive experiences since joining Dahn Yoga. I have been to Sedona many times and it truly is a beautiful and amazing place to be. The people are caring, genuine, and warm. You can meet people from all over the country who want to share their love of humanity and the earth. I attended the opening of Earth Park in December and was so proud and honored to have been a part of this amazing time. The statue of mother earth is truly beautiful and meaningful. We need to come together and respect eachother and this earth that we live on. We need to create peace and happiness for all and we need to do it NOW!

Our yoga is a wonderful experience for people. As an instructor I feel so happy and proud to help others feel better about themselves. People are so stressed out today and need to relax. After teaching a class I love seeing the transformation of the students. Everyone comes in so stressed and they always leave the center smiling, happy and hopeful! What an amazing opportunity I have been given. Thank you Dahn Yoga!

Linda Karen Kaczur
January 6, 2010

Ms. Janelle Rodriguez
Executive Producer, Campbell Brown

Dear Ms. Rodriguez:
I am writing to inform CNN of my long standing wonderful experiences with Dahn Yoga. I have been an active member since the year 1998 or so, when I was 49/50. I have attended a lot of their special programs and trainings i.e. Healing Chakras, Shim Sung, Initial Awakening, Best 5, Healer Training School, as well as other special events too numerous to annotate. I have enjoyed my association with the Dahn organization over the years, and have noticed significant improvement in my health, physical, emotional and awareness of my spiritual self. I am now 61; after 11 years I am more grateful everyday for the masters who have trained me and healed me, showed me how to heal myself and my body, how to better manage my emotions and showed me a simple method of bringing more joy, peace and happiness to my life. I had tried other types of yoga, exercise, and dance, however, none provided the depth of results in so many aspects of my life.

My name is Linda Kaczur, I am an ex-college modern dance and art history major, an award winning interior architect and designer of 40 years, an artist, a writer, and I am a healer. I have worked and am continuing to work with people of all ages to help them to achieve their potential in their lives, by practicing to live healthier, happier lives through art, dance and design. I teach Dahn Yoga at the beach every Saturday to those who wish to join me, and after a year of free classes, I am, at the insistence of my students; just now beginning to charge a small fee for doing so. My students felt that I have helped them so much, that they wanted to show their appreciation for doing so on a weekly basis. I have derived a great sense of satisfaction of being important in their lives, and helping them to feel healthier and better about themselves.

When I first discovered Dahn Yoga, I was suffering from a herniated disc that had kept me from walking down the aisle on the day of my wedding. Caused by stress, the doctor said that my leg and foot would always be numb, and not to do twisting, or bending forward exercises. It is a good thing that I never really listened to him. One year and half later, I did walk down the aisle, and having totally recovered from what could have affected my life forever.

Through exercise, meditation and awareness of self, I not only gained full recovery, but have gone on to enjoy the full use of my body, and developed not only more bodily strength, but also great peace of mind. My body is mine; my mind is mind ~ a Dahn principle learned through concept, then practice, and lastly the best individual experience and results. I can honestly say that I wake up each morning with great joy, knowing that I am truly the master of my own body’s health and well-being. That’s not to say that the stress has disappeared, anyone who lives in this day and age will tell you it never stops ~ however, it is how you learn to deal with life, and the stress that comes with it ~ it is what matters the most and has made all the difference in my life.

Exercise increases the circulation, fortifies your immune system, and lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol. My body has benefited from the Dahn exercises and they are simple and easy to do. The
only person you compete with is yourself to do deeper stretches, longer reaches, take steadier strides ~ in
short, little by little with practice 3 times a week, you lengthen your muscles, lubricate your joints, bow more respectfully and sometimes a little faster; and build your strength and flexibility ~ much like a dancer.

Page 2 of 2 Ms. Rodriguez, Executive Producer, Campbell Brown

In fact, yoga is so complimentary to any other type of exercise, that as an ex-college modern dance major, I really appreciate stretching and lengthening my muscles, while also creating more flexibility and balance. Bowing is a wonderful full body exercise, much like swimming, your whole cardiovascular system, mental and physical balance and muscles work in unison while building your body’s strength, agility and stamina, one bow at a time. Eventually by practicing every day, just simple bowing, whether 21 slow bows, or 103, or 300 ~ you can easily do 3000. I did, I was almost 50 when I did, and the first 2000 were easy, the last 500 a little less easy, but I did it ~ and I felt great! It was a great personal achievement; especially for someone who was told that my body would never be flexible or totally healthy again.

During my eleven years, I have never been asked to worship Ilchi Lee; however, I greatly respect his efforts to sincerely help people by guiding them, being an example to emulate and his dedication to lead people in simple ways to healthier, happier lives.

During my eleven years, I have never not been allowed to make my own decision about my health, my mental state, or physical being ~ nor have I ever been advised anything other than to respect my body, my health and myself in all things.

During my eleven years, I have only experienced professional teaching and training of the highest caliber, by individuals who were kind, respectful and caring of me as an individual in all matters, including professional, open and honest in all our business transactions. They are a “spiritually” based business, and they do very well in balancing the realistic needs that any business deals with the invisible world of how energy really can work in any business ~ with heart and soul in tact!

Recently, I was also present for the dedication ceremony for the Mago Statue. I felt and feel that this statue symbolizes the hope for humanity and the earth. The celebration was about sharing in the long wished for achievement of beginning the development of the Mago Peace Park ~ a place that could not only express the vision of hope for peace for humanity by Ilchi Lee, but also of those who share in this vision. I share a similar hope that the statue will be the symbol for reminding people of their intimate connection with the well being of our planet, and our individual and ultimate responsibility to earth and each other. I hope that all persons who will see the statue will stop to reflect on what connects us to each other, rather than what divides us in our minds, so that we may join together to heal ourselves, each other and our planet ~ before it is too late.

I understand that CNN is a news magazine, and that they make their money by causing “sensationalism” in the news ~ but who does this serve, how does this add to the evolution and growth of humanity? CNN has overstepped the honest reporting of news to one who utilizes news sharing practices that only create controversy rather than solutions and causes biased discussions that hurt and do not heal, and does so at the expense and disservice to the whole of humanity ~ worldwide. I hope that through this “exposé” that they will hear a higher call to honor those of vision, call to truth the abusers who want only to gain monetarily, and that CNN can become a catalyst, a leader of truth and honesty that can shape a world of respect ~ for ourselves, for humanity, for our planet. Peace starts from within, and radiates outward ~ touching and changing everything, including ourselves, our families, our world, and our planet. When will we wake up to this reality, which we can create?

Respectfully & Sincerely Submitted,

Linda Kaczur
Oceanside Center, San Diego

Cc: Shirley Powell
Richard Davis
Jonathan Klein

I am writing this note to you in anticipation of the airing of today’s show on the Cult and Dahn Yoga. As I understand it there will be three evening airings and three morning airings which will allow public to have full knowledge of what I am anticipating is a one sided piece of news since I have not heard of anyone receiving equal amount of time coming from
Dahn Yoga. I realize that you have received memos from many Instructors, Practitioners and Members, please add my name to the list and I would like to trust CNN News to be the respected, intelligent reporter of news with good information.

I have been studying Dahn Yoga for Three (3) years. I am member and also an Instructor. I am also a Brain Management Consultant. I work part time for Dahn Yoga while I am unemployed. I have worked as an Electrical Designer in the Oilfield and Dredging industries.

When I started my stress levels were very high. Now I am more relaxed and focused than before. My cholesterol was over 250, even with taking medications. Now my cholesterol is between 100 and 150 without taking medication. I was overweight and had a spare tire around the waist, which the health clubs could do help me with. Now I do not have the spare and have lost 30 lbs and feel much healthier. I have had two knee surgeries and knee pain when I squatted. After special exercises I can squat without pain and set a longer period of time with legs crossed. This is just a few of the many benefits I have received from my practice.
The center instructors have helped me when I became depressed after being laid off. They have showed a great amount of love for me and other members. They have helped me become more focused. They have helped me become more flexible. They are someone I can go to when I have any problem and talk to them without being judged.

The principles and practice of Ilchi Lee has been a blessing to me. They have helped me to be better person. I do not think of only myself, I think of others when I do things now. We need more people who are like Ilchi Lee who are doing things for the earth and all human kind.

This is NOT cult !!! I am 57 and I practice Dahn Yoga many years and money, what I spend for my training is the best investment for me and for my family. My husband , my doughtier, my 2 sons members in Dahn Yoga.When I experience all benefits from this practice I truly wonted to share it. First I share it for my family members, now I have my center, and I share it for users!!!!!!!! When you experience health, happiness, confidence, HOPE, successful life you wont to share it for more and more people!!!!!!! And this is the beauty of Dahn Yoga !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Ilchi Lee !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you CNN to give a chance for me to share it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Upon hearing about the airing of a CNN broadcast concerning Dahn Yoga, I would like to relay my experience. After enduring several months of stress due to personal issues I decided I needed to find a way to better cope with the stress. Recently I discovered a Dahn Yoga studio and I am very glad that I did! I have found the guided sessions to be a great resource in relieving stress and helping me to calmly face my fears. The training perfectly blends challenging postures with relaxing meditation which leaves me with a centered and calm feeling every time. It is the perfect compliment to a more intense workout. The instructors are caring and helpful people and the atmosphere is peaceful and fun. I really enjoy the experience and look forward to discovering my potential and the potential of others.

My letter to CNN on 01/05/10:

I feel despair and sadness over the airing of your investigative report on Dahn Yoga and the question if it being a cult. I would like to think that CNN will air a fair and balanced report and not sensationalize the issues of some, whom I perceive to be disgruntled, past members who participated, benefited and enjoyed many years of personal growth before “retiring” from the practice and are now attempting in the public’s eye to recoup financial consideration for those years by way if litigation and the media!

I have been a Dahn Yoga member for approx. 5 years, and a Center and Outreach instructor for 3, and while my experience may had its inequities, I take responsibility for my choices and love and respect the principles and teachings of Ilchi Lee and the Masters who have guided me, and continue to, through my practice….I am one of perhaps the 95 percent of Dahn Yoga members who appreciate and love the benefits of Dahn Yoga in terms of better health in body, mind and spirit, and this is what we share!!

CNN, please, for the sake of your viewers pro and con, raise your standards and create better investigative journalism!

Dear CNN`s producer.
BY bringing Dahn Yoga into your myth thanking that you are bringing Ilchi Lee`s moral values down and together with his loving family and community, you are making a big mistake. He brings so much hope,smile and happiness to so many people`s life, young or old that he will never feel alone. Your negativity will empower him more for people who never heard about Dahn will now knowi. Absolutely, with no doubt they will want to join.
Ilchi Lee opened Dahn yoga for you, me, and us so we can learn how to appreciate our planet EARTH,also we can open our eyes to know who we really are, to love each other and to know that we are earth human. You can be forgiving, because it is something new to you.But I wisch that you could of found out who Ilchi Lee realy is and what kind of work that he is doing toward humanity before you acted on that unethical behavior toward him. WE love him very much and very appreciative.

After viewing last night’s episode, I can honestly say that CNN gave a us a very onesided version of the real truth. If the legal system has dismissed one case because the facts did not hold up in court then why are they focusing on it. Is CNN in dire need of ratings? Is CNN becoming another National Enquirer where they take one fact and stretch it out a mile only to create a story? I have been a member of Dahn Yoga for two years and my daugter for one year. We have had nothing but positive experiences while doing Dahn Yoga. I am a widow and a single parent. Because of Dahn, I have not only learned to be alive for my daughter but have also learned to become more of a posiftive role model for her. When I became a widow, I was in fog. I felt like a lost soul living on a day to day basis. Dahn has helped me in finding my true self and the true meaning of life. I am now stronger and confident of myself. In two years, I have gone from a lost soul to a Brain Management Consultant. I now realize that I am a powerful leader for my family and friends. Because of Dahn Yoga, I am extremely confident that posifive changes will continue to occur as my life continues to evolve. I will continue to do this practice and nothing will deter me from it.

I started Dahn Yoga 2 years ago and began to work as an instructor about 1 and half years ago. Through training with Dahn Yoga I have become more confident and self-aware. The biggest benefit I received from training was being empowered to do many things I have never done before and empowered to do things I never thought that I could do, but always wanted to do. The programs that Ilchi Lee created really change people’s lives and I have the privilege of working with these members everyday. The training I have received here is priceless and I consider it life training. These tools and life lessons I will take with me everywhere I go. I am grateful to have this opportunity for this type of personal growth for my life.

I spent many years working in Social Work (and also got a Master’s degree in Social Work) and while I loved what Idid I was burned out and exhausted and not taking care of myself. When I started taking classes at Dahn Yoga I started taking better care of myself and then I could really find the best way for me to help others. The stornger I became the more I had to offer others and now I see Dahn Yoga as another way to help people overcome struggles in their lives.

Thank you CNN for helping us grow our organization faster, so we can heal this world quicker. You haven’t experienced it, so it is easy for you to report false information. I have been practicing Dahn for 2 years, it has been great tool in my life. I am healthier and off of my hypertension pills, I am stress free and living a happy and peaceful life. I do recommend that you take a class and you will experience the happiness, joy, love, peace and health.

Hello, my name is Lisa Job and I go to the Cherry Creek Dahn Yoga Center in Colorado . I have been going to this yoga for a little over a year. I just became an instructor and will be working for Dahn Yoga soon. There are many positive aspects of Dahn Yoga that was not addressed. There have been no positive contacts or interviews from anyone that has been in Dahn Yoga. Only the people that have negative things to say about Dahn Yoga have been heard. This is really a disappointment to me because I have been helped so much through Dahn Yoga, hence the reason I have become an instructor.

November of 2008 I found a Dahn Yoga center after I had experienced a severe migraine. Migraines were unfortunately common then but I never wanted to take medication. I sadly thought I could just deal with them, and I had for about three years. After a couple of weeks I had not had a migraine, to this day, I still have not had one. This is just a physical experience that has resulted. As for my well being, I am much happier. Before, everything was circumstantial. I could get angry, sad, irritated, etc. at just about everything, in just a moment. With Dahn Yoga I am able to manage my energy and stay focused on what matters to me. My well being actually matters, my health, my happiness matters. I am not swayed by situations; I have a new perspective that helps me live life instead of fighting it all the time. I know that I am not the only one that feels like this and I know I am not the only one that can be helped by Dahn Yoga. This is why I am an instructor, I know this works, I am positive.

I feel incredibly lucky that Ilchi Lee had discovered this way of management of the self, and then that he has shared it. That is all that he intended to do, share. He is not even in charge of Dahn Yoga anymore. These people had to of had good experiences within themselves such as I have, to want to become an instructor, “Master”. Unfortunately they got lost in the day to day routine of work. It is easy to manage yourself but it is up to you to keep it up. They have not kept up their own condition which has made them loose the whole purpose of helping people, the purpose of working as an instructor. Once this happens then you can easily look at this profession at a different view. Any person can look at any profession and make it a good or bad one. It was good and now they chose for it to be bad. It is very unfortunate for them. The truth will always be here. It will shine through all the lies.

Dahn Yoga is a practice embraced by those of us who want to improve our physical health. the practice is holistic, and is well grounded in eastern philosophies and traditions. Physical stretchng, vibration, focus on digestion, meditation and energy connection are all part of the practice.

There is nothing difficult. Anyone can do it. Old or young. The programs are clearly explained. The cost is clearly explained. The instructors are well trained and involved in helping all members to achieve their personal goals.

We who practice this form of exercise are often amazed how relaxed and happy we feel. As practitioners release stress they find that their bodies become more flexible. As their bodies become more flexible they are able to do exercises and postures that they had thought impossible. This increased flexibility helps with balance and overall health. This increase in health leads to a feeling of well-being and harmony. This is why this practice is so good with children, adults and seniors.

Nothing miraculous about it. The Dahn program is innovative for its strong support from the instructors. They care if you come to class. They care if you are reaching your goals. The other members likewise begin to reach out to eachother, so going to a Dahn Center to exercise is a very pleasant experience which again encourages people to come. How many of us start exercise programs and then stop? Dahn’s model treats the whole person and ultimately impacts their family and the community. This is not a cult, this is a blessing!

My name is Amber. I just started Dahn yoga class 1month ago. For me, It is really great to improve overall heath condition. I can sleep deeply & focus better than before. I got already lots of benefit from this practice & center.
The instructors in the center are very kind and warm.

I want to trust my experince than what CNN said about dahn yoga.

Thank you!

My email:ambernanana@yahoo.com

I know spiritual groups that leave “choice” up to individual responsibility be accused of being a ‘cult’. Its happened to Alcoholics Anonymous (which was ridiculous). I think this is because the most difficult thing anyone can do is to take personal responsibility for their actions. This means to really see their own part and be humble enough to grow from it. Most people would rather blame it on someone else….as in this case we’re looking at today on CNN.

Dahn Yoga’s spiritual program teaches us to go within ourselves and have our own experience. Cult’s want one dependent upon an outside figurehead person. These plaintive’s are mad at themselves for making poor choices and they need money. I think CNN is starved right now for TV ratings….since the war news is glum and there are no elections.

Seriously though, Dahn yoga is the only yoga I have found that incorporates graceful physical body work, AND energy work, with the kind of spiritually I relate to. I’ve lost weight and am loving my body for the first time. When I am asked to push my body beyond what I believe it can do, my wise mind backs off if I think I am going to hurt myself. I have a mind and this is my experience. That is what we practise at the Kirkland center in Washington. Cult? That accusation is so off the mark. I can get so embarrassed at times when I am reminded at how ignorant some people can be around spirituality.

When I start my company part of the daily routine will be to practice Dahn Yoga once a day as part of the work day. I want my employees in shape; physically, mentally and spiritually. Not my way, but their way — but they have to get in shape. I have to at least give them that chance.

Thanks for listening.

I am Dave Plummer from Albuquerque, NM. I am a senior scientist working for TASC, Inc supporting the Air Force Airborne Laser Program doing advanced modeling and analysis for the High Energy Laser System. I have a Doctor of Science degree from M.I.T. and have been supporting Air Force High Energy Laser research for the last 35 years. You could say I have had a very successful career and am well respected in the High Energy Laser community. I became acquainted with DahnYoga from a long time friend who gave me a gift certificate for Christmas 2007. She felt that the practice of Dahn Yoga would cure my IBS, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia-like symptoms that had forced me to be on total disability for the previous 6 months. This diagnosis of stress related chronic fatigue came after many tests including MRIs, Cat Scans, and numerous blood tests as well as Psychiatric evaluations. I was able to recover some functionality through psychotropic drugs but a cure was seemingly far away. When I went to redeem my certificate I felt hope even reading the information on the front window – we heal chronic fatigue. From the very first class I found improved energy and vitality. Of course, it faded quickly, but with continued classes and special healing sessions and programs like Shim Sung and Dahn Healer School, I made remarkable improvements to the point that on 1 Jan 2009, I was authorized by my doctor to return to work full time. The secret to my recovery was connecting to my true self and connecting to cosmic energy. I had discovered meaning for my life and understanding of my spiritual nature that was so lacking in my Catholic upbringing. I seriously considered suicide before I met Dahn Yoga. So I literally owe my life and soul to Ilchi Lee and Dahn Yoga. I read every book he wrote and felt a strong attraction to his views on heaven, earth, and humanity and his vision to heal the earth and create peace by awakening humanity to the simple fact that we are all connected, that we are all one, and that the divine creator is within each of us. Within a couple months I too became aware of a lot of negative information that can be found on the internet about Dahn Yoga being a cult and some of the allegations that former members had written. For me, I could only go by what my body and mind and spirit told me from my own experiences. They told me that what I felt was real. And the fact that I have had no recurrences of any chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia-like pains was the only proofs I needed to dismiss these claims. All I saw were dedicated masters wanting only to help heal me. This current CNN exposé causes me great sorrow and sadness because I know the truth from my on experiences, and I have concern that great harm will come from thoughtless reporters simply exaggerating falsehoods for only material gain. Many new members can be shaken by negative information even if later it is proven in a court of law to be false and not continue to train and grow their souls. I know this from my former wife’s reactions to the internet misinformation. She was not willing to experience for herself but willing to accept internet information as truth. I have read a few other spiritual authors including Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsh and Silvia Browne and they all speak the same truth as Ilchi Lee. I see Ilchi as an enlightened soul seeking to make this world a better place for each of us here now and our children and our children’s children. Dahn Yoga and brain education are the best training methods for achieving health happiness and peace I have found and the only difference between a good, widely beneficial cult and a widely beneficial culture is the number of people who seek to achieve the values of doing heaven’s work for restoring humanity and earth to that of doing good deeds for people in need of healing and the earth that is in dire need of healing.

David Plummer
Albuquerque Dahn Yoga Center, NM

Dear CNN Staff Reporter,

I recently learned of your intent to broadcast a report about Dahn Yoga describing it as a cult. I find this very disturbing because it seems that your report is one-sided, focusing on those people who decided to stop their yoga practice because they did not like its founder.

Dahn yoga is not a cult. In the two and a half years that I have practiced Dahn yoga, I have lost 45 pounds, recovered flexibility in my knees, and joints, regained my intestinal peristalsis so that I no longer suffer from constipation and manage my moods with greater patience and insight. My confidence has also improved. I find that I am able to try new activities and tasks that were not in my comfort zone. I now have the capacity to laugh at myself. I have worked diligently to reclaim my health. I am grateful for the competent recommendations that have resulted in the ongoing improvement of my health.

My experience with Dahn yoga has been very positive. Through this training, I have changed my physical, emotional and mental health. Traditional allopathic medicine offers health through medication. Medication means side effects. That’s not for me.

Frankly, it’s rather insulting that you base your entire report on the experience of twenty year olds who by definition (at least in the American culture) demonstrate unquestioned devotion to their favorite celebrity rather than worthy role models. Dahn yoga, like any physical training program, requires practice, focus, diligence and willingness. Did the people you interviewed stop their practice because they wanted it for free? Do they want their money refunded? Or, do they want a lot of attention and a lot of money?

Lynn Alexander
Albuquerque Dahn Yoga center, NM

As a CNN viewer I feel compelled to express in writing my disappointment in your network for airing the damaging feature regarding Dahn Yoga. I have come to expect sensational and narrow minded journalism from other networks but until now have regarded CNN as a place where one could receive news of current events of the nation and the world in an honest, fair and unbiased manner. I cannot understand the focus of the news media these days on negative, fear-based and sensational reporting. Weekly there is some new shocking story to grab public attention. This is a sad reflection on the media and our society but undeniably is what sells papers and boosts TV ratings. One can assume that a big splashy “expose” is also one way for an ambitious reporter to gain notoriety and advance a career. Is this CNN or Fox?

Please let us open our minds and our hearts. Wouldn’t it be better to engage in more positive messages, to relate stories that are uplifting rather than damaging, that give comfort and hope to a world already inundated on a daily basis with fear and dread?

I would like to offer my input on Dahn Yoga and specifically on the recent dedication of the Mago statue at Mago Peace Park near Cottonwood, Arizona. The Dahn Yoga practice is a system which benefits thousands of people not only in the U.S.A. but in Korea, Japan, Canada and Europe. Through this system so many, including myself, have gained health, well-being and yes, joy in a somber world. The focus of Dahn Yoga is to widely benefit humanity and bring about balance in a world out of balance. That a message of health, joy and peace for humanity can be misunderstood and depicted as sinister for the sake of TV ratings or monetary gain as in the case of the Arizona class action lawsuit, is sad indeed. The statue of Mago, the spirit of Mother Earth, is a lovely symbol not meant as a religious icon but as a reminder to us all to honor the earth. The park is a beautiful place where all are welcome to stop, rest, enjoy, reflect and celebrate life.

I am grateful to Ilchi Lee for designing this remarkable system that crosses the boundaries of race, culture and creed and embraces all of humanity as one. I respect Ilchi Lee for his courage, vision and unwavering efforts to raise consciousness and to spread health, happiness and peace throughout the planet. Although daunting in its enormity, this is a truly worthy vision and one that I share wholeheartedly. I hope that more people will open their minds and hearts to embrace a more positive outlook for humanity rather than being caught in a negative cycle based on separation, fear and hatred.

Eileen Brennan-Martinez
Santa Fe Dahn Yoga center, NM

Way to go!

To Whom It May Concern:

I want to share with you how Ilchi Lee changed my life. At age 50, I had been suffering for 9 years with severe fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (following an attack by fire ants). I was in such pain, that I was crawling up the steps of my home and could not wear shoes because the pain was so great. I began taking Dahn Yoga and Tai Chi as a last resort. No doctor could help me. I wanted a way just to live with the pain and not give up on my life.

Within 3 months of beginning Dahn Yoga practice, I was pain free. After a year, I could honestly say that my health had returned. But, the real benefit I got from Ilchi Lee’s beautiful programs was much deeper than my physical health. I regained my confidence, excitement, and joy for life. And, I gained a new reason to be excited each morning for the day: I wanted to help others find Total health (physical, emotional, and cognitive) in the same way that Dr. Lee’s programs helped me heal.

As I learned to teach Dahn Yoga and Brain Education, I have seen so many people regain their Total health. I have taught every type of program, from children’s programs in schools and museums, to school teachers, to Seniors, to regular yoga classes, and even corporate stress release classes. The results are always the same. Through Dr. Lee’s programs, people reconnect with their inner ability to heal themselves and be happy… the way we are meant to be.

I want to emphasize that, through these classes, people are not “brainwashed”. Quite the opposite. Through Dr. Lee’s programs, people of all ages and body conditions, learn how to recognize and take responsibility for their own body, their own thought patterns, and their own healing. It is not something that is done to you. It is something that students very gratefully learn to do for themselves through the 5 steps of Brain Education System Training, based on the latest neurological research and invented by Ilchi Lee.

I hope that you can use your media to inform people who want to improve themselves about the beauty and power of Brain Education System Training. Through this information, you could change or even save someone’s life.

If you would like to contact me and let me tell you first hand of some of the miraculous stories of students’ changes through Brain Education System Training, you are welcome to contact me at my Body and Brain franchise in Vinings, GA. I can tell you of the many programs that I have been involved in in the Atlanta public schools, in Atlanta museums, nursing homes, and county recreation centers as well as the many volunteer programs in which I have taught (such as Star House programs for At-Risk children in the Fulton County schools and the Dorothy Benson Senior Center.) All of these programs were made possible by the genious, love, and insight of Ilchi Lee. You should thank him for these priceless contributions, as do I. Thank you for your time.


Penelope Costanzo
Dahn Yoga Franchise Owner
Vinings Dahn Yoga Center
Vinings, GA 30339

Sincerely l just can share with all of you that l am so happy to had a chance to practice Dahn Yoga, l have been many places in the world and di studies and reasearch on many practices. l know and l even do not have to say much that people who practice Dahn yoga are happy and they actually learn how to manage them self well for the whole being and harmony in every life and health aspects. As any practice or study requires the effort like going to University this practice requires too. It’s simple. l am so glad that l had a chance to train and gain my health back. Do you think it was easy? No. But l did it anyways and l am living example for myself that it works well. So, l do have a great respect and actual gratitude for the specific programs and proved by science methods which helped me to get me back on track.
Thanks to everyone who helped me to change me for the better.
If you have any daubts come and see me!!!!!!!!!!! You can see and check it with your own eyes and you can jujge it by your self.
Thank you so much!!!!
Renata Petryliene

I have been a member of Dahn Yoga for 6 years, and an instructor for almost as long. Why, because through my Dahn Yoga practice, I experienced something that I had never experienced before and it showed me a different approach to life almost immediately. How, can this be? How can learning how to focus inside, focus on my breath and reconnect my mind and body change my life? In the beginning, I was totally smitten with my practice and then a little fearful. Perhaps something was not right, but time after time after attending class or workshop or special training, and coming away feeling healthier, having a better understanding of myself, and wanting to share this amazingly simple practice with others, I began to understand.

It is as my instructor kept saying. I was simply circulating my energy and instituting my “internal self healing system.” Not only was my physical body improving (I was no longer experiencing severe migraines), but my emotional well being and outlook was vastly changed. I learned how to accumulate and manage my energy.
Very quickly I was able to take these internal healing practices and after attending healing school combine internal and external healing techniques on my family and friends. My son who had severe allergies and intermittent seizures was healed. His pediatrician confirmed through these healing modalities his health condition was vastly improved and far better than what is typical for a child with his original conditions. So, how can I doubt? How even, could my family doubt, when whatever the origin, time after time when they were not feeling their best either physically or energetically, they would request a “mommy healing” and miraculously feel better. But I knew it was much more than a mommy healing it was the application of a healing modality that over centuries was created and proven time and time again.

Well, then comes the test for me as after a while I try to prove, either way, whether my improvements are something attributable to my Dahn Yoga practice or something that all yoga forms provide. So, if this is Yoga, it means that I can study and practice any form of yoga and have the same experience. I attended other yoga programs and attended many other yoga teacher trainer programs, but guess what? I found that not all forms of Yoga are created the same. For whatever reason, this Dahn style of yoga resonates with me, and I always have the deepest meditation and practice when I teach or practice Dahn Yoga. During another teacher training, Paul Griley explained this phenomenon I was experiencing as when Yoga came to the United States it became more water downed and more of a physical practice as the westerners could not necessarily accept all the practices of Yoga. Ahhhaaa….

While the Dahn practice is physical it is much more about the improved circulation of energy, about learning to focus inside and manage one’s own energy. And, the net is that one can find one’s own answers, simply. All forms of yoga focus on quieting the chatter of the mind. Dahn Yoga has many ways to assist with that process and gives you opportunity time and time again so that your are truly implementing a “practice.”

After that it is a simple process of learning to listen inside, first to your own body, and then naturally changing a lifetime of habits as you finally become more aware of them at a different level and listen to your true self. At first, it simply may be not eating that extra cookie or cookie at all. Because when you feel your body, you understand there is no nutritional value perhaps only an emotional void. (That’s not to say you don’t eat cookies ever again, but you are aware and choose when as opposed to being on automatic pilot.) Then you can start to apply this practice to emotions or any other life habits you would like to improve.

I have taught many classes and workshops outside of my Dahn practice, and people inevitably say to me that it has been some of their best yoga or meditation experience. (Of course, those whose only aim is to sweat and feel physically challenged will not have that comment.) That is because even when I am teaching typical yoga classes, my focus and connection to the class is different. Class participants feel the difference whether they are a long time practitioner or newbie.

After intentionally educating myself in other styles of yoga and after almost six years of experiencing classes and workshops, and watching myself as well as countless others receive great improvement in their physical well being, their emotional well being, and their overall happiness, how can I doubt? Countless Dahn Yoga class participants have shared their experiences from…”I don’t remember the last time I relaxed,” to “After only 3 months I no longer required my …fill in the blank…diabetes medicine or heart medicine.” Or, even more interesting, “My friends at work and family want to know what I am doing because they see such a positive change in me.” I have watched and heard these types of comments over and over again. Not because I have solicited them, but because people are so excited and happy they want to share how much their varying situations have improved. I can be aware and skeptical, but as an instructor I have seen so many participants with health or other concerns that they have tried to improve for years, but with no long term impact, until they began their practice of Dahn Yoga.

Is Dahn yoga perfect? Is it the best run business around? Perhaps not, but what business can claim they are, let alone what person. If you are not familiar with the culture of a yoga practice let alone the Dahn practice, it may seem odd. (Perhaps because as a society our resolution to issues, health or otherwise may be skewed …take a pill…let someone else tell you how to improve…)

As an individual who has had many positive experiences as well as an instructor who has assisted students with positive experiences, I can only confirm that there is much benefit for those who choose Dahn Yoga. Is it for everyone? Perhaps not. What business, career, religion, car or piece of clothing is fit for everyone? Aren’t we fortunate we live in a society that does not dictate individual choices for people, but rather allows each person to seek out and try different things?

Of course, it is healthy to have checks and balances in any system, and perhaps this will serve as a check and balance. I for one, have implemented my own checks and balance, and will continue to do so. I welcome anyone to try Dahn Yoga for yourself for a period of at least one month (of course 3 months would be better), and determine your own personal benefit. I am that confident. Of course there will be a certain percentage that may not enjoy, but there will be that many more who will see for themselves the benefit of Dahn Yoga and be able to live a better life.

This is getting way too long winded. But as far as this lawsuit goes, here is my viewpoint. As I explained to my 18 year old daughter, most people who start a yoga practice are seeking to improve something (or heal something depending upon your viewpoint). Through the practice these things improve, and then people start to have expectations. “If I do this, this will happen.” It may be about themselves or their place or value in an organization. Sometimes expectations are not met, for whatever reason. Then couple that with the fact that you are “working” in a yoga organization and it seems to get more muddled. (Anyone who has taught yoga understands this awkward experience of teaching yoga and still running a viable business.)

One of our lessons in life is to learn how best to handle a situation when our expectations are not met (the true measure of character); learning to take responsibility for ourselves and use it for one’s own growth. Moving away from a blame mentality. Really, when someone believes they may not have gotten what they deserve or expect, that is when the true yoga practice begins. How does one choose to react? I explained to my daughter that at that time of turmoil or disappointment, if one’s practice has not gone to a deep enough level (i.e. it is easy to be a certain way when things are going mostly your way), people resort to “old habits.” I explained that if we analyze the situation here more deeply with these people I am sure we would find they have returned to old habits.

One never knows what the next day, the next hour or even the next minute may bring, thus it is important to practice not only in the classroom but in our everyday life. I am so grateful for Dahn Yoga, Ilchi Lee, the Masters, fellow instructors and members. Thank you. I am grateful, very grateful.

I am commenting on the Dahn Yoga report. I have been a Dahn member for over 3 years and have never had any major issues with the trainings I have taken. There are times where I got frustrated, mad and wanted to quit what I was doing then, but that?s natural when you do something physical or emotional that pushes you past your comfort level. If you don?t give up and after the training is done, you feel great at having completed what you thought you couldn?t and realize that if you just keep at it, you can do anything you want! Yes, the instructors want you to take training that will help you get past your issues that are holding you back but the member always has the option to not take the training! They cannot MAKE you do anything you don’t want to do. I have gone to one of the more expensive trainings and obtained a student loan and know alot of others who have done the same. If I didn’t want to do the training, I wouldn’t have. I enjoy the regular classes, it helps with the stresses of every day life, makes you feel good physically and you learn that you are in control of everything you do! I have done bowing training and you always have the option to sit down and not finish if you’re not feeling well. If you get up, of course they ask if you’re OK. You can tell them you’re going to the rest room, getting a drink or whatever. You always have choices! What YOU feel about YOURSELF after those choices have been made is all on you. You
make yourself feel bad or good! Dahn teaches you how to be happy through building your physical strength, then your spiritual and energy bodies as well. You learn to be in control of your emotions and what you want to do in your life. It is always your choice! My instructors have all been good people and all they want is for me to be the best I can be. As for the sexual assault allegations, I have met Dr. Ilchi Lee and find that hard to swallow. I will continue going to classes and will continue to support those who are members of Dahn. Thank you for reading and listening, and please don’t forget to mention in your reports how wonderful and helpful alot of people think this organization is!?

Jen Souhrada

I am writing to voice my serious disappointment regarding the nature of the coverage given the Dahn Yoga organization. Over the years I have come to regard CNN as the clear source of news and information, generally unbiased and fair, America’s version of the BBC. This is, of course, all in contrast to methods employed by those news organizations dedicated to sensationalism and fear mongering, such as FOX and MSNBC. I find it difficult to express my shock at the size and nature of the injustice committed by CNN here.

Dahn Yoga is a large, worldwide organization dedicated to helping people develop health and peace. Yoga itself is growth through difficult forms of exercise, meditation, and stretching. It is natural in an organization this large, dedicated to difficult and important goals, that there will be some conflict, and with that some dissatisfied people. It is unconscionable that the good work of so many be tainted with fear and suspicion without the benefits of decent investigative journalism.

It is clear that the individuals who have banded together in this series of lawsuits desperately seek publicity, and this has been granted by CNN in the form of formal, personal interviews of the leaders and other individuals from this group. It is also clear that no such interviews were granted the leadership and management of Dahn; no equivalent opportunity to respond, no attempt at the fair and balanced reporting that CNN normally projects.

The application of the term “Cult” is so poisonous in American society. The tragedies of Jim Jones, Waco Texas, and any number of more minor examples stay fresh in the minds of Americans. It is incumbent upon CNN, if they are truly dedicated to the truth, to use such nomenclature only in those situations where the investigative work has been exhaustive, and little doubt exists. Any other use of this label can only be characterized as sensationalism; immoral, destructive, and unjust. All of this far below the standards historically adhered to by CNN.

I am a four year member of Dahn. I came to consider doing yoga after I developed serious arthritis in both of my hips. Yoga was recommended to me by doctors at the Mayo Clinic as a way of deferring hip replacement surgery until later in life. I located a Dahn Center by chance, and began training. It has been difficult, but very rewarding. I now teach classes, and have healed my hips to the point that replacement surgery is not even a remote consideration. I am very grateful to the Dahn organization for the new levels of health, strength, flexibility, and peace that I have achieved with their help. It will be a tragedy if others like me are restrained from receiving this kind of help for themselves by unwarranted fears and biases set in motion by poor quality work from CNN. Please do the right thing.


Jim Garner

Dahn yoga is a system of physical exercises that helps people to have a healthy life style and positive attitude. It involves nothing, but one person’s desire and effort to have healthy body and clear vision of his or her human potential. It may be called an addiction as rightfully as going to college, gym or grocery store. It’s something, that you want to do to survive and prosper. And the choice is yours.
I never seen Ilchi Lee and I don’t really care who is the author of the system.
I take yoga classes at the local center when I feel like it, and it doesn’t interfere with my other life activities. I have a job, a family and many other interests, that I’m balancing. I enjoy being a part of it as much as it takes and let my kids of different ages to take the classes, making them more confident and proficient at school.
The class costs me 3 times less than the piano class for one of my kids, or a tank of gas,while benefits the whole family as it keeps me in good mood and fills with positive energy.
I heard from my daughter about the law suite, which she read about in fashion magazine. I’m glad, that I’m not reading ‘junk’ press and relying solely on my life experience.
Sincerely. O.N.

It is really disturbing to know Dahn Yoga from the inside and to see CNN attempt to rip it apart with its unfair, unbalanced, sensationalized report (with so, so many factual errors!) How can you call this journalism?

Dahn Yoga helped me find a deeper meaning to my life–it restored my health and opened me up to new possibilities. I am a much more creative, authentic person now. I love the practice so much that I now teach stress management classes as a certified instructor, to share Dahn’s healing properties.

This organization is a very open and welcoming community.

In sincere appreciation & gratitude,


I have been attending Dahn classes for about two years. The classes are very affordable and have helped me to improve my flexibility and peace of mind. I also choose to go to a program in Sedona, which was expensive. There I received 70+ hours of high quality physical and spiritual training. Getting the same amount of practice outside of Dahn with a mid-level personal instructor would be more expensive.

For those who are interested in Dahn but are suspicious or afraid, I recommend trying Body+Brain Center. The classes are the same but instructors are actually owners of their businesses. They pay franchise fees to Dahn (for using Dahn methods) but are in charge of how their business is run. Customer satisfaction is the first priority to them, as their income depends on this.


Great sharing Richard.
Thank you so much.

I am writing this letter in response to CNN story on Dahn Yoga. I have been practicing Dahn Yoga for 3.5 years and teaching for one year. I have been to many of Dahn Yoga’s training programs. I attended all of them with my own choice. Of course I heard from my yoga masters why it is good for me to attend, but at the end it was my choice to write that check and attend the program. No one ever told me I have to attend or else! I said “no” when I didn’t think I should go or had the money to pay for it. I did it because I decided it was the right thing to do at that point of my life and I am glad I did. Each program helped me to grow and better understand who I am and what I want from my life. After each program I told my friends and family, “it worth every penny I spent and more”. Ilchi Lee has created a great system and training program for all of us to learn about ourselves and grow. I admire his perseverance and respect him for all he has done to share his vision of peace and harmony to all of us. He has been recognized for his accomplishment in Korea, has spoken at UN, has created many non-profit organization to research, has devoted his life to do his share in bringing peace and harmony to this world and had thousands of people that believe in his message and have been inspired to do the same. I don’t see anything wrong with this picture!
As a result of my Dahn practice, at age 50, I have never felt healthier and happier as I feel today and I owe a lot of that to my Dahn Practice. My relationship with my family has greatly improved. I love each one of them to pieces, I have learned how to show my love and more importantly I love myself and who I am. I have connected with my soul and do what I can to listen to it and learning everyday how to feel it deeper and deeper. I joined Dahn when I had many family relationship and financial problems, Dahn practice helped me to focus, gain confidence and connect with who I am and what I want from life. I remember after six months of practicing, (when I was depressed and life wasn’t pretty!), one night I told my 15 years old daughter that “I don’t feel like going to class tonight”, she turned to me and said “mommy, please go!”, thinking what a 15 years old motive could be, I asked “why?, are you planning a party?” she said no I just see that every time you go to a class you come home happier and you are in a much mood and better person.” doesn’t that summarizes it all! Is it my imagination? Or “pseudoscience”? It is an honest analysis of a 15-years old teenager of how this practice has affected her mother during a very bad time in her life.
After 3.5 years of practice, I have overcome my depression, enjoy my work , in better financial situation, and do all I can to enjoy and appreciate life, every moment of it. And more importantly I do all I can to share and give what I have learned to others.

Thank you for supporting Dahn and showing your compassion.

Very clear point. thank you for sharing.

I’ve been practicing dahn yoga last 10years, starting right after my horrible breakdown from my medication. Since then I have not taken any single pill ever.. so healthy and fresh. I believe my body, my health itself is a perfect evidence of dahn yoga. What can i say more… !!!!

Thank you Yelena for your wonderful sharing!

Thank you Marion… you are touching the hearts of many through your outreach activities!

Dahn exercise makes me balance for my life.
When I got a sick and some bad emotions, always Dahn yoga gave me some solutions and wisdom of my life.
That’s why I can make a peace and happness, also I can spread it to others.

Dahn yoga exercise is totaly different between other sports and yoga.
I could feel their vision and mission through their heart. They are working hard and diligent.
I would say, if you have some stress and unstable, find dahn yoga center. they will help you whatever whenever you want.

Thank you.

Thanks for your sharing.

CNN was once a respected news source of mine. I now question the validity of any of their “in depth” segments. Their unfortunate bias toward Dahn makes all their broadcastes suspect to me.

I am saddened that Dahn Yoga is being unjustly criticized. Dahn Yoga has been and continues to be an unparalleled source of physical, emotional, and spiritual benefit to me. I am a 68-year-old woman who joined Dahn 5 years ago. That fortunate event created a happy, physically fit, emotionally sound, and spiritually motivated earth citizen, Leanne Garn.

Physically Dahn has offered me classes and trainings that improved my condition dramatically. At 58 I thought I was too old and too fat to put up Christmas decorations and paint my 13-foot cathedral-ceiling walls. In 2007 I painted the walls and have put up Christmas decorations for the past 5 years. I now feel 10 years younger than my calendar age. I am in better shape than I was at 30. My eyesight has improved from 2.50 to a 1.25 reading strength. I have gained ¾ inches in lost height. I weight the same as 5 years ago, but have lost 19-1/2 inches in girth. My Dexiscan, bone density, test said “osteopenia” and now I am in the normal bone density range. I am flexible. My driving has improved because I can easily turn my head and I am more focused and attentive.

Many of my friends, including my son, noticed how I good I looked and said I “glowed” and “You look great!” They wanted to know what made me look so well. My answer was Dahn. In 2002 I had a marked hearing loss and began to wear hearing aids in both ears. Since November of this year I have not needed hearing aids. Immediately, my associates noticed my improved hearing. I no longer talk as loud as I once did in order to hear myself. As a teenager I took voice lessons, but never relaxed enough to sing well. I can now sing like I wished I could years ago.

Emotionally, I am happier and much more relaxed. My ability to sustain caring, respectful relationships increased. My family noticed I now relate to them in a loving, caring, humorous way. We are relaxed and enjoy being together. Before Dahn, I was tense and my family was uncomfortable with me. We had many misunderstandings and an estrangement that is now thankfully repaired. When I look over the wrecked relationships of my past, I wish I had Dahn 50 years ago.

My partner is amazed at the depth I am willing to be open with him. I share myself at the deepest, not always pretty, level. He describes me as being “so there”. My sister is challenged. I am truly able to be her support, her advocate, her companion though her journey.

Last March I supported my best friend as her husband lay dying. For 3-12 weeks I visited them daily in the hospital. I massaged his feet and held his hand. My friend said: “He was the most responsive when you were in the room, Leanne.” I continue to support my friend in her grief process.

I feel grief over the loss of my friend’s husband the upcoming challenges for my sister, but grief doesn’t incapacitate me today. I can feel and allow the tears without letting depression rule me. I am still able to teach classes and be a support for my sister and my friend. All these benefits I have received as a result of my trainings and practice with Dahn.

Spiritually, my world has widened to include love. I now know the meaning of unconditional love for a few, not all, people yet. Without Dahn I hadn’t the ability to love myself, let alone anybody else. My many trainings have tied up so many loose ends, answered so many questions in my life. It is as if all the far-reaching desires I had as a child have been answered through Dahn.

As a child I wanted to travel to every country, learn the language, and live with the people so I would know them. Instead, since Dahn attracts such an internationally diverse group of members, I have made friends with people from all over the world. I had a job at Dahn that took me to businesses in the area where I met people from 34 different cultures. I learned to say “thank you” in each language. As a kid, I wanted food and medicines for everybody. I am now part of a movement toward world peace that will allow equality and humane treatment among for all earth citizens.

When I first began my Dahn journey, I recoiled at “worshiping” a man. What I now know is I identify with the spiritual energy Ilchi Lee emulates, not his physical presence. This higher energy is the Christ-energy, the Buddah, the Mohammed, the Yahweh, the Great Spirit, the Holy Spirit energy my soul longs for. As I’ve learned the unconditional love mentioned before, and been able to be of service to my family and friends, I am becoming that spiritual person my child-self always wished to be. None of this would be possible without Dahn.

Thank you so much.
Any normal intelligent people will appreciate this sharing.
I really wish Campbell Brown becomes one them someday.

There’s a story in the Bible about a blind man healed by Jesus. Afterwards, the self-righteous Pharisees flock around the fellow and try to pry from him some nasty bit of slander they can use against the teacher from Galilee. Do you think this teacher is the Son of God, they ask? “Look,” the guy replies, “I don’t know anything about all that. All I know is that I used to be blind, and now I can see.” Now I’m only drawing a parallel, not attaching any messianic significance to Ilchi Lee, for that would be cultish. All I have to go on, like the blind guy in the parable, is my experience, which is as follows. By the end of 2007 I was suffering chronic back pain that was nearly disabling, had confounded doctors, and was so severely stamped on my life that it affected everything and made me wonder if sanity itself could hold out indefinitely. I’d had physical therapy, an MRI, and was game to get hooked on painkillers if that’s what it took. For months I kept a daily pain chart of my suffering, and sometimes had to sleep sitting up because lying down in any position was too painful. Then I joined the Dahn Yoga center in Kirkland, Washington. The results amazed me. I learned postures and techniques of yoga, mingled with some tai chi, that gradually and eventually reduced the back pain by — oh, I’d say about 95 percent or so. I learned balance, a keystone to my welfare both physical and otherwise. I learned methods that enhanced not just my body but my mind, my emotions and my spiritual being. I was not indoctrinated into a particular creed. Again, I was not indoctrinated into a particular creed. I have a resistance to creeds anyway, and have a spiritual background that includes both Christianity and Buddhism in its evolution. I’m a grown man and can discern precepts and principles for myself, thank you. And by the way, my ingrained caution is derived mainly from the Christian, not the Buddhist background. But what I did find at Dahn Yoga, under the guidance of my teachers there and in company with fellow members, was a gentle and nurturing environment in which I could discover enhancement for my own spiritual path. I had opportunities to get more deeply involved and declined them, but only because I tend to be a loner and go my own way in most instances anyway. I did go through a Shim Sung training which involved one long day of sometimes quite rigorous physical and emotional effort. That was a rich, fantastic, and highly illuminating experience — the results of which are felt to this day, a year and a half after the fact. I was a member of Dahn Yoga for a bit over two years. I am no longer, due to personal and financial reasons. But I continue to practice yoga. I must, in order to maintain a balanced and pain-free and fulfilling life. The essence of brain wave vibration is also a part of my continuing practice. I have Dahn Yoga to thank for all that. I have nothing but respect and affectionate gratitude toward my former teachers and fellow students there. All I can say is that I used to be “blind” and now I can “see.” I understand Dahn Yoga is being sued and there are allegations that it is a cult. I read one internet-posted article about this and, as a former print journalist, I have to say it was balanced insofar as including comments from both sides. As a former reporter, I concede that, where there is a lawsuit, there is news. I have not seen TV commentaries on the issue and don’t know how fair or unfair they have been — although I know (again, as a former media person myself) that TV commentaries in particular can be terribly slanted and shallow and ill-informed. They haven’t the time and seldom grasp the inclination to delve deep into a story. They’ve only time for a brief sound bite and have to highlight the most zesty or suggestive or inflammatory bit up front. Many of the posted comments from readers on this issue comprised rank bigotry and western prejudice. I hope CNN is not presenting their news in such a way as to stoke such knee-jerk hatreds among small-minded people. I’ll conclude my comments on this now with my personal opinion that, if Dahn Yoga is a cult, then so are most if not all of the Christian denominations one might care to cite. Dahn Yoga simply did me a whole lot of good, the organization and its instructors have my blessing, and I hope the mess is settled soon in a way that is just and right.
Joseph Gramer
Bellevue, Washington

Dahn Yoga fills in a very important and much needed niche of preventive medicine. It allowed me and a lot of my friends to stay healthy or to keep chronic illnesses under control. I have also seen amazing improvements in condition of Dahn yoga members diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, depression, cardiovascular diseases and many other disorders. I am surprised that there was no serious investigation of health benefits provided by Dahn yoga, especially now, when the Health care is getting so much national attention.

As for the lawsuit — people who filed it are old enough to take the responsibility for balancing their checkbook and saying “No” to what they think is an excessive physical activity.

CNN has broadcasted the Dahn Yoga lawsuit as if it has already been judged by a court.

The reporter repeated stress that 3000 bows is a form of tutor. In all orient cultures, bowing is done on regular basis in temples, weddings, praying to ancestors, marshal art trainings, and various kinds of functions. I am a Dahn yoga member, and I had done a 1000 bows session in December, 2009. I had worked up to the 3000 bows by doing 100 bows a day at home, and a few 300 bow session at a Dahn center. All were voluntary and anyone can stop at any time during the session. I can not imagine these 27 ex-employees would be asked to do 3000 bows without any preparation.

CNN kept repeating that Jade was raped. It is an alleged rape. Rape is a very difficult thing to prove, since usually no one else is present. Until there is a judgment from a court, everyone should withhold his or her judgment.

Mrs. Miller died during training. I am very sorry for her family’s lost. But there was no fault play according the coroner and police.

I can not submit my commet on CNN site. My commet was rejected as a spam. Does anyone has the same problem??

I understand that CNN has presented a show on the Cult and Dahn Yoga. For what I have heard, what has been presented is only one side of the story.

I have been a Dahn Yoga member since 2002; I take yoga classes and have taken part in several of the offered workshops. When I first started, I was in a great deal of joint pain and without hope after seeing many health care providers.

I am 75 years old, now I can bend, stretch, turn, and walk because I was taught to control my pain, and because of that, I became a happy wife, mother and grandmother.

Please know that I have never felt pressured to become someone I am not. On the contrary, through the exercises I’ve learned, I experienced my own individuality and attained the freedom to be me.

Please take consideration of my sincere perspective of what Dahn Yoga is all about and don’t let on sided point of view distort the realty that it is.

With best wishes, sincerely,
Maria Durham

I am very thankful for Dahn to bring joy in my life and help me through the hard times , realy if there is anything will bring joy and hope in our lives what elese do we realy want?

When I started practicing at Dahn Yoga, 3 years ago, I saw on the internet that it was a cult. I still wanted to do it so I decided to go to classes anyway and just keep my eyes and ears open. I trusted myself enough to know if it was not a good thing. I felt that I would be able to tell if it was harmful or dangerous to me.

I never saw or heard anything that would make me run away. What I found, instead, was a group of people who were so sincere in their desire to help me and other people that I stayed and thrived. I feel I have grown so much from this practice and have changed so much. My physical body became stronger, I feel I am much younger now. I was able to get over the grief that I had over my mother’s death. I was able to heal over the breakup of a relationship.

I have done most of the special Dahn trainings and I have always felt that they were a very great blessing. I found the instructors to be very honest and sincere in their desire to heal others and teach them the way to be the master of their body, their emotions, and their thoughts. I have learned how to change my thinking when I am being very negative. Our negativity is harmful to our bodies and to the earth. Everyone at Dahn is interested in healing humanity and the earth.

I am now the co-owner of one of the Dahn franchises, called Body & Brain Holistic Fitness. I don’t operate this center as a cult. It’s kind of funny to even say that. I want to help people with their healing. There are a lot of people who need help in this world and we need to offer our help, instead of our hatred, contempt, or criticism. If we would all just help each other a little more, the world would be a much happier and more peaceful place.

I know the world is a cynical and suspicious place. There are, however, some people in this world who are really here to help and to heal. I believe Ilchi Lee is one of these people. I have been a student of his for the past 3 years and I don’t believe he is capable of the sexual assault they are talking about on CNN. I believe these former employees are not getting anywhere with their lawsuit and are just making a desperate attempt to get some money out of this corporation. It is a shame that CNN is giving them the attention and the credibility they do not deserve.

We have had so much success with ailments like depression, fibromyalgia, stress relief, high blood pressure etc. No one is saying that these exercises do not work. I say let people come and try it themselves so they can make up their mind about it.

Thank you for reading my letter.

Kathy Atencio
2950 Central Av SE Ste C
Albuquerque, NM 87106
505-604-1485 Cell

I’ve been practicing Dahn Yoga for 18 months. My physical condition is greatly improved. I feel stronger and healthier with each passing week. When I first started Dahn I had many physical problems and often felt overwhelmed by stress. It was difficult to sleep and I rarely felt at peace.

Within the first couple weeks of starting Dahn Yoga I became a happier more relaxed person. My friends and family said I seemed more confident and ‘solid’ in my approach toward life. This new confidence allowed me to examine my beliefs more closely. In doing this I gained a greater sense of clarity and purpose.

I practice yoga several times a week and feel stronger all the time. I’m now able to take on greater challenges and tasks that I never thought possible. Today I’m grateful to Ilchi Lee and all the Dahn Yoga instructors for continued hard work and dedication.

Dahn Yoga is the best of the best, a place that brings me true happiness not just on certain days, everyday and now i take that happiness with me and share it with my family and friends.

I have quit smoking in the first month i started after 10 years of struggling to stop. i call this a miracle, i stopped smoking because my body and mind started to work together as one threw the training. Very simple and now i when i chose to do something i do it and finish it. i also have lost 75 pounds which is amazing, because with out the help of the instructor i could not have accomplished this on my own, i had failed many times before, but received the best care and support ever.
i am truly so thankful about my life and the lives of those around me. For health, happiness and peace will create a better place to live for our future generation’s to come. Either they can live in a world of suffering or a world of peace. That is totally up to us and i chose PEACE :).

i Thank this all to Ilchi Lee and all his efforts to touch many hearts all around the world. He truly touched my heart and i will continue to touch the heart of others.

thank you Dahn Yoga HSP 🙂

i’m a 60 year old woman with no aches and no pains. i don’t take any medications and i thank this to Dahn Yoga. The instructor really motivates me and encourages me. i truly thank her because it has helped me. The training helps me keep my mind, body and spirit as one. i am self employed and this is my life insurance. i share this with my family, friends and customers. Thank you so much for bringing happiness to my life.

I have been a Dahn Member for over 6 years now and I regard it as a life practice that I will just keep doing as long as I live. I feel much better now than 6 years ago physically, emotionally and spiritually. Where ever I go, even when I am a very old lady, I will keep practicing this yoga. Who are these anti people? I don’t know them, but I do know many Dahn instructors and fellow members who have helped me, supported me and sympathized with me. Let’s keep up the positive work! I am with you!

CNN has broadcasted the Dahn Yoga lawsuit as if it has already been judged by a court.

The reporter repeated stress that 3000 bows is a form of tutor. In all orient cultures, bowing is done on regular basis in temples, weddings, praying to ancestors, marshal art trainings, and various kinds of functions. I am a Dahn yoga member, and I had done a 1000 bows session in December, 2009. I had worked up to the 3000 bows by doing 100 bows a day at home, and a few 300 bow session at a Dahn center. All were voluntary and anyone can stop at any time during the session. I can not imagine these 27 ex-employees would be asked to do 3000 bows without any preparation.

CNN kept repeating that Jade was raped. It is an alleged rape. Rape is a very difficult thing to disprove, since usually no one else is present. Until there is a judgment from a court, everyone should withhold his or her judgment.

Mrs. Miller died during training. I am very sorry for her family’s lost. But there was no fault play according the coroner and police. It was just an unfortunate tragedy.

I love my Dahn yoga centers and staff. You can not find a more dedicated, loving and hard working group of people. It breaks my heart what CNN reports are doing to them.

Dahn centers are very inviting. Just imagine the first thing you see when you go into the center is a smiling face and a welcome hug, I think that alone would make most people’s day. Then you have classes that melt your stress away. My favorite is the tea time after class, where everyone share his or her experience or questions and then a master would give you a bit of wisdom and good wish before you leave. Who would not love this!!

Dahn center staff is very loving and wise. Like everyone when I run into problems I would call my friends and my sister to complain. Being my friends and sister they would rally behind me and support me 100% which makes me feel great but the problem stays a problem. I found talking to the center staff is very helpful in solving problems because of their willingness to listen and their unbiased, objective point of view.

Dahn center staff works very hard. There are many special classes in the evening and weekends. I really appreciate the extra effort they put into their work so I always try to go to these classes. I also feel bad that their work take up so much of their time. Several times, I mention to Master Gio that he works too hard. Finally, he said to me that you know I love my job. How many of us can say we love our job!

Members are encouraged by other members to help with cleaning floor and tea cups, because the staff is very busy. I hate cleaning!!! But cleaning actually gives me a sense of belonging. No one would clean other people’s home!!

All and all I wish the lawsuits would be resolved quickly!! So everything would be back to normal!!

Thank you for sharing Kurt dwn!
I’m always so happy to see you in class. Your sincerity and perseverance will pay off! I know that all of your goals will become a reality, and I can see you have immense potential. All the best!

Thank you so much your great sharing.

On comment #33 and #42, I had stated that 3000 bows was reported as a form of tutor, I reallymeant to say torture. And I only did 1,000 bows in December 2009 not 3,000 bows. May be I should try 3,000 bows just so I know what the 27 plaintiffs are complaining about.

Last night I had a cold, I had a headache when I woke up this morning, but I got up and did early morning Brain Wave Vibration training. During the training, I felt my DahnJon became warm and hot, then the warm feeling expanded to my whole body. After today morning training, my headache is gone, I think I already get rid of my cold.

Congratulations on your amazing changes and keep growing!

I just wanted to say that I find it sad to see these inflamitory media attacks on an organization that has such a noble purpose. I pray that the nation and world sees this with responsible eyes. I have been reminded to always work for the greater good at every minute of every day. What kind of choice is the media making? I don’t understand it. What kind of choice have these former employees made? I don’t understand that either. I hope they reconsider their choice.

I have been practicing in Dahn Yoga for over a year now, I have participated in special training classes, and am now employed by Dahn Yoga, instructing classes.

I believe their are two sides to every story. I also believe that each person’s experience and perception of things can be extremely different depending on their own experience and emotional state.

It is difficult to hear Dahn Yoga receiving bad publicity since my personal experience with Dahn has been so great. I have met people from all around the world in my training programs with Dahn…the people that I have met have expressed nothing but very positive experiences as well.

There are so many wonderful dedicated people working for Dahn Yoga helping people become healthier. Dahn Yoga is a very decent company with a peaceful practice that is very healthy and beneficial for people.

I hope that CNN will also provide the positive information expressed for the name-sake of Dahn.

Thank you, Joseph. We miss you at Kirkland center. We are glad that you continue practices on your own and hope to see you in the class again.

Thank for wonderful sharing!

Marion nim, you are right. Any media is supposed to let people know the truth. This time CNn twisted the truth and misled a lot of people who don’t know about Dahn Yoga. With our effort and work, let’s spread this beautiful exercise to the whole world. Ya Ya Ya, we can do it. This is our CHOICE!!! I love you. 😉

Yelena nim, you are so powerful and bright. I love you.;)

Yes, this Dahn Yoga will reach more and more people with your mind and heart and effort. We are going the same way to health, happiness and peace, eventually to Enlightenment. I love you. 🙂

Today, I had the opportunity to invite four practitioners of Dahn Yoga from the outreach class I teach to our Harbor Steps Center to join us for a special training with an exceptional teacher at the end of January. How wonderful to be able to invite people to share the practice in more depth, thanks to the heart-felt inclusiveness of the dedicated people who are responsible for our center’s activities!

lol…heaven & earth energy~~

I love attending to each classes I take or I teach at Dahn yoga , I have been donating my time to teach community center for helping others also just because may be I can help others with these methods the same way Dahn yoga helped me.

During the month that i have practiced Dahn Yoga, i have been impressed with the goodhearted, vibrant, talented staff. They are sincerely committed to the yoga movement and to the Dahn discipline particularly, in striving to improve other people’s health and happiness. Classes are intriguing and relaxing while also being challenging. i look forward to practicing the techniques and to making progress as a yogi. Thank you.

I love you so much…

I love you so much ……

I know that you are doing a great job for people who need help for their health and happiness. I am so pround that I know you personally and officially. I love you 😉

Dahn Yoga has given me a sense of awareness and confidence in myself that inspires me to everyday. I have been taking classes for 3 years and I am constantly learning new things about the limits of my body, my mind, and my emotions. The instructors encourage and inspire me to constantly better myself and to accomplish my dreams. Like today’s class, we did 1,000 dahn-jon taps and 1,000 intestinal exercises. The sensation I feel after is a sense of power and passion and hope to give my 100% in anything I want!

For this I am forever grateful. Thank you so very much.

I remember being so stressed out before dahn yoga. I had very low self esteem. Now I empower myself weekly to meet with people to help them and try to teach what i’ve learned with all my friends and family.

I’m so glad I was able to experience this for my life.

Since joining Dahn yoga I have experienced many benefits. I have increased my flexibility. I feel happier and more centered. I am more open. I can share myself freely. I learned to listen to my heart. I have meet so many amazing members and masters. I feel that my yoga center is my second home and I have a second family.

thank you for making beautiful sharing here, at home and in your community, bennett! i love you!!!!

Thank you, Linda healernim,

I am honored to get a chance to help you.

Let’s make beautiful world together!!!

Thank you for your sharing. Congratulation on your choosing this path.

I have been at Dahn yoga for about two months and already I see such improvements. I was very scared about life in general, when I started Dahn yoga and was told by the yoga teacher that I actually have courage. And I was told I can make my own decisions, which gave me self-confidence. Now even if I have challenges at work, I view them differently. I go to the yoga classes and the worries I come to class with seem to disappear by the end of the class and I leave the center feeling refreshed, confident and reassured about my ability to deal with whatever comes my way. I’ve learned first hand about the mind-body connection and it’s a very powerful tool to use in everyday life. I have learned many coping mechanisms at the Dahn yoga center.

I joined in October 2009 and I identify closely with the healing principles of Dahn Yoga. Our society has far too much negativity in the media which has a big impact on our over all out look. Dahn teaches how to regain our connection with our physical health, mental health and even spiritual health. Unifying society and humanity as a whole, and healing our earth are movements I consciously support. Dahn helps to bring the positive aspects in my life and also encourages to spread my positive, healing attitude.

You explained it clearly well. It was enlightening to see the parallel from thousands of years back to this day and age. Thank you for sharing.

What’s that you say? Dahn Yoga is a cult. Mmmmmmmmmmm?
Well, what do they do exactly in this cult?
That’s it?! They exercise,breathe deeply, bow, dance, smile a lot, hug, love the earth and try to make the world a better place for us all?
Where do I sign-up?

Also, I thought CNN stood for Cable Network News. Sadly, it is closer to Campbell’s Nasty Nonsense.

Anyway. Health.Smile.Peace.

Will HN
Ridgewood, NJ

Dahn Yoga brings peace, dreams, life, love and definitely health into my life. It restores my natural energy flow through regular classes and through special workshops. It got rid of my enormous and painful cyst the size of 3 qtrs where doctors unable to help me at all! It helps to deal with hardships in my life, in my relationships. All the love and care I received from Masters is greatly appreciated. I am grateful to Dahn Yoga as a health organization which incorporates spiritual growth and creates awareness of this worlds’ difficulties. Wow, all in one!

Yes, Dahn yoga center is my second home.. ha ha ha.. my home.. Actually, we, humans, have also Dahn Centers inside us which is Dahn-jon, energy center. We, each of us, are Dahn-jon, Dahn center. We are moving Dahn centers. What do you think? I love you.

I saw a comment from an ex-member about she was pushed to take expensive classes in Sedona.

I just sign up for a BMC class for $3,900 with a discount. If I say it is cheap then I would be lying. But I had taken 2 day classes in stock investing for two to three thousand dollars. The BMC class is a 6 day and 5 night class in a beautiful resort (I heard this from other members.). And members who had taken the class could not stop raving about how wonderful the class was.

I was also offered a ride to Sedona. It is an eight hour drive from my home town to Sedona. When I was told that I could car pool with other members, I had mentioned that I could not sit with strangers for eight hours, it would drive me mad. I was also told that may be I could get a ride from our master. I did not think much of it. Because it is a long drive even if there are ten people in a van, let along driving just a few people. I was so surprised when I was actually offered a ride. I was so happy and relieved because I hated going to any place new alone and having a familiar face there would be comforting.

So I think the $3,900 is well spent.

went to a Dahn Yoga ceremony last Saturday. I had a wonderful time. I suppose I should be enlighten or something. But all I feel is peace.

There were preparations for the ceremony. Then there were food offering, poems reciting, bowing, exercising and sharing of feelings. Then we ate. Everyone sat in a circle, ate and talked quietly. It reminded me of college dormitory where everyone sat in a big room and talk or watch TV. It was very relaxing. Not like social functions where everyone is talking to everyone even if there is nothing to say.

I did learn something that night. Everyone had to fill out a goal for the month. Since the ceremony is held monthly. I have a habit of making New Year resolution each year, but each year most of the goals were not accomplished. I think I will try doing the monthly rather than yearly goals. May be I would accomplish more.

I am not sure what the definition of a “cult” is. But I know I feel peaceful, comfortable and safe surrounded by all the masters, instructors and members. I can not imagine a “cult” would be this peaceful and comforting.

Yes, let’s keep making more positive culture.

Dear Kathy,
Thanks for the great letter. I think a lot of good will come from this. People like yourself are telling the truth about Dahn. It pleases me that we are finally getting the word out. We will make the world a better place.
Congradulations on your BBC an delivering Chun Ji KI oon. You are on a great mission and living your vision
Health Happieness and Peace,

I am from the Lakewood Center in Colorado and for the month of January all the Colorado Dahn Centers are giving out coupons for free classes so anyone interested in checking out Dahn for themselves can do so. I had 10 coupons and all 10 were given in 1 day because so many of my friends and family wanted to try a class decide for themselves if “Dahn is a cult.” Of course they know my experience and have a very positive attitude about Dahn and are not looking at it as being anything but what it is. A loving community of dedicated individuals looking to help humanity find a way to solve the problems of our world. I am proud to share this with the people I love and respect. My thanks to the Dahn leadership for making this possible.

This is the letter I wrote to CNN:
I am writing regarding the piece you are producing about Dahn Yoga. I have been a Dahn Yoga member since mid-2006. I have received innumerable benefits from practicing Dahn Yoga, including reducing my use of medications, recovering from depression, and improving my digestive health. I am grateful to the founder, Ilchi Lee, for his great work in bringing this practice to the United States and for sharing his wisdom and principles and enlightenment. My sense of purpose for my life is now much more meaningful to me as I also want to greatly benefit others and not just focus on myself. Among the greatest things I have learned from Ilchi Lee is how to use my innate capabilities to overcome the obstacles in my life. By following Ilchi Lee’s Brain Management principles, I find peace and fulfillment and the energy to pursue my dreams. I hope more people will learn about Dahn Yoga and come to one of our centers to experience for themselves how this practice can help them have a more wonderful life.

Yes, you are right. Keep going with your healing journey.

The following is the letter I submitted to CNN:

My name is Elizabeth. I am writing this letter after the airing of the Campbell Brown 3-part segment on Dahn Yoga and the implication that it is a cult and tortures people among other allegations. CNN/Ms. Brown advertised that the reporting would be a balanced report and that both sides would be heard. The unfortunate reality is that the reporting was not balanced, lacked specific information to back up the allegations, and was repetitive (showing the same short clips of the young women’s allegations each night). I was waiting for CNN to mention that 26 of the 27 complaints had been thrown out of court, but to my dismay there was no such disclosure. My manager found the report to be shallow. My husband found the allegations didn’t add up and that no information was provided to back up the claims (just a short sound bite and repetition without substance). I would have hoped that CNN would do intelligent, thoughtful, in-depth reporting.

So I am writing to let my voice be heard and added to the list of the many members, instructors, and practitioners. I have practiced with Dahn Yoga for 1 ½ years. I tried other yoga, other exercise, but this is the only program I found that I wanted to stick with, in part because of its holistic nature. I am a 51 year-old mother, a wife, work outside the home, and I am also training to be a yoga instructor. I have been a writer/copyeditor for 10 years, and my current career of 10 years brought me back to a love of the earth and I changed careers to work as a naturalist. I teach nature programs, provide stewardship messages, and promote people’s connection to nature. Dahn Yoga’s founder Ilchi Lee has provided a way to connect humanity and our connection to the earth. That focus is a wonderful bonus of Dahn Yoga, but not what initially excited me about the program.

I wanted to maintain my health. I had been seeing a physical therapist for pain down my legs (IT band), and the doctor said yoga could help. I also wanted to maintain my health since I had had a kidney transplant and had been on dialysis. I am on many medications including cholesterol medicine. Also, about 8 years earlier I had surgery for ovarian cysts but the cyst grew back. With the yoga I was able to gain flexibility, increase my balance, improve my physical strength, to release toxins (some of the activities can be sweat-producing) and to be more peaceful and happy. In the two years since my kidney transplant I have had no incidents of organ rejection. The surgeon has remarked what great shape I am in. (The medications I am on supress my immune system so I can keep the organ. The down side is that 1 out of 5 people may reject their organ because the immunosupressives are toxic to the kidneys.) My gynecologist found that my bone density was excellent and that the last abdominal sonogram showed that one of the complex ovarian cysts had inexplicably shrunk after 3 years. My kidney doctor found that my cholesterol (which had been elevated) was excellent. A counselor I have been seeing has been amazed at my ability to be calmer, more insightful, more open, more positive, and more confident.

I found the instructors at the yoga centers to be warm, encouraging, helpful in guiding my growth to achieve what I want physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. I have taken many programs and some I had to think about because of the money aspect. However, I have found benefit in every program I have taken. In the 80’s I had taken a personal growth seminar, so I was open to different sorts of workshops. The guidance provided by the instructors was always thoughtful and appropriate, and sometimes made me stretch the boundaries of what I felt comfortable doing—however the “doing” the programs was my choice. By the way, I noticed on one of the blogs that a person who didn’t support the organization said that we members had been “trained to support the organization.” I am a writer at heart, but no one could force me to write this letter unless I honestly felt and experienced these things.

The programs give me a chance to be able to assess my mental, emotional, and physical state. I have learned better ways to stay calm and present even if those around me aren’t. I have found greater purpose in my life. I have learned to listen to my body more as a reflection of what is going on in my head. (Perhaps if I had done that years ago I wouldn’t have needed breast, thyroid, ovarian, and kidney surgery!). So I am no novice to stressful situations.

One of the most beneficial practices I do is bowing. I initially needed to know that I wasn’t bowing to a particular person. I found that bowing is great on many levels—I am more fit and flexible, my thighs and calves have more definition, it helped me aerobically. But also bowing helped me to feel more grateful and humble, grateful for the life that I have, grateful for others, and to feel more peaceful. Doing a large number of bows isn’t a “regular” part of trainings. I once was guided to do a thousand bows when I needed focus on my life. Sure I was tired and my muscles ached, but I learned the power of going beyond the mental limits we place on ourselves. I gained confidence as well. I could have stopped any time, and I went at my own pace. The trainings that we have are our own internal work. On dialysis I experience constant fatigue, felt like a victim and constant patient, and felt waves of nausea while on the dialysis. I was so tired after 3 hours of dialysis I would collapse when I came home and felt completely wiped out physically and mentally. While it is awful to think that someone might have experienced waves of nausea during a hard yoga training, I experienced that possibility as a life-time sentence.

One of my first experiences of feeling incredibly humble and grateful was when my sister-in-law donated a kidney to me. She did this out of sheer selflessness. My second wave of feeling such gratitude was the surgical team that helped me. But I came to feel a huge sense of gratitude as well for Dahn Yoga and Ilchi Lee, who founded an organization that promotes health, happiness, and peace and has helped me and thousands of others in innumerable ways.

This morning at 3:30, my wife and I started our 21 days special training. Our special training consist of 3 bow (Heaven, Earth, & Humanity) followed by 1000 toe tapping (big toes touch & little toes to the floor), wooden pillow under our necks, sleeping tiger with tail bone tucked in for 20 minutes and hands on lower abdomine while focusing on abdominal breathing. And during the day, squeezing anus 1000 times. We have been with Dahn Yoga (I still like to call it Dahn Hakn) in Hawaii since January 2005. We live in California now and are still active with Dahn Yoga. We have completed Dahn Healer school and I have attended Dahn Mu Do school. I am proud to say at my age of 70, we are both physically fit and mentally alert to enjoy life, our grandchildren and our only great-grandson. Dahn Yoga is definitely a strong contributor to our Health, Happiness (Smile), & Peace.

Ye ye yes…….It’s ture…..

Has anyone actually looked up the word “cult” in Webster’s ? It is a religious sect, people of like minds and princilples coming together. Is that a bad thing? Society has turn this word into meaning some so totally different…giving it a sick and depraved meaning

I have been a Gold member for almost 5 yrs. I like going to class and I don’t feel brain washed in any way by anyone.

It is a shame these people feel they have to blame others for their issues, not taking responsibilities for their problems or short comings. Too many of us take the easy way out …blaming others instead of looking within.

I pray for them….those who are accusing….may they find peace.


thank you!!!

I have been practice Dahn almost 4 years. I attended my first workshop in June 24, 2006—Shim-Sung (Finding your true essence.) It was one of my biggest moments in my life. After the workshop, I decided to change my lifestyle. I practice to be honest to myself—including listening to my physical body and emotional stage. ShimSung opened my eyes and help me to break through my little cocoon. I start to find all the answers within me including how to be a healthy, happy and peaceful person.

Thanks to Mr. Ilchi Lee, my dearest teacher, said “The answer is within you, the brain.” Hippocrates, Father of Medicine, said about illness–each of us has the power to heal, just looking inside, you will find it.

Brain Education changed the way I thought about myself and others. I am more passionate to humanity and love to our earth.

Yesterday, at a BMC pre training it was announced that IBREA has received recognition and sanction from United Nation. This would lend credibility to Dahn Yoga and IBREA. I also read that Mayor Bloomberg has declared that January 8th is “IBREA Brain Education Day” in New York.

Dahn Yoga has been the best thing I have discovered. I have been able to reach an amazing level of self-awareness, peace, and calm. It has also helped me tremendously with writing my dissertation. I find that after a class, I am so focused and the writing comes very easily to me. Dahn yoga has made a huge difference in my physical well-being as well. I have colitis, and it has decreased my symptoms significantly. My center masters are the most amazing people — caring, giving, peaceful, and simply “good people”!!!!

My ShimSung experience has been life changing and a true growing expereince.
I WILL take what I learned out into the world and share the true-self, hope and choices.
Thank you all so much!!

Jill Carmack
Ceder Crest BBC, NM

Last weekend,
my shimsung experience was emotionally opening.
a sense of peace and possibility,
connection to true-self.
Inspired to achieve my dreams and to share.
I believe I can do anything that I want.
I am not afraid to be myself.

John D.
Albuquerque center, NM

Here is my letter to CNN

It is sad that misinformation and sensationalism might detract from the good work that is being done by Dahn Yoga and the huge benefits that are being enjoyed by so many.

I joined Dahn Yoga with soaring blood pressure, chronic pain in my back and shoulders and compacted discs in my neck. I was stressed, frustrated with myself and others, working too hard, yet unproductive and underachieving. Very early in my practice with Dahn Yoga, as I felt huge benefits to my health, wellbeing and outlook on life, I realized that this practice needed to be spread widely and brought to people everywhere. My particular passion was to reduce the stress of the corporate world, something I had been struggling with myself for over 25 years.

I chose to shift gears in my life and set up a consulting business which would also allow me to assist in the development of programs for worksite wellness. I had a vision that I could have a center of my own, associated with Dahn Yoga that I would run as a business, offering programs for children and adults based on Brain Education. When the concept of Body & Brain Center was introduced and I jumped at it. Leaving a high income and well respected Management Consulting position behind was not a decision to be taken lightly, but for my health and for my heart the decision was easy. Once I chose to put all my efforts into opening my center, things just fell into place and moved very quickly. It was as though the world had been waiting for me.

I opened my center on March 30, 2009 and I am loving every minute of it. I have to pinch myself to be sure that I am really living this way – making an income from doing something that is a joyous pleasure, that is helping people to be healthier, happier and more peaceful. I can see my members experiencing such relief and growing stronger by the day. Ancient eastern practices supported by modern western science has created a very effective program of Body, Brain and Mind healing.

After 25 years in the corporate world, I am now able to give back to society in a way that directly benefits the community. I can use my years of Project Management and Change Management experience, working together with my members on projects that will help children, teens and disadvantaged people create a better life for themselves.

I am grateful for Dahn Yoga’s wonderful holistic approach and the powerful programs inspired by Ilchi Lee, for the grounded enlightenment and for the ongoing support that has helped me through challenging times. As a franchise owner, I have the benefits of being connected to the energy of a great loving community as well as the independence of running my own business.

I feel huge hope for reaching out and teaching people simple techniqies for managing their lives more effectively, bringing themselves peace, less stress in their families and workplaces, the society around us and ultimately everywhere.

Maureen Godfrey

One of my members said this morning she finally got off anti depressant. She had taken it since 2007. She has been practincing for about 5 months. She looks a lot happier and more stable as time passes. I am so happy for her and am so proud of her! Brain Wave Vibration is the best!!!!

My name is Myrna and I have been a Dahn Yoga member for 5 years. My life has always been comfortable and happy. About 10 years ago i started to have lots of pains in my lower back, joints, a stiff body, so bad that i had to rock myself just to get out of bed in the mornings. I also had very bad headaches and started getting migraine headaches, stomach pains, insomnia and if that is not enough, anxiety attacks because i thought i was going to die. I also developed arthritis and started taking lots of medications that the dr prescribed. I took first, Viox, then Celebrex, then paxil and later Walbutrin. I was not doing well. I went to accupuncturists, chiropractors, etc. to try and get better. I had more tests done in two years, than in my whole life!! Nothing helped my pain, then my Dr referred me to try Yoga or a Pain Clinic.

After trying 8 different Yoga practices that I could not keep up with, or even do, I finally found Dahn Yoga. I signed up for one month and went to class everyday, and also had some personal training classes with the instructor to help advance the healing process.

I feel I now have the tools to live a better and pain free life!!

In a few words, I can say that Dahn Yoga saved my life!!

I am 60 years old and feel like I am 30 years old again! I feel I became a better listener, a more understanding person and a much better perso that loves to live again!!

I can say I do not believe that Dahn Yoga is a cult because I have never noticed or been told anything like that. The bowing simply makes me more centered, focused and flexible. Yes, I have spent a few thousand dollars in the five years, for special training. I have also been to Mago Gardens in Sedona, Arizona, and it was worth every penney, and it was my choice!!

I can’t believe CNN is presenting such sensational and negative, false information without truly investigating and knowing the truth!!


Dear Linda, thank you for your honest letter and writing to CNN.
The truth shall prevail. Your story is inspirational and I wish you more growth!

I have been coming to Dahn Yoga for more than three yrs., and, during this time, my fody, mind and spirit have grown strongerand more open. Thanks to the caring, knowledge and experience of our master trainers and instructors, I am more aware of myself and others and more open to life enhancing experiences. During the Brain Wave exercise training I focus on ‘Yes” not ‘No’, and, as a result, I’ve become more disciplined in making good and right choices for myself; whether it be in healthy eating and exercise, opening to experiences that enhance my sense of connectedness to myself and others orjust saying “no” to bad ingrained habits.

I once read that “discipline” is the definingcharacteristic of our era in determining Survivval of the
Fittest, since everything is available to us to choose 24 hrs. a day seven days a week. Internal controls must be strengthened to exercise self-discipline. The core work training of Dahn Yoga has helped me to continue to strengthen my innter voice which alwaysspeaks to a higher self, and I am grateful to those who continue to help me to be a better person to myself and for others.

Thank you for your sharing. We can grow together.

My experience with Dahn Yoga has been positive from day one. I had been flitting from gym to gym and from class to class trying to keep fit, but every time I would quit because I’d end up with some type of overuse injury after several weeks.

I’ve been going to Dahn classes since September and far from having injured myself, I’ve actually healed all those old injuries and regained most of the flexibility I used to have as a dancer.

All the masters and instructors I’ve met have been more than friendly–they really do care about the members’ growth and well-being.

As far as money, I’ve never been coerced to spend any amount of money on training, nor been ignored by the instructors after saying no to something. I did attend the BMC training in Sedona, and if I’d known in advance that I would come out with the body and mind of an energetic, idealistic 23-year-old (after having gone in as a disgruntled, depressed 33-year-old with little hope for the future) after just five days of training, I wouldn’t have blinked an eye at the cost.

I could have easily gotten a prescription for Prozac instead, but I’d rather deal with the root causes of my problems than try to medicate a symptom.

All the negative media attention hasn’t really dampened my desire to keep going. When you’re finally in the right place after having been in the wrong place for so many years, every cell of your body knows it. It’s a shame our society runs on the engine of fear and keeping people disconnected from their real selves and their humanity.

One last thing, about the brainwashing allegations…hmmm.

1. CNN and Rolling Stone are media entities.
2. The media make their money by selling advertising.
3. Advertising is DESIGNED specifically to influence people’s minds and change their behavior (in this case make them buy stuff).

If that’s not brainwashing, I don’t know what is.

thanks for your sharing!

I have been taking practicing Dahn Yoga since July at the Beltsville Center and have found that it has helped my flexibility, focus and given me a sense of serenity and tools to deal with stress. I enjoy every ones positive attitude and the encouragement I receive from the instructor. I would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their physical and mental flexibility.

Just read article. I haven’t yet tried yoga, but then i’ve heard about this Dahn Yoga from a friend. She was then a fanatic with this as she found this as an outlet or a treatment whenever she’s stress and depress. How lovely she is, i hope i can try this one soon.

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