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Saying Thank You

More than just Words

It’s not “just words,” because words are an expression of heart. We know that expressing gratitude makes all the difference in the world, and Dahn Yoga employees are excited to take this opportunity to say thank you

48 Responses to "Saying Thank You"

I’m so excited to have this chance to express my gratitude for members.
Thank you for being strength dahn yoga.
I couldn’t have grown without you.
I will do my best to suport you to grow.
Thank you

I wanted to first thank the Dahn Yoga internet people for putting up this blog collection. I’m sure this will allow many people to express the truth which no one knows but oneself.

I want to thank my first mentor and Dahn teacher- Master Kumori. I still remember the day that I met her at the Eugene center. I was a 19 year old young man looking for a job, and I was already practicing Hatha and Tibetan Yoga, Tae Kwon Do, meditation, Reiki, SGI chanting and I had a diligent home practice. I had a girlfriend, great friends and family and a fun and active social life. I actual was not really wondering or searching for meaning to my life. I was very satisfied.
When she first began talking to me, it felt as if the entire universe was revealed to me. I could feel the truth of everything that she said which sent shivers up and down my spine. It was as if everything that was deep in my Soul was being told to me through her. I realized at that time that I had found my first Spiritual Mentor.
She told me that Dahn Yoga is just a tool for growing one’s Soul to it’s complete awakening, and for her, it was the best tool that she knew of. To me, at that time, I couldn’t really understand that, my Hatha classes were more physically intense, my Reiki was more scientific about energy and there wasn’t really any long sitting meditations in our classes. What Dahn Yoga is, was revealed to me slowly in the last 5 years, and I know that I may never grasp the full depth of the awakening that began this movement.
I remember when I was working at the Center, and no matter how busy Master Kumori was, when I asked her something or talked with her, she would drop everything and look at me with 100% of her focus and attention. In my whole life, I have never met anyone who could pay attention that way. As I worked with her for almost 3 years, I can say that I could not count how many people would say to me, Master Kumori changed my life, or Master Kumori saved my life. I saw her once spend many hours doing energy healing for a young woman who had a tumor the size of a grapefruit in her uterus. Later at a YEHA camp in Sedona, this woman shared in front of 150 people that she went back to the doctor and the was NO sign of the tumor. Completely gone.

One thing that she taught me was that every Instructor should take care of the plants at the Center, because they represent the energy condition of the people to whom they belong. For a few weeks, I had seen my plant getting weaker and weaker and it was beginning to look like it was dying. Although I gave the plant water and light, it wouldn’t change. I remember commenting on this plant as I left the Center to go out for a few hours. When I returned, I looked at the plant, and to my surprize it was completely plump, firm and bright. I couldn’t believe it! I asked the other Sabumnim there what happened and she said that Master Kumori had spent 30 minutes giving energy healing to my plant. She later told me that plants and people are the same. Even if we give all the water and food, it sometimes cannot accept it. It isn’t about what we have but what we allow in.
I realized how much she gave to people even if they never knew it. Master Kumori always told me there are two types to contribution. Yin Contribution and Yang Contribution. Yang Contribution is when you get reimbursed physically, such as doing work and being paid with money. The Yin Contribution is when you do something, but you are not repaid physically, such as volunteering. She said that when you do Yin Contribution, you will gather credit in the Spiritual world, instead of credit in the physical world. I saw for myself how much she prayed for members and for Oregon to heal. This inspired me beyond measure.

I want to thank Ilchi Lee, my Seu Seung Nim, (Teacher) more and more each day. I cannot count the amount of times that I have been completely blown away and stunned by the creativity and the productivity that he has. I know that he only sleeps about 4 hours or less per night, and he is constantly creating. As soon as he gets an idea, he will take to action. While I am struggling with my own problems and my own personal life, he is creating universities, writing books, doing lecture across the world and still finding time to respond to EVERY single letter that any Instructor writes to him. It is in the way that he sends words of encouragement and love to us always at the right time. It is the way that he begins every letter “To my beloved Jejas” I am constantly reminded that at the bottom of every message and at the core of every training is Love. He says the essence of Enlightenent is Love.
One time Seuseungnim gave a small lecture to the Oregon Instructors in his hotel room one night after a training. He said that he has only revealed to the world about 1/3 of what he awakened to on Moak Mountain.
It may take many lifetimes to awaken my Soul, but I am so grateful that I found a path and many teachers who are all so beautiful and unique in the way they are. Noone may ever know how much love and effort went into making Dahn Yoga what it is today. But I am so grateful and forever in debt to the path that has been paved by the many Dahn Instructors who have come before me. I thank every one of you.

I am truly thankful to all members who believe in their experience and choice as well as the Founder Mr.Ilchi Lee.
I will put my all effort to guide members as Mr.Ilchi Lee did it to me.
Thank you.

To the wonderful, kind, caring, helpful, supportive people at Dahn Yoga, Fremont Ca. Center, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am a sixty-six year old man and I have been a member since last October. I immediately experienced many physical benefits. I had considerable chronic pain; low back, hips, neck and shoulder, and the plantar surface of my feet. Within two weeks of joining the work-outs, usually four days a week, most of the pain completely disappeared! I have also become much more flexible and I am re-gaining much of the strength that I have lost over the last decades. But for me, the most significant benefit is on a very personal level. From the very beginning, in every way the instructors made me feel welcome and truly cared for! When I arrive at the center, I receive a warm welcome and a hug! During the work-out sessions the instructors are firm and supportive, encouraging members to try harder. There is never any sort of negative words said of regarding any members performance, just encouragement to do more!
The staff at Dahn Yoga are also concerned with my spiritual growth. Over my life, I have not thought or considered much of the spiritual aspects of my life. In the last few years, I have been reflecting upon this oversight and feeling the void. In general the Western European Culture, of which I am a part, is more concerned with the physical and intellectual aspects of life, rather than the spiritual. The spiritual guidance that I have received has not been coercive in any way. They are not trying to win me over to a specific religion or ‘cultist’ way. The philosophy espoused is of kindness and caring for all people. They are teaching me to find my true self and to be emotionally strong. To control how I react and respond to information coming to me from outside is the is part of the teaching. How could that be bad?
If CNN does not do a complete and accurate story of the work that Dahn Yoga does it would be a shame for CNN and an injustice to Dahn Yoga. It is well known that stories of people doing good are not nearly as ‘sexy’ and compelling as those of people behaving badly! CNN get it right!!!

Chuck Chase
Fremont, Ca.

I am so happy and touched by all the people who have written in to all of the websites to share their wonderful experiences about Dahn Yoga.
It has truly been an honor for me to have had the opportunity to work with so many great people throughout the years. I want to thank everyone for all of your support.

Thanks to all of members & Dahn Instructors. All your heartful words and honest sharings touched my heart so deeply. Through this chance we will grow & be stronger more than ever. Thank you all.

I am truly grateful to every employee and member who has felt the Truth and Essence of Dahn Yoga and Ilchi Lee in their hearts, and who followed that truth, even in the face of opposition and negativity. That takes a very pure and very brave individual. Your courage and beauty will be an inspiration for growth in healing in so many more to come — so thank you again. You give me hope*

Mucho Gracias- Thank you so much for everything, to all the masters and other members. Over the last few years I have been able to re awaken the passion for life in my heart that I thought I had once lost. I now live with happiness and hope in my life, and I wish for everyone to be able to what I feel inside themselves.

I want to express my appreciation to all Dahn Members.

You have been expressing your support through your letters to CNN, emails to us and your unwaivering support at the centers. You have used this time well to show us and maybe remind yourselves how Dahn has benefitted and impacted your lives, and the lives of those around you.

I also want to let you know that with out you and your desire to grow there would be no reason for us to keep going.

Let’s keep working together,
Thank you

My parent in Korea they practice dahn yoga.They really love all the trainings. My father had knee pains..now,He said He does not need to go to see doctor any more~.

My mother has high blood pressure…after dahn training such as brain wave vibrations & yeon dahn traning she got normalized!!! thank you ~~

While I am not working at a Dahn Yoga Center at present, I have been blessed to have worked more closely with members in the past and I still have the pleasure of seeing members now from time to time.

I would like to say a big thank you to all of the members who are taking action to support Dahn Yoga. I was reading all your letters to CNN yesterday, and I was deeply moved and filled with gratitude.

It is so encouraging to know that we the instructors are not in this alone, that we are not the only ones who are defending Dahn Yoga–well, basically–that our members love us back.

I will say very honestly that it’s not always easy to be a Dahn Yoga instructor, but life isn’t always easy, either; I wouldn’t change places with anyone in the world, I wouldn’t give up the life I have now for all the money or success in the world. There have been times when I was frustrated by my inability to communicate effectively with members and there were the rewarding moments when I could celebrate triumphs with them.

So, to the Dahn Yoga members who show your love with your voices and through your actions, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I love you and I am honored to be on this path together as we focus on growing our soul and bringing health, happiness, and peace to our Earth and its people.

Thank you Michelle for your heartfelt sharing.

I am a Dahn instructor in Boston. I am so happy to have this opportunity to thank our members. It’s tough times like these that really show me how unbelievably blessed we are to have the wonderful members that we do. The response that members have made to this CNN story truly surpassed what I thought possible. We have so much power when we work together!

One wonderful and unique thing about Dahn is that all the intstructors started out as members and are now just sharing what they have awakened to through instructing. In that sense, there is really no difference between members and instructors. I can feel those who love this practice and are growing themselves through it–members and instructors–truly are one, and we are in this together.

Thank you so much for your warmth, love, strength, and committment!

Sincerely yours,

I would like to share with you my experiences and comments on the Dahn Yoga organization. I have been a member for over six years. During this time my physical health has improved more than I had ever hoped. When I began I was in constant pain. My knees were very sore resulting in limping and lack of balance. My lower back was very painful. The back pain had been increasing over several years and I was becoming depressed to think of living the rest of my life this way. I was probably not too much fun to live with! Shortly after joining I was invited to participate in some early morning training. This included the same bowing and holding postures which have been described as torture by CNN reports. Of course I was uncomfortable during the exercises! But surprisingly, I was able to keep going and somewhat keep up with the group. I felt good about myself after the practice. At the end of five days I was able to walk slowly without limping! I was very happy! The benefits were well worth the work required. After all what is achieved without some effort? After six years I feel better than ever!

Nearly three years ago my husband suffered cardiac arrest. I was able to perform CPR until the emergency team arrived. He was very sick for a while but has made a full recovery. I suffered a reaction to the trauma of the experience including anxiety and palpitations. I received constant support from my Dahn friends. Also I found using the most basic of the Dahn exercises brought me back into my body and let me have the strength to carry on when all I really wanted to do was stay in bed. At that time I participated in a 21 day training that helped me relieve the anxiety. The most helpful exercise was five minutes of smiling for no reason! I felt a little silly during the practice, but eventually I found I could hear an emergency siren without palpitations and anxiety. I even could think it was a good sound, and that someone’s life was being saved! What a great benefit!

Now I am planning to share my experiences as a yoga instructor. At the youthful age of 61 I hope to inspire many others to heal themselves as I have done. I have only good news to share!

Thank You,
Carol Schroll

It has been a couple of months since I had moved out of a center and started working in the corporate office. Even though I am not interacting day-to-day with members like I used to, I really wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful, beautiful members I’ve worked with in the past and look forward to working with in the future. It is your pure heart and your unshaking trust and faith you’ve placed in us — in me — that gives me a reason to live my life. Without all of you members, without Ilchi Lee and without this Dahn Yoga community, with our ultimate vision of changing this Earth, my life would be completely nothing.

To all the members I’ve shared our hearts together with, I love you all so much. There are no words to describe how much you all mean to me, and I cannot wait until the day we can greet a new, bright world together.

I also want to express my deep, sincere gratitude to all my family and friends who have been very supportive of me during this difficult time. I don’t know where I’d be without you. Thank you for trusting me all the way through, no matter what. I love you.

Yes, OUR Earth! If more people had this mind- this ownership- we could focus our energy into more positive actions for OUR Earth and our growth.
Your blogging comments were standing-ovasion-worthy, Michelle nim!

Hello Dahn Yoga Community, and Visitors!

I had the pleasure of receiving the letters of our members across the country as they responded to the CNN piece, and I want to express my gratitude for this experience.

I think that there is nothing that speaks louder then voices of these people, people who are mothers/fathers/doctors/teachers/retirees/engineers……..it goes on and on.

They are people who come from all over the world. But one thing they all had in common is that they expressed a deep and sincere gratitude to Dahn Yoga and Ilchi Lee. Truly, you can’t make that level of sentiment up, or manufacture it. I am proud to be involved with all of you at this crosspoint of our paths in life.

i am so happy to know many great heart people!!!!!
l know and l even do not have to say much that people who practice Dahn yoga are happy and they actually learn how to manage them self well for the whole being and harmony in every life and health aspects. As any practice or study requires the effort like going to University this practice requires too. It’s simple. l am so glad that l had a chance to train and gain my health back. Do you think it was easy? No. But l did it anyways and l am living example for myself that it works well. So, l do have a great respect and actual gratitude for the specific programs and proved by science methods which helped me to get me back on track.
Thanks to everyone who helped me to change me for the better.


I am happy to have this place to send gratitude and love to wonderful members! You are all so amazing and I am so thankful you are here with us! You make me so happy! I keep you in my heart and think of you often.

Because of you, I can grow myself in so many ways. This morning in tea time we were talking about making a peaceful world, where everyone can get along. And how it is so amazing that all of us gather together at the center – all races, relgions, ages, careers, etc. It is really a beautiful experience at the center. Thank you again!

Love you very much.
Gamsahamnida! (Thank you!)

I just got a note from one of our instructors talking about how supportive the instructors even in the UK are. They said that they are very touched by our current situation and what we’re doing to get through it, and that they send their love and gratitude.

Thank you Dahn Yoga UK! We love you too~ Let’s shine out the bright energy together 🙂

I express my sincere gratitute to the members and people who have supported our work and company. This inspires me to do better because I can see so much support from the people who have respected our work. Thank you so Much!

I would like to thank Ilchi Lee for bringing this practice to the United States so that many Americans, like myself, could find something deeply fulfilling inside ourselves.

I’d like to thank the Dahn Yoga members I taught in the past and that I meet today for their passion and commitment to the health and growth of their lives, their families, and their community. I have learned so much from them.

I also thank all of the employees of Dahn Yoga and other companies and non-profits that use and spread Ilchi Lee’s methods for their hard work, support, and bright smiles.

Finally I am also grateful for this opportunity, however it came about, for everyone to put the word out there about Dahn Yoga, Brain Education, and Ilchi Lee so that more people can discover it and decide for themselves what it can do for their lives.

I agree, you can’t make that level of sentiment up. I appreciate everyone who took the time to write a letter from their experience and from their hearts, with no external benefit to themselves.

Hello. I am Yujung Lim who is working at Internatioanl Brain Education Association(IBREA). First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all Dahn Yoga members and instuctors who came yesterday, Jan. 8, to celebrainte the Brain Education Day in New York City, proclaimed by New York City Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg in 2009. Many attendee are from Dahn Yoga center in New York and New Jergy. Although it was snow and cold, Dahn Center members brought lots of positive and warm energy to the seminar. Especially, we thank you people from Youg Earth Human Alliance. Their performance was really powerful and they promoted Earth Citizen Movement after the seminar. Thank you very much.
Actually, this event was held in front of CNN, Columbus Circle, New York City. However, at the seminar, all participants were very confidence about Brain Education and its founder, Ilchi Lee. Because we all know the truth about Dahn and Brain Education. The truth comes from our experience not from just a single knowledge. Even though, Jade told us huge lie and the CNN didn’t report the correct things, we all knew that the truth will win. We all know our body and brain cannot deny the truth.
Once again, I deeply appreicate all participants at the Brain Education Day seminar. IBREA will do our best to let world people know about the Brain Education. Through the CNN, I got a lesson. We should not be like them, CNN. We will be Honest, Dilligent, and Responsible on our work and life. CNN should learn from Dahn how to be Honest, Dilligent, and Responsible.

Thank you Dahn Yoga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you very much.

Next week will mark my 6-year anniversary of becoming a member at the Dahn Yoga and Tai-Chi Center in East Meadow, NY. I began due to physical ailments associated with the after effects from the C-section I had during son, Julian’s, delivery two and half years prior. Those ailments included sciatica, back spasm, insomnia, sinus headaches and chronic sinus infections, tendonitis in my shoulder, shallow breathing, digestive issues and a lack of energy. Those physical problems carried with them feelings of depression and anxiety.

In my first class I remember thinking how different it was from any other Yoga I practiced in the past, and at first I was skeptical. By the end of the class when I experienced feeling energy for the first time during the meditation, my skepticism was replaced by curiousity. I became so curious about myself. I didn’t know that I was able to feel energy, so I wondered what else I could learn about myself.

And so began what is still an on-going process of self-discovery. Through every workshop and training program that I have ever experienced, and also from what I have witnessed of others’ experiences, Dahn Yoga and Brain Education training is simply a means to more deeply discover oneself. They are opportunities of self-reflection and a deep meditative awareness of our existence, which naturally leads us to look for meaning and purpose in our lives.

Inside myself I found a deep sense of love and peace more profound than anything I knew could ever exist. I discovered a power inside of me that was untapped. I uncovered a compassion for the Earth and all of it’s people that it made my soul tremble.

Inside myself I found a sincere yearning to help others awaken to thier true potential and discover the power that lies within themselves as well.

My journey this far would not have been possible if it weren’t for the hundreds of others I encountered on this path. Foremost, nothing would have been possible if it weren’t for Ichi Lee who started on this path all on his own 30-years ago, and who has so tirelessly and courageously devoted his life to healing himself, the Earth and humanity.

I am so grateful to Master Lenny, who did my introductory session. For had he not offered me that 10% discount on a 3 month membership for signing up that same day, I would have been too cheap to even get started! He set a great standard, along with Master Kim, as an example of strength, compassion and positivity for me to strive toward.

I am grateful to the countless healers and masters who supported me along the way. To the trainers in Mago Garden, Sedona that helped me glimpse that another world full of hope and healing is possible, I am grateful.

I am especially thankful to the previous American masters, many of whom have since quit Dahn Yoga, and even a few who are now plaintiffs in this unfortunate lawsuit. Without their first steps I wouldn’t have thought it possible as an American that I could go so far.

And of course I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation to all the members of the East Meadow Center and the New York region who have watched me grow and supported me wholeheartedly on this path. As a pony-tailed member in the back of the room who didn’t wear a uniform in the beginning, to a District manager running 2 centers, IA and Shim Sung Trainer, and with an instuctors credit on 2 Dahn Yoga DVDs, I have come a long way! But I remain humble knowing that I wouldn’t have moved a foot on this path if it weren’t for all those who listened, who shared, who encouraged me and nurtured what was bright and shining inside of me.

To those who attend classes and allow me to share what is in my heart every day, I say “Thank you!”

And finally I offer my thanks to my family who has had the patience and understanding to keep loving me through the many transitions this life has brought about. To my parents who help raise Julian, I appreciate all you have done for us. Although you don’t understand why I work so hard, for so little pay, and why I spend my weekends at workshops instead of at home with the family, thank you for continuing to love me anyway.

To my amazing husband David, who encouraged me to attend my first YEHA camp, who has for the last 10 years shown me what it means to love another person unconditionally, who trusted in me enough to find what he needed to heal in himself, who found a passion to bring hope to the lives of children through this practice, and who walks beside me on this path, I am eternally grateful.

And to my beautiful son Julian, may you understand your parents some day! It was on the day that you turned 6-weeks old that two planes crashed in to the Twin Towers. Your daddy was stuck in Manhattan and made to walk over the 69th St Bridge to come home to us. I saw on that day that our country would engage in an endless war to make others pay for our suffering that day, and to strike fear into the hearts of those that took away our feeling of safelty and security that only Americans have known. I felt terrible to bring you into a world of war and destruction, a world of fear and vengence. On that day I promised you that I would work to change this world for the better. i would l find a way to create an alternative way of living. I found that way and although you may not get it or always like it, I devote myself to this path for you to live full of hopes and dreams, for you to know who you really are and to live for your life’s purpose, so that the world will benefit greatly for all the gifts you have to offer it. The world is waitning for you Julian!

Even as there are those acting to stop us from doing the work we do, I know there are thousands more cheering us on to keep going. As I offer my thanks to you I also offer you my promise to not give up on this path. We will create the world we dream of as long as we have hope!

i have practiced Dahn yoga for the last few years, through which i maintained my 18 year old rheumatoid arthritis without its conditions worsening. 1 year ago i made up my mind to cure this disease completely by practicing Dahn yoga and receiving healing sessions. during the last 1 year what i realized is my disease is not only a physical problem. it rooted from my negative emotions. these emotions came from myself and caused all the problems among my family members. i mean i, myself, ruined my own family and hurt my own two precious daughters’ hearts. because i realized this, i could release these emotions and get my lovely family back, and my disease is getting a lot better now. i am really sincerely grateful for Dahn yoga and the founder, Dr. Il Chi Lee, with all my heart.

Such an inspirational journey Dawn! Thank you!

Nowadays I am so happy with members at my center and in our LA area. Senior members and even new members who did practice a few classes showed a lot of gratitude and respect to us and Dahn Yoga. We feel what humans can do together in terms of healing. Because of CNN reporting, I felt hurt a lot because what they said is not true and false. But our members soothe our heart and support us from their heart. So I really am so grateful to all Dahn members for their love and suport. I love you all. I will do my best. We will do our best for healing. I love you. 😉

Thank you for your shaing. I feel your lovely heart. I hope you become healthier and happier with beautiful choices, all the time. I love you. 🙂

I see your heart Sayong nim ~~ thank you!

Thank you to all of the members at our center for your words of encouragement, and concern for us personally, and our center.

Your loving actions and encouraging words have been heartfelt. We are here for you, as you have been there for us.

We always have your health, happiness, and peace in mind. When times are good, we seldom do any self reflection. Behind every storm follows a beautiful sunshine, and our appreciation for that sunshine.

Please stay strong, centered, and focused. This is a time for healing. Just as you’ve learned in our classes. Sometimes the pond needs to be shaken so the debris and sediments can come to the top, and the fresh water moves through to cleanse it. Deep healing occurs when this phenomenon exists.

This isn’t about CNN, the disgruntled employees, or me. This is about you. Please keep focused on your heart. Answers to all of your questions are there.

Love to all of you!

Thank you for being a model and an inspiration in our community, Danielle nim. I look forward to our next drive down from Sedona to Phoenix….LOL

I agree…through this whole CNN thing I came to realize how deeply strong the bond among the instructors and members are.

Michelle nim — how did you get a cloud up next to your name instead of a mosaic design thingie???

Congratulations on all the success you’ve achieved so far! You have a strong, beautiful spirit, and I know you’re going to become just as strong physically and do amazing things for this world. 😀

I just wanted to say….our members are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

All thanks to our members who have supported us and trusted us, Dahn Yoga is still here delivering Health, Happiness and Peace to the humanity and no one is going to stop us from doing that.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of the dahn yoga masters. Your dedication and love has helped me grow immensely. I am also thankful for all of the amazing and supportive members. This community is a very important part of my life.

Thank you for this inspiring story Nate! Master Kumori sounds so profoundly beautiful.

Thank you for your sharing Nate. You have a way of “putting it into words” clearly. Keep sharing your heart.

thank you for your sincerity and commitment to staying true Michela! I really apreciate you!

Thank You to every single one of the Korean Masters who came to America to spread your wisdom of peace to us. Your unconditional love, and devotion to world peace is deeply felt. I know it has not been an easy road for a lot of you. Your pioneer spirits will always live within me.

Thank you Dawn nim! You inspire me so much! 🙂

Thank you so much for the sharing. So beautiful


My name is Myrna and I have been a Dahn Yoga member for 5 years. My life has always been comfortable and happy. About 10 years ago i started to have lots of pains in my lower back, joints, a stiff body, so bad that i had to rock myself just to get out of bed in the mornings. I also had very bad headaches and started getting migraine headaches, stomach pains, insomnia and if that is not enough, anxiety attacks because i thought i was going to die. I also developed arthritis and started taking lots of medications that the dr prescribed. I took first, Viox, then Celebrex, then paxil and later Walbutrin. I was not doing well. I went to accupuncturists, chiropractors, etc. to try and get better. I had more tests done in two years, than in my whole life!! Nothing helped my pain, then my Dr referred me to try Yoga or a Pain Clinic.

After trying 8 different Yoga practices that I could not keep up with, or even do, I finally found Dahn Yoga. I signed up for one month and went to class everyday, and also had some personal training classes with the instructor to help advance the healing process.

I feel I now have the tools to live a better and pain free life!!

In a few words, I can say that Dahn Yoga saved my life!!

I am 60 years old and feel like I am 30 years old again! I feel I became a better listener, a more understanding person and a much better perso that loves to live again!!

I can say I do not believe that Dahn Yoga is a cult because I have never noticed or been told anything like that. The bowing simply makes me more centered, focused and flexible. Yes, I have spent a few thousand dollars in the five years, for special training. I have also been to Mago Gardens in Sedona, Arizona, and it was worth every penney, and it was my choice!!

I can’t believe CNN is presenting such sensational and negative, false information without truly investigating and knowing the truth!!


Thank you so much all center members and healers! Let’s make a better world!

I am happy to speak out for the Dahn organization and with gratitude would like to share the results I have attained in my trainings. I began practicing with Dahn Yoga in early 2007. Prior to that time I had been very active and involved in high level fitness activities. The reality was that at 45 years old my body was becoming very stiff and locked up. I was dealing with the stress of running a new company. Additionally, I had been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease about 4 years prior as well as having abnormal mammograms and osteopenia (early signs of osteoporosis.) Up until that point I kept pushing myself hoping that everything would turn at all right. The fact of the matter was that things were not getting better.

Within the first year of training I practiced at my local Dahn center 3-4 times a week and quickly began to experience great stress relief. Rigorous exercise was not new to me but the practices that were lead in Dahn classed were different. Yeon Dahn or the practice of holding postures was similar to what I had done in other yoga practices. This practice creates the opportunity to move past the barriers of our mind and body; on the other side creating healing and newly developed strength physically and emotionally.

The bowing and meditation practices created calm and peacefulness. Anxiety that I hadn’t previously been aware of, because it was the way I had been for so long, dramatically subsided. After a year of regular practice I was thrilled to find my body had done a tremendous amount of healing. Upon returning to all of my doctor’s that following year, I had found there were no longer signs of an autoimmune disease, my mammograms were normal and my bone density was increasing. As you can imagine I was thrilled and so grateful for the dedicated Masters and the Dahn organization.

Over the next two years I went on to participate in several of their more extensive training programs. All of the programs built on the results I had previously experienced. The growth and healing was awesome! Throughout the 3 years I have practiced I have found some Dahn Masters and instructors to be persistent about enrolling in the next program and did experience some pressure. By far the majority of the time I found it to serve me in a positive way. Over time I grew confident in my ability to distinguish what the best course was for me. All of it contributed to great personal growth and the healing of my body and mind, as well, it enriched my personal spiritual journey. Thank You Dahn

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