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Since I’ve been coming to Dahn Yoga I have experienced many positive changes. I have lost 65 pounds and my energy level has increased greatly. I am much more flexible and the arthritis in my hands has all but disappeared.

I only have occasional flair ups. I no longer have acid reflux or symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. I am sleeping better at night and I am able manage stress much better than before.


Dale Ingraham

Dale Ingraham wants to share comments about yoga classes. Read them in Dale Ingraham ‘s words “I have told everyone about my yoga classes, especially when they are commenting on my smile or that I seem to be so happy. I tell this to friends and people I have just met. This comes from my heart, as a recommendation for those who are stressed, unhappy with themselves or others in their life, or can’t loose weight, or many other problems we all face. The reason I tell this to people, is because I am a whole person today, because of my experiences through my DAHN yoga classes.

My stress level has all but been eliminated. I am able to focus now that I can clear my mind and see things from a positive and healthy perspective. I have lost weight and toned muscles. I eat better because I want to, and that is the key to what I have learned. I now do all things in my life with a new and better purpose, instilled in me at yoga. My confidence in myself has improved, as well as my ability to share compassionately with others. I truly am a happy and peaceful person who looks forward to each day with excitement and optimism. I owe this enlightenment to the guidance, support and encouragement of the staff at my Dahn Yoga Center.”


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