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Dahn Yoga employees and their families speak from the heart, in their own words, to share about the positive impact that Dahn Yoga and Ilchi Lee have had on their lives, as well as why we chose to become instructors.

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The practices Dahn Yoga has taught me had added much more enjoyment and positive change to my life. I experience an amount of stress on a daily basis teaching middle school and hadn’t found a way to effectively rid me of stress in my body or especially manage my emotions. By practicing the excercises, I know how to heal and rid myself of headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and body aches. I have better energy, feel physically stronger, and I am more focused throughout the day. I have incorporated the brain excercises in my classroom and am recently seeing positive results.

I’ve been instructor for 10 years.
I respect Ilchi Lee from bottom of my heart.
Because he guided me to know purpose of my life, how to live which even my parents couldn’t guide.
I think that is very natural to highly respect someone who gave me spiritual new life.
He shows me hope, light.
I will keep following his guide to make Health, Peace, Happiness for the humanity.

I am an Instructor of Dahn Yoga for 11years and I used to work for Korean Government.
I started Dahn because of stress and no clear goal and after 1year training, I changed my job in to Dahn. I mainly joined Dahn Organization because Dahn has clear purpose and mission statement as a corporation as well as an educational system to make a diffenence in the world.
There are so many people say about peace and better world.
However, without action, it’s hard to keep the peace.
I would say, being an Dahn Yoga Instructor is the most meaningful and fair opportunity carrier for oneself and society. I am proud of myself and my family also support me very much.
I know what we are doing for the world and I hope this beautiful movement will go continue.
I admire my teacher Mr.Ilchi Lee. His all actions and dedication toward world is very much compassionated and sincere. Only who experience the sincerity can understand the person’s pure intention.

Jung-Ae Kim
Albuquerque, NM

CNN must correct the story about Ilchi Lee and Dahn Yoga. Reporters should interview with fair amount of time for both sides. It is only one sided story. They should investigate who is really immotal. CNN tried to be as sensational as they can. I also had feel cultural descrimination. It is not about cult it is about culture.

My Response to CNN:

I am glad many are voicing positive accounts of Dahn Yoga in response to your scandalous CNN report. However, I wish that you are aware that there is an even larger volume of silent remorse in the hearts of our instructors and members coming from a mixed feeling of disgust and shock of having been attacked by a force so savage- one that does not understand our language, our dreams and hopes, our culture and has no notion of respect or peace. In fact, the situation parallels that of the movie Avatar viewed by millions worldwide in theatres right now.

In recent years, America as a culture has been well practiced in the warfare of social murder. In the times of Martin Luther King Junior or Malcolm X, they needed to assasinate the men physically, but nowadays they have such weapons as lawsuits, and interrogative interviews, cameras and the media. This enables them to attempt social murder on anyone regardless of what they have achieved through their life or what person of character they are.

On any sunny day, someone can walk in your back yard as you are throwing a party and stick a microphone in your face with a camera on and ‘ask’ questions like “I heard that you raped a person. Did you?” “I heard that you raped a person. Did you?” “I heard that you raped a person?” and film you and put it up on the internet. Given a lawsuit? Yet anyone can sue anyone. Usually thousands get dismissed in the court as was the case with this particular frivolous lawsuit. Do we call such violence of spirit a freedom of speech? What a savage culture that have we created here.

In the movie Avatar, a warrior puts their life at stake to overcome their doubts and fears and tame their one and only dragon. Would anyone who has a notion of self discipline call that torture? 3000 bows isn’t even like putting one’s life at stake. In fact I would say it is easier than giving birth if you had 22 hours of labor that ended in C-section like I did. Does the practice have an equivalent reward as a childbirth at the end? Definitely. Imagine yourself releasing 50 pounds of negative emotion and finding true confidence.

The savage attacks on Ilchi Lee by your CNN reporter and another Korean so called ‘translator’ was nothing short of the attempted attacks on the soul tree, the spirit “Eh-Hwa” in the movie Avatar. In fact, the occasion where it happedned was a Celebration of Mago, the mother Earth. Ilchi Lee was hosting an event in Sedona, AZ, the Mago Earth Park Grand Opening Ceremony. He writes:

“There is a world all living creatures have dreamed of together, ever since the Earth came to be. There is a world dreamed of by Mago-Mother Earth- and human beings. It is a dream shared by the old juniper tree, the red rocks and the rushing water of Oak Creek.
Oh, friend who has come to Sedona, take this dream with you. And it just might be your question and your answer. This dream just might awaken the greatest things within you- A new Heaven, a new Earth, a new people, and a new life path, a world of peace in which all life is harmonious in a sacred Heaven, an abundant Earth. You are a being that has come to this Earth to turn this dream into a reality. Although you may not realize it now.”

Yet these alien reporters treat him like a savage, a criminal and with such technology of cameras, internet and lawsuits, trying to destroy his name and spirit. However, so many lives have been touched and supported by Ilchi Lee’s light that we will not let this happen. We will soar to new heights and fight this off. I hope there is an Avatar out there in the land of CNN who would be willing to come and learn the truth of our ways as well.

Jung-Hwa Lee
Dahn Yoga Instructor
Smithtown, New York

I agree with you.

Thank you for sharing your strong conviction.

Wow, your sharing is so beautiful, and you tell our story so clearly. I sincerely hope that the rest of the world will hear your — our — story.

This is what I wrote to CNN:

Dear CNN,

I went into website, and the broadcasting saying about our organization as cult is in the “justice” section.
Do you really feel this is “Justice”?

I am a Korean, has been here in Boston for about 8 years now.
I first came here to go to graduate school at lesely, found Dahn yoga near my school and started to going to school and Dahn yoga at the same time. I actually started Dahn yoga about 10 years ago, when was in Korea because I had series of chronic lung problem. I suffered so many years from my lung problem. My caughing wouldn’t stop and I would feel so exhausted and tired at the end of the day. And I started going to Dahn yoga near my house in Korea and I started to feel better, breathe better and finally my problem got all cleared within 6 months. I was very happy about my progress, and I decided to help people and to join the orgnization as a teacher.

Now I am here in America, away from my home country Korea gladly serving American people as a teacher for more than 5 years now. I miss Korea, my parents, and I have not seen them for many years now, but I made a choice to stay here, becauase I feel proud of what I am doing here in America. It is my deep joy and happiness to see my students get so much healthier happier and peacful through the practice. They thank me and appreciate me being here helping them feel better. I appreciate my members, and I apprecaite my work. And if I am born again in another life, I will do the same, helping people improve thier life.
This is my work, my place for me to feel grateful to wake up everyday for.

Do you have same heart as mine? Do you feel grateful and happy waking up in the morning going to work?
If you do, why are you trying to destroy my happiness and my dream? Why are you hurting so many people who have same dream as mine and do such a beautiful work? What is your intention?
Do you call this as “Justice?”

I am actually shocked and at the same time very sad, because I thought American media would carry unbiased and intelligent work, and that would tell people the “truth” and “justice” and most of all “choice” . I cannot say but being so disappointed about American journalism.

And I simply cannot understand why you are showing only one side of story which does not even carry truth. Why?

You are not giving the viewers to make a choice of thier own, becuase the story is so biased and edited in a way to only show the one side.

I would like to work with same joy and sincerity and gratitude that I have for my members and for everyone that I meet. I want to continusouly work and dedicate my time to serve others. Please let us work peacefully and carry the real truth and justice in your work.


Thank you for the wonderful sharing which speak out from my heart.

I am very saddened and angry because of this unfair reporting by CNN. The allegations are untrue . I have been an instructor for the past 10 years and have only had positive benefits. I believe that Dahn Yoga saved my life.I was an alcoholic with no hope and deep depression .Since I began practicing I have become a healthy and positive person. I found hope in my life and I have Dahn Yoga to thank for my transformation. Ilchi Lee has been an inspiration to all of humanity. He has promoted a philosophy of spreading peace throughout the world and I respect and admire his determination.

Dear Mr. Mark Nelson:

I am writing this note to you in anticipation of the airing of tomorrow’s show on the Cult and Dahn Yoga. As I understand it there will be three evening airings and three morning airings which will allow the public to have full knowledge of what I am anticipating is a one sided piece of news since I have not heard of anyone receiving equal amount of time coming from Dahn Yoga I realize that you have received memos from many Instructors, Practitioners and Members, please add my name to the list and I would like to trust CNNews to be the respected, intelligent reporter of news with good information.

I have been studying Dahn Yoga for over 8 years. This March will mark 9 years. I am an Instructor who maintains a household, family of two sons and an outside position in the Technology and Financial Institutions. I have spent many years living the life of a housewife, parent, VP of Operations and friend and now an Instructor of Dahn Yoga. Of all these positions that I have carried in my life, today is the best I could want. I am an example that this integration works.

What has changed in my life is that I have gone from a person with extreme high blood pressure and having stints placed in one of my arteries outside my heart (15 years ago) to a person who needs no medication, can climb to the top of Bear Mountain, have a blood pressure on the average of 130 over 80 …. sometimes 125 over 78. I am 68 years old and my children honor my changes in life by enjoying being with me.

In my life I have vacationed at least twice a year for at least 20 years. Getting my tan, my poolside relaxation and good food that help create my high cholesterol, is what I did. I would come from my time off and have some memories and usually spent anywhere from $2500.00 to $5000.00 per trip twice a year. It was my good life, t was a decision in my life to spend my money that way. I make new decisions today to train instead of vacation, to become more flexible instead of pains and aches, to understand that I am at peace with myself and what I see as my future. I walk with many of my pers in life who still use the thinking I guided my life by and I recognize the unsettling feeling of getting old, of not being wanted by their children and of not having hope. If there is no challenge to one’s brain then change doesn’t happen and if change doesn’t happen than I become stagnant and hope is much less in my life.

I am not sure of CNNews’ purpose to wrongful and harmful reporting but if it is indicative of the kind of underhanded investigating that has been seen by some of our Dahn Instructors and Members then I wonder what purpose you are truly serving. As a human being who has lived their life respecting the investigator who reported the news, I see a change to that type of honor. It is strange that in the entire Dahn environment not one person has had the opportunity or the equal amount of time to talk of their experience. I ask that you listen to the voice of the people that you serve to bring good information after fitting all the pieces to the puzzle.

Thank you for the opportunity to express my voice.
Joy Venegas

I met dahnyoga 24years ago when i was freshman in college.
At that time I was so eager to find something for me to refresh myself and show direction clearly in my life.
i really wanted to meet true meaning of my life.

also i met Ilchi Lee,his lecture inspired me a lot.
so i started dahnyoga training ,my health condition was improved and i taught it to army in military.
after graduated my college i decided to be a dahnyoga instuructor 19years ago.

i shared my experince to members & persons who i met,helped them to improve,recover their original health condition.
also i shared it to my family and friends now most of my family is doing dahnyoga everyday.
through that they recovered their health ,improved so much.
and my family became more happier,stronger realationship.

i’m so proud to meet Ilchi Lee and dahnyoga.
i realized true meaning of life, so glad to share this wonderful love and ways to members &communities.
also i’m so thankful to Ilchi Lee to show me what should i do,how to live in my life on this earth.

today also i deliver my most pure,sincere love to my members and persons i meet with happy mind.

thank you

inspiring story. go go.

Great story. Keep your faith.

Thank you for sharing your heart and I agree with you especially about CNN newscast.

My name is Yelena Krasnov, and I am the owner and instructor of Body and Brain Center (franchise of Dahn Yoga). I am writing to you today to state my personal opinion towards the statements made about Dahn Yoga and Ilchi Lee.

Over the years that I have been involved with Dahn Yoga, it has helped me become a healthier person, and changed my life greatly. For myself it helped me find a vision in life, and now I am better focused on the goals I need to achieve in my future. I enjoy helping people become healthy beings, and help them become more creative, productive, and peaceful, like Dahn has helped me throughout the years.

I have met Ilchi Lee numerous times and understand his purpose to bring peace and health to people in need. I have witnessed his effort to heal and help our communities to bring peace together and make everyone healthier human beings through his teachings. I understand his goals and only see good practice through his yoga. Of all people who have ever reached out to his teachings, I have only seen them succeed to become healthier not only on the outside, but happier and healthier on the inside as well.
Ilchi Lee is the best teacher and the best leader. I respect him and is grateful for him. He is attentive to our needs and takes care of every single employee. The programs and techniques that he has created and is still creating now are very effective and help people to improve their physical and mental health.
Dear SNN cane you please make the story a fair story! Thank you.

I wrote this several years ago. Now I am a full-time Dahn Instructor and very happy and grateful for the opportunity to share what I have learned. A lot has happened since then. The CNN story reminded me why I joined Dahn and how much benefit I have gotten. It really ticks me off that people who need help might avoid Dahn because of this ‘story’. I could go on and on, but I’ll just post my old letter instead.

Learning to use the principles taught in Dahn Yoga changed my life. At 31 I was diagnosed with stage 2 Breast Cancer. 1999 was not a good year; surgeries, chemo, radiation, and tram-flap breast reconstruction. Then 5 years of hormone replacement therapy. The conventional treatment approach. Chemo permanently fried the lining of my bladder…another pill. Side effects from all the other medications and treatments passed. So with my snazzy new short hairdo, I went back to work, determined not to live my life in fear.
Then re-occurance. Stage 4 now. I shut down and went totally numb. More radiation and chemical hysterectomy *#@!?# great!! Cancer back under control. I was not. Something had to change. As opposed to freaking out completely, I decided to take a more proactive role in my healthcare. My doctors (who are all fantastic) were extremely supportive. Dahn Yoga classes seemed like an easy way to start.
It was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. And I thank God for that. Through simple stretching and exercise, breath work, meditation, diet and dance…I experienced positive and profound changes. I reconnected with my body’s natural healing power. These practices described in “Human Technology” have been around for thousands of years. Everyone has the innate power to heal themselves.
That’s my personal experience. Besides being the slimmest I’ve ever been, I no longer need medication for my bladder condition.
Move your body and focus inside…it’s that simple. It’s another tool in the fight against cancer. Any health problem for that matter. We all (patients, caregivers, health care professionals, family and friends) need all the help we can get.
It’s my sincere wish that you can experience the benefits Dahn Yoga like I have. If nothing else, I hope you are motivated to become as proactive in your own health as humanly possible.

Thank you for sharing. DAHN yoga family….

I remember when I first strolled into the dahn yoga center. I was just wondering around, with no clear path or point to my life. On that first day I found where I had been searching for. I used to suffer from high stress and depress, was on the verge of having a heart attack. But through the training and support that I have recieved from everyone in this organization, I have completely changed my outlook on life, and live more positively, without the chest pains-without depression. I have hope. The education and training that is found at dahn yoga is something that I believe in because I have experienced it. This is something that I am working on sharing with everyone I can, to create harmony within ourselves and in our world. Peace.

Jessica – Santa fe/NM

I am a dahn yoga instructor,I practice dahn yoga over 13 years.I am happy when I communicate with people.I feel joy when I see people grow.I am grateful for this blessings & all opportunity.Thank u!!

Letter to CNN:

My name is Marielle Christofi. I am an Instructor at the Arlington Dahn Yoga Center. This is my second letter to you. I am writing again because I have just watched the first of a series regarding the lawsuit filed against Dahn Yoga.
As you may or may not know many of the plaintiffs are from Boston and I knew some of them personally and/or worked with them as a fellow employee.

I just want to make some things clear about what was said on the show tonight. Liza talked about doing 3,000 bows and how people were moaning and screaming on the floor and that no food or water was allowed. Well, my experience was quite different. I have done 3,000 bows, 2 times in my life. Once in 2008 and once in 2009. Both times I had a choice and I chose to do it. I have been an athlete my whole life and have competed on the collegiate level. I am well aware of what it feels like to push my body to great lengths without any food or water. And I have to say that doing 3,000 was one of the most invigorating things I have ever done. Actually my instructor at the time encouraged me to take breaks and drink water as I needed it. And I did! I drank water and even ate some fruit. My body felt so healthy afterwards and my mind felt so clear. I do bowing exercise on a regular basis (not 3,000 though) and it really helps me to manage stress. Also I have found that physically my back (I have scoliosis) has become straighter and stronger. I have had back pain my whole life through always playing soccer and running track very competitively. I even underwent knee surgery my senior year of college. Through bowing I really can feel the tension in my body is turning into strength. I am very grateful for this because I had feared I would be in pain the rest of my life in my joints and spine.

I would also like to share that I worked with Liza Miller while she was in Boston. I actually did bowing exercise with her before. To be honest it seemed like she really enjoyed it. At that time she was the one who recommended it to me. In fact, I even knew her sister, mother and father. I would often help her mother with some cleaning around the house and other odd jobs during my time off. One thing she wanted me to do was help her set up a room so she could do her morning bowing meditation. She was thankful for my help and that was it. (It is a very simple thing that seems like they are blowing out of proportion).

Bowing in dahn yoga can be similiar to something like a sun salutation. It is good for your body and if you are interested then it can help to calm your mind to. This type of thing can really help people. We have no interest in torturing people what so ever. If I had interest in torturing people I would not work for a Yoga studio. And if people feel tortured when they do bowing exercise then they should stop without any hesitation.

Also I would like to share another piece of information with you regarding Liza Miller and her credibility while she worked for the Dahn Center. There were times where I witnessed her smoking marijuana and heard her speak about how she was smoking marijuana nearly every night. At this time she was in charge of running one of the Dahn Centers. Smoking marijuana causes your body to become very weak and it also makes your brain very foggy and can even create paranoia. I am sure this is something that would make any training she did seem a lot more physically and mentally demanding than it really was.

As instructors we are constantly in contact with our fellow employees about our physical condition since it is so crucial to the work we do. If we are not healthy then how can we help others be healthy to? I had the same manager as Liza during her time here and I know that this specific manager was always checking with me about how I am feeling. If I ever felt sick or needed to take a rest it was not a problem at all. And I know she was the same way with Liza.

Actually, as I think about this more Liza even had a boyfriend who would visit her and take her out while she was managing the Dahn Center. She went to concerts with her family and attended her class reunion. I know this because at the time I also was friends with her mother (who was also a dahn member). Her lifestyle seemed like the furthest thing possible from torture. She managed her own yoga center, drove her own car, had a boyfriend and visited her family often.

Through my sharing I hope you can understand more about why myself and so many others are shocked by the lies being reported in this story.
So Please CNN, please share both sides and let the public see for themselves. I understand that you are a large corporation and you want to do what sells. I understand that the word cult sells. But let’s be real for a minute here…do you honestly think that Dahn Yoga is a cult? I know that it is not. I know about 20 of the people listed on the lawsuit. I can share many things about how their credibility is lacking. If you would like to know more then I am happy to share it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my side. I hope you will use it well.

Marielle Christofi
Assistant Manager
Arlington Dahn Center

I have been practicing DY for almost 10 yrs. I have been working full time as an instrutor for going on 7yrs now. I can not remember how many times people have told me, “you have the best job”. and I always reply, “yes,your right”
I love what I do,and how good it makes me feel, and I love the people I work with.
How many people can honestly say that about there job.

My letter to CNN:

To: Janelle Rodriguez
Executive Producer of the Campbell Brown Show

Dear Janelle, I hope you have enough power and influence in decision making process at the show you represent as Executive Producer.

I felt deeply hurt today by the ad CNN run with the “shocking news” about Dahn Yoga.

My name is Marina Kachko and I am a former employee of Dahn Yoga. Currently I operate my own Yoga Center in Chatsworth, California and I extend my invitation to any CNN representative to contact me at any time.

The “shocking news” CNN was exposing today is no more than a gold digging advertisement. I am aware of the situation about the legal claim and the court outcome same as I am aware of the company’s practices and operations management. What is not clear to me is how did it happened that such trustworthy and well-known broadcasting station fall for a “cheap sensationalism” putting it’s dignity and integrity on the scale.

I do know the figures behind the claim and was able to witness how their greed for recognition and hunger to outshine the company itself hurt many people who trusted their word. I didn’t know the CNN with its sharp eye will be on the list as well.

The person you claim to be a “cult leader” helped me to find trust in my ability to become a successful business owner, besides of full recovery of my knee function, which I lost after 2 medical surgeries and countless health benefits. Practicing Dahn Yoga helped me to awaken my body and being able to utilize it on the peak of my performance now, when I am 35.

You might say, so what is so special about my profession, but let me ask you how many people, do you think are really satisfied with their job? How many Americans are looking forward to come to work in the morning? In my experience there are just few. I am telling you this as a practitioner who meets about 100 visitors every month for last five years. It’s a big number after all. And do you know, how many of them are not satisfied with their marriage, with their children performance, their health condition, salary, traffic on the freeway, just name it, it’s easy to find a reason for dissatisfaction if you search for it.

So here I am, grateful to see them every day, I smile to each person who comes through my door, because I know they can feel better. As they leave my studio and come back to their “real world” the problems doesn’t seem so big anymore, because I remind them how to breathe, it is that simple. Would I have courage to do it after living in pain for seven years, during my medical history of knee surgeries? I didn’t think so, but witnessing the dedication of one person over 30 years of his life, which included the recovery after accident as well, was definitely uplifting. Seeing the report you have prepared for general public about Ilchi Lee is unfair. Not unfair to me, because I know how much effort he puts daily into the betterment of human life, it is unfair to you, to the company you represent, to your employees and to the viewers.

What is in the big news that CNN are trying to explode tonight? News that the practice many people find beneficial is “brainwashing” and the positive changes they were able to achieve is fake, the wisdom of books Ilchi Lee wrote, is a lie? The people who represent Dahn Yoga are just mindless cult followers? Then what’s the truth, Ms. Rodriguez? The people who are trying to sue the company for their own mistakes, driven by their own greed? Did you know that the plaintiffs misrepresented Dahn Yoga to the community; did you know that they were caught stealing? Who does CNN represent in this case, in this game of public opinion?

How irresponsible that report might be? Follow the lies of a few to hurt thousands. I hope CNN is worth much higher than that. The ability of the company to expand and grow into a leader on the market of news, must say of the employee’s strong principles and beliefs. I am addressing this letter to you, Ms. Rodriguez, the Executive Producer with hope that CNN won’t lose its truth in this chase after another sensation, but gain the trust of many fans around the world with the truthful reporting and insight.

If I would be a reporter I would investigate why so many people find trust in Dahn Yoga, I will inspire people who have lost hope. I will find an answer why so many people choose to tech Dahn Yoga, very bright and intelligent people, by the way. I myself come from the family of educators; my father was a University Professor, who taught me honesty and sincerity. I also hold a college degree, but found it useless many years ago after 9-11, when I saw our world caught up in chaos of hurt we bring to each other. My decision to teach Dahn Yoga is based on hope I have for humanity and the power of choises we make every day. I ask you to please investigate with sincere responsibility what you are trying to destroy in your reporting.

I feel honored to have an opportunity to share my experience with the company I have grown to love and respect, Dahn Yoga.

I have been an employee of Dahn Yoga for about 4 1/2 years before transferring to the franchising company Body & Brain Center, LLC whom I’ve been working for one and a half years. My years with these companies have been a tremendous growth experience that I have not experienced with any other company that I have worked for so far. The care and sincerity for growth of each of their employees is incomparable.

I grew up in a small town in New Mexico but had dreams of travelling the world and meeting new and interesting people who had a strong sense of purpose and mission in their hearts. This was something that I had desired even at a very young age. I had no intentions of settling down in the small town which I grew up.

So, after college I moved away from home and started my new career with Arthur Andersen in Phoenix, AZ. I had opportunities to travel and meet new people. I felt so much opportunity for success and growth. I excelled in my starting class and felt like I could do anything. I became a CPA while I was there and received a lot of support from the organization. But then the Enron scandal wiped out the company nearly overnight, 80 countries throughout the world, gone. This had a major impact on my life. I could see how the indiscretions of a few could leave lasting consequences for others.

When I started my new job, I had a little more time so I started looking for a place to do yoga or tai chi. I was also reading a lot about meditation, so I wanted a place where I could learn meditation, too. I tried on my own, but it was very difficult to concentrate.

When I started Dahn Yoga training, I felt very fatigued by life. The social mask was hard to continue, I wanted to feel something real. Even though I felt like Dahn Yoga training was strange in the beginning, I felt so satisfied and relaxed after the class so I just kept going. I started out paying $100/mo and signed a 1 year contract. The training was less then what I paid for personal training and the group training was even more personalized. I could finally concentrate when I wanted to and my work performance and my efficiency improved even more. I was also able to control my body weight. I had a long time habit of nervous eating and then exercising with the motivation of guilt. All of that stopped and I saw food as nutrition for my body. Respect for my body grew tremendously.

When I was approached to do the first weekend workshops I was a little reluctant, but once I attended, I started to change my daily habits that were not serving me well. So, I felt motivated to do more. When I calculated the cost I was surprised, only $15/hour.

But my life really changed when I went to the Dahn Healing Program at Sedona Mago Retreat Center just outside of Sedona. I paid $10,000 for a 6 month program. If I calculated all the training I received in within those 6 months, it was only $60/hour. I could completely change my attitude towards myself and others. I felt empowered to create my life as I want. When I researched Tony Robbins’ Life Mastery Program, it was also 10,000 but fewer hours, so the cost per hour is $175/hour. So I thought the Dahn Yoga program didn’t charge too much.

I even had the opportunity to staff a 1 day workshop led by Ilchi Lee. The experience touched my heart. I finally found the people who had a sense of mission and purpose deep in their hearts. I was inspired by how the staff worked with harmony, responsibility and diligence. It was the second time I had met the founder and was deeply moved by his presence.

My decision to teach came as a surprise. My career was going well and I was gaining a lot of respect within the organization. My employer even offered me more money to stay, but I felt like I really wanted to share my heart with others and expand my energy beyond just one small company.

Last year Dahn Yoga paid my way to Korea for a meditation tour. I was able to see the roots of where Ilchi Lee, our founder, started. It was even more touching than all the stories I heard about the founding of Dahn Yoga. I was newly impressed with the success achieved from such a humble beginning.

Now I am fully involved in franchising the Dahn Yoga system under the trademark Body & Brain Centers. I am so proud of our franchise owners who have been practitioners for many years and are now making Body & Brain Center their livelihood. I have found exactly what I want to do with my life and I am blessed to work with some of the most beautiful people on the planet.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my story.


Mary C. McKinley

My name is Kim Root. I am a Dahn Yoga Instructor and I have been running and managing my own independent franchise of Dahn Yoga for the past 7 years. It has been the most rewarding time in my life. I have gained a tremendous amount for myself through the practice and have been able to share that benefit with thousands of others.

Prior to my involvement with Dahn Yoga I was always tired. I needed about 9 hours of sleep at night and still usually felt tired. Within 1 month of starting classes as a member I felt so energized that I started looking for things to keep productive after work and early in the morning. At the time I had been working as an office manager for a small construction company. I was comfortable with my income and happy with my friends and relationships at work. But I wanted to peruse my dream of having my own healing center.

Dahn Yoga with it’s extensive array of masterful programs and caring atmosphere gave me that opportunity. Since I have been running my own center, I have continued to be supported by the community of instructors. I also receive ample amounts of training for me to share with my students. In addition I have not lost contact with my friends or family as some may have you believe. I am over 50 years old, but I don’t feel it. And my students don’t believe it when I tell them. I am flexible and I am stong.

It’s been brought to my attention that CNN has been given ample access to the correct information about Dahn Yoga and Ilchi Lee. However, although some of that information is mentioned in the “Justice” program being aired over the last few days, the general slant is acusation.

Dahn Yogas founder Ilchi Lee has developed countless trainings training methods that have helped millions of people to regain health and happiness in their lives. He has written many books and is the president of a university. Over the past 30 years he has accomplished more, through his own tireless hard work, to help others than any other person I have known. He deserves respect not attack.

I appreciate this chance to share my voice, my choice, my passion. I am a full-time employee at Dahn Yoga in McLean, VA. I work hard and I truly enjoy it because I really feel that I am helping people create change in their lives. When people ask me how I can work so much, I can comfortably answer, “You know, I’m really lucky. I usually don’t feel like I’m working when I’m here. I’m simply sharing the things that I enjoy doing. I benefit from the training, it has helped me improve my health and well-being, and I hope that you can also feel inspired to get benefit from this system of training too.”
As a center manager, I can choose when to teach class, when to schedule private sessions, what kind of special trainings to offer for my members, what kind of special trainings to participate in for my own growth and self-management. There have been times when I’ve wanted to go to things and haven’t been able to afford them, so I just didn’t go. Sometimes I got a donated scholarship to attend, sometimes I used a credit card until I could pay myself back, sometimes I would just talk to the people who went and gratefully receive the training second hand. But it was always my choice whether or not to enroll in the programs. For the most part now, as a trusted employee, I am given the chance to participate in programs for my personal and professional development free of charge, because this organization is investing in me. Why? Because we share a common dream, a vision of the Earth being more peaceful and humanity living in harmony. You may think this is naive and idealistic, but after meeting my teacher, Ilchi Lee, I really believe it’s possible if you have hope and never give up on your dream. I believe in this vision because I see how much one person can change in one hour. Participants in my classes often leave saying, “I’m so glad I came. I feel so much better than when I came.” That’s a bigger payment for me. Because I know that person is feeling healthier, happier and more peaceful and that she will now share that energy with her family and friends, and the person at the grocery store and little by little each of us changes, and that truly gives me hope.
Before I met my teacher Ilchi Lee, I often felt hopeless. Even though I graduated from Brown University and even though I had worked with so many amazing service organizations (community gardening, literacy programs, English education for immigrants, etc) I never felt that what I was doing was enough. Ilchi Lee has an unyielding vision for a peaceful and harmonious world that has given me hope that this world can change. I know it can change, because I changed from being a worrier, a person that couldn’t sleep because of too much thinking.
Ilchi Lee has taught me to really believe in myself and to manage the information inside me. When I face challenges and obstacles, instead of getting stuck in my doubts about myself and fears, I can tell myself to relax and, “I can do it! Even if I don’t know how I will do it, I trust my brain, I believe in myself, and I choose success.” This is what the Brain Education System Training and Dahn Yoga is all about. Become a person who can utilize the brain’s full potential, with infinite creative possibility. I continue to surprise myself daily with my achievements and I can say with confidence, “I love my brain! THANK YOU my brain!” and I most sincerely say, Thank You, to my teacher, Ilchi Lee, for sharing these tools for stress management, life management, brain management with me.
Thank you for reading.
Laura Castagnino
Dahn Yoga Instructor
Mclean, VA

When I first came to the Dahn Yoga center, I was searching for meaning in my life and had let my physical condition slip away from me. I did not at all expect to find what I was searching for at a yoga center.

Soon, my body condition completely changed, within just a few weeks. I became healthier and more balanced, naturally changed my eating habits, and could manage my energy better. My pent-up emotions began to release and I felt lighter and more happy, like the self I always remembered and had lost.

When I met Ilchi Lee for the first time, I felt something special about him, even though at the time I had no clue who the man was. He spoke of his vision of healing the Earth and Humanity. I knew that is exactly what I wanted to do, what I always dreamed of, without a clear or practical method to do that.

My family relationships began to improve and become smoother, especially after my Shim Sung training. My family noted the changes in me then, and still do now.

I continue to grow within this organization. It is my joy and my life. Even when I am having a hard time personally, I know that I will come out of it a better person, with a clear lesson, as long as I keep in mind the principles that Ilchi Lee has presented to me and the world about being a beneficial human being in this world.

I am so satisified with my life as a Dahn Yoga instructor. I think all the members at my center will attest to that too : )

Thank you!

Thank you Lee! You spoke for my heart.

I would like to share my own story of how Dahn Yoga empowered my life, so that you have a balanced view as opposed to the unbalanced portrayal CNN has done about a great company and practice that has helped thousands of people recover their health, including mine. I also have a huge family and friends all over the USA and belong to professional networks, local Chamber of Commerce, and am active in the community. I have family and friends who watch CNN, and I myself watch too, so I want them to hear our voice.

Here is my story. In August 2004, I began to suffer from recurrent severe gastric pains and idiopathic chronic hives with swelling. This health event was a big wake up call for me. My pains would keep me awake at night. I needed medications on a daily basis for my pains and hives. At that time, I was just promoted to senior management level research position at UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center too, and trying to complete my Master of Public Health. Finally I was getting frustrated with some of my work as a health researcher, long hours, stress in my shoulders, and that we were caring more for our patients than for each other as fellow coworkers and mentors. I was involved in Wellness groups at the hospital and also taught meditation noon time classes in my Department of Cancer So, I saw the Dahn Yoga flyer at my doctors, and went in for an intro session in Spring 2005. My life has changed for the better! I have been teaching at Dahn Yoga, and doing community health outreach since 2006, and it gives me the greatest joy to hear the students say “Thank you. Thank you so much. You have helped me so much.” I have seen countless miracles and success stories in students across the world.

Needless to say, I have lost 2 dress sizes, feel great and energetic, my abdominal pains and hives have gone completely after 6 months of Dahn Yoga practice, my skin is glowing and smoother, I finished my masters, and most important, I have gained the confidence to handle any situation I encounter, and my family is happy that I am more at peace and patient and healing them now . My parents practiced at Dahn Yoga too, my sisters have taken classes and workshops, and even my Grandmother is doing the practice at her home and it is helping her health and wellbeing.

Truly, Dahn Yoga and all our wonderful trainings, helped me to find real mind, body, spirit balance. The joy that it brings me to see my students improve their health and lives is immeasurable. Health is not just physically healthy, but a happy heart, and peaceful spirit, and I have dedicated my life to helping others attain just that, and it is working!


I have been a Dahn Employee for five years now. And they have been the toughest most rewarding years of my life. It is not easy facing yourself everyday, the choices i have made to create my life. Many times I have wanted to quit, and blame others but in reality I know I am the captain of my own life, I create everything in my life.

I don’t know of any other company that is brave enough to share healing with others and pay them for their learning. I get paid to grow spiritually, heal my emotions and my physical body. What a great job. Easy no, but that is why it is worth more than anything else imaginable.

Great. Yes, It is true. We can make happy school. Let’s make it happen through your sincere passion and brain education. You are the hope messenger.

Dear CNN:

Through your program Yoga Cult, I am grateful for the opportunity to reflect on myself, my company, my coworkers, my members and my practice. Your story has afforded me an honest gut-check time about what I do as a Dahn Instructor, how I do it and what it means to me. I’ve reexamined my deep wish to be genuine to myself and to those I stand before- an authenticity I usually describe as “keeping it real” which requires taking FULL responsibility for my choices and my actions (especially in the moments when what I am doing doesn’t match who I strive to be). Growth is a popular word in our Dahn Centers and I can honestly say… I have grown. Now, I am experiencing a newfound gratitude for the last 4.5 years with a company that allows me to train and do just that.

CNN, I thought, was a highly respectable source of information with world class journalists and reporters who seek to unveil the truth. But I can see there has been little reporting done on the truth. Actually, the work we do and the programs that exist are extraordinary. You left this out of your program but the truth is being told, voiced, posted and shared in spite of you.

My days used to be spent working 14+ hour shifts, 6 days a week behind the walls of a private Children’s Psychiatric Hospital. The employee turn over rate was so quick I didn’t always know the names of my coworkers before I stopped seeing their faces. The environment was intense, the work grueling, and surviving the work became more important than doing the work. By day, I tried desperately to help children heal from the unfathomable circumstances of their lives. By night, I tried desperately to stop the tears and agony spawned from my frustration that what I was doing was not enough – that something was missing. I couldn’t manage my emotions and I couldn’t manage theirs.

Ilchi Lee and the Dahn practice gave me far more than I ever expected to receive when I walked through the doors of my first center in Altanta. I realized that without a basic mind and body/ brain and body connection, we can’t even make it out of the starting blocks to live our lives fully let alone heal it. Without the understanding and application of basic health principles, we have no guidelines for a healthy life, the healing process or check points along the way. Instead of keeping my plans to teach English at my grandmother’s Buddhist monastery in Taiwan, I took as many programs at Dahn Yoga as I could possibly sign up for by all the means I could manifest with the same sentiment as I have lived thus far: never let anything get in the way of what you want. I wanted to change, to know myself, and to make a real difference in this world.

So, now my travels have taken me right here helping to run a center in NY- I put my heart in it. And it wouldn’t be a stretch to say I put my sweat and tears in it either. Had I not changed through this practice, you wouldn’t have the enjoyment of skimming this letter because I would have opted out due to self-consciousness to stand up for what I believe in and anxiety that you might not like it. Conviction is beautiful that way- it doesn’t need validation from others.

I hope for you the same that I hope for myself, for our members, for everyone- I hope you GREW from this program, that you had time to REFLECT on yourself and your actions and that you can honestly STAND BY what you have presented to the world. I stand by mine.


Michelle Chin Chin Gavin
Dahn Instructor- Syosset, NY

I am a Dahn instructor and have been practicing Dahn for about three years. Through Dahn, I have found hope and meaning in my life.

Before I started practicing, on the surface I appeared to be a very successful person — I went to Stanford and Harvard Universities, excelled at many kinds of study and work, and had travelled a lot. I wasn’t happy, though. Actually, I could never find happiness because I couldn’t find real meaning in my life. I could never figure out what I should be doing with my time, doing with my life, because I couldn’t find the ultimately meaning in any of it.

I suffered a lot from depression, and saw a therapist for a stretch of 3 years or so in college and after I graduated. It helped me immensely, but I never could find real confidence and joy inside myself….

I ended up coming across Dahn when I moved to Boston for grad school. Since then, I’ve wondered….did I end up in Boston because of grad school or was I meant to come to have a chance to find Dahn. There is no question about which–grad school or my experiences at Dahn–gave me a more valuable education. By the time I graduated two years later, I had decided to become an instructor and sharing the healing and enlightenment that I had received through Dahn with others.

The changes I have experienced through Dahn have been huge. I resolved a chronic digestive problem that specialists couldn’t even diagnose. I have become much more confident and emotionally stable. I can let go of things that don’t matter. I no longer feel depressed…at all. I really love my life and love what I am doing.

All of this came because I found what does matter through Dahn. I awakened a deeper part of me that just genuinely and purely wants to share love with everyone. From that place, I feel so much and clear purpose. I no longer doubt my purpose, so I no longer have to doubt myself.

I am so grateful for this practice and for Ilchi Lee, its creator. I feel I owe so much to him, as well as to all the instructors I’ve had who have so patiently and lovingly cared for my growth as a person. Ilchi Lee has brought something of rare beauty into this world. I hope I can help many, many people can awaken to that beauty. That is what will bring meaning to my life.

It’s been a year since I started Dahn and at first I was just in for the workout but later as I progressed, I felt God has led me in this path to truly find who I am as person both spiritually, and mentally. I felt the more I continued the more I realized this is what I really wanted to do. I want to help people in a way to help the world and myself.

I love the true meaning of Dahn, what it stands for, and it’s Principles.

This is my purpose.

Thank You.

I have been Dahn Yoga instructor over 6 years now. Before then, I was a member for over 4 years before I became an instructor.

From the begining to now to this point, there was a great change in me. When I started as a member, I was a scientist, did not believe in anything unless it was proved by myself or by “reliable scientific methods.” I still remember arguing with my instructor about what I was feeling between my hands as I was moving my hands with focus was just a muscle response or more than that. Even with many doubts as a scientist, I kept taking classes and workshops since I felt benefits from them. Physically, I became stronger and healthier. When I started, I could not do even 5 times of Knee-down push ups. Now I can do even 3 finger push ups. (I did not need to improve my flexibility much. I was pretty flexible but became even more flexible. ^^) When I started, I would catch a cold all winter long. Now I hardly catches cold. Many people was sick this winter, but not me. Mentally and emotionally, I also became a better person. More self-confidence, more caring mind, bigger sense of love and compassion are just a few examples that I can think now. Spiritually, the practice opened me up to a different level. I feel I became closer to god, who is love.

As I experienced many changes and benefits, I started to reconsider the course of my life. I had a promising job and comfortable future. I enjoyed my job very much. I enjoyed being in the lab from early morning till late evening, even during the weekends, because it was fascinating and is still fascinating to me that we can do experiments and explain how the nature works. Yet, I found that it was not enough. I enjoyed my work a lot, but it was more for my intellectual satisfaction. I wanted to find bigger satisfaction, more contribution to others. I started to notice that how dedicated and sincere my instructors were. I started to notice people’s changes with their helps. I started to think about chaning my career. It was not easy. It took quite a courage. However, I kept the words in my minds that I told my friend when I was in college, “If I found something better in my life, I would not stay in doing the things that I was doing just because I have been so.” It took some time, but eventually I followed my own words. I made a change in my career. It was a shock to my family and friends. It took a while but slowly they are understanding my decision.

Now, I am happy and glad to be a Dahn yoga instructor. It is not an easy work, but it is a very rewarding work. I work long hours but it’s by my choice. Everyday is a chance for me to observe positive changes in people and me. Everyday is a growing experience to me. Every people and every event provides me a chance to grow. Although I am not perfect yet, I know I am improving. And, I thank to everyone who has been guiding me and helping me on this path from my first instructor to Ilchi Lee and from my family to all the members I have met.

Kam sa hap ni da. (Thank you in Korean)

I am a western person who has been a instructor for about 10 years. Through the years of sharing Brain Education I have only experienced healing and physical fitness benefits, & a philosophy that fits me (love for the earth, love for humanity)..I can say that I am a earth human who is working toward peace for myself and for others.

I have been practice dahn yoga 10years, and I have been dahn yoga instructor over 6 years now. Through this training I experience deep healing of my body and mind and emotion. So I choose to become dahn instructor.
I had stomach problem, acid reflux all the time over 10 years. Now that is healed, through dahn yoga. And I became much more happy,healthy person.
I have so much joy and pride with my work.

And I think everybody needs to experience this training so that they can have more owership of their life and healing power within.

thank you for your sincere sharing.

thank you so much for your sharing.

Dear members

Nowadays, thanks to CNN, I spend more time thinking about members and how to communicate with them more.

So far I’ve been working for 10years as a Dahn Yoga instructor. I started as a dowoonim (member) in Seoul, Korea.
At that time my life was kind of ok. I had a stable job and my family was
ok. My health felt ok to me. But I knew something was not going well. I wanted to find something that I could rely on throughout my remaining life. Or throughout the whole time to reach 30, I’d had searching one thing, which is, unchanging truth. But I didn’t know how to get it until I first started Dahn yoga and met Ilchi Lee.

There was strong eagerness in my heart to make me fly to here USA from south korea over the pacific ocean.
…I wanted to know who I am and why I am here in this life.

After spending 10 years, I’ve come to know what to choose and how to create HSP life. I believe what I had chosen for my life and my faith will be stronger furthermore.

thank you Lee

So so beautifully put:)))

Thank you for your sharing.

For at least 5years before meeting dahn yoga I would write down in my journal the profession that I wanted, yet it didn’t seem to have a title. I did many things and each was the stepping stone to dahn yoga.

I would write I want a job that consists of teaching yoga, healing, guiding, and travel. I want to share my heart in a big way, universe please send it to me.

With the help of a dear friend I was introduced to this “energy form of yoga”. The 1st time I stepped into the dahn center I immediately felt “good energy” and I had the feeling of coming home after being away for so long.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class, and asked the instructor how I could teach there. I knew that the universe had responded to my repetitive and disciplined asking.

I became much more open, confident, and began to strengthen my inner power. I think that “strengthen inner power” has been the most beneficial for me, and it is also what is lacking in many human beings, and most of all many women.

Which goes to show that as a society we need to strengthen our will. If women are able to strengthen their sense of “self-love” and
“self-worth” they’d be able to use that energy to empower themselves, not look for negative ways to be accepted.

I am saddened by this ordeal, and it makes me realize that it’s even more important that we teach Brain Education in the school system.

I as an instructor at dahn yoga for 2 years had the privilege of teaching Brain Education for kids at the center.

After the 1st class I received calls from parents telling me that their child with “tarret syndrome” is no longer “violently throwing his head back due to brain wave vibration”. Thank you so much. That their very shy child who barely speaks at all, couldn’t stop talking after the class. Thank you so much. That a little boy who would wake up in the middle of the night to go to his parents bed, finally slept in his own bed. Thank you so much.

These children developed security, self-confidence/esteem, and understanding about their mind and body.

Brain Education is a great recipe for “teaching and parenting”.

Children need to start feeling love, appreciation, respect, for themselves 1st, then they can spread that pure energy into the world. They are our future. We are seeing 1st hand, what happens when we neglect, and disengage ourselves from our children. Let’s create a brighter future, and keep moving forward.

Sending Love & Peace,

Afrika Pendleton
Dahn Instructor

I sometimes fiind it hard to put into words how important Dahn Yoga and Ilchi Lee have been to my health and wellbeing these past 2 years. Before Dahn, I was in great emotional and physical pain. I carried memories and negative emotions and messages that haunted me from the past. Even though I tried several healing modalities over a 20 year span, nothing worked. The emotional and physical pain became so bad that I started taking time off from work. One day in December 2007, as I was doing Christmas shopping, I could hardly move. I stopped in a restaurant for lunch, and there were Dahn Yoga brochures there. I called, and asked the instructor if the classes and program could really do everything it claimed. He said yes, and convinced me to make an appointment. I became a member, skeptical at first, because I didn’t trust anyone, not even myself.

I was amazed from the start. I often cried in class for the first months, as my body began to release long held emotion-fear, grief, etc. The masters treated me with such kindness and compassion in and out of class. I began to have trust in them and the program. I signed up for private healing sessions in addition to regular class and workshops. Long suppressed memories began to surface. I released and healed on all levels-physically, energetically, and spiritually.

After 3 months, I knew that Dahn was everything I had been yearning for my whole life, even as a child. A fulfilling life with purpose and opportunity to help and heal others and myself. That’s the real beauty of Dahn Yoga and Ilchi Lee’s vision-we learn to be the master of our own lives, and we teach others how to become master of their own emotions, thoughts and choices, all of which reside in the brain.

I have continued on to become an instructor, and this past week have opened my own Body & Brain Center. The feeling of joy and gratitude is indescribable. The best way I can say it is It’s my life’s longing rushing out to greet me. Yes, it’s been very challenging at times, because I’ve had to confront old habits and beliefs that have held me back for so long. I have gone from struggling each day with anxiety, depression and self loathing to looking forward to each day with a deep sense of my own self worth and true happiness. When something difficult comes along and worry or fear tries to engulf me, I take what I have learned in Dahn Yoga and turn it into a manageable, exciting accomplishment. I have created a healthy, happy life for myself.

My family and friends have seen the difference in me, and recognize and respect Dahn Yoga as the reason. The relationships with my family have improved immensely.

I have great respect, love, and gratitude for Ilchi Lee and the Masters and instructors I’ve met. Thank you so much.

Facing ourselves IS really tough work and taking responsibility for choices is even harder. Thanks for keeping it real, joan!

If I were to explain all my experiences with Dahn Yoga, since my time as a member and to this point I’ve gotten to as an employee and instructor, I could be sitting here for days, so I’ll share in tidbits as things come to mind. 🙂

I became a Dahn Yoga instructor because I truly believe in its philosophy and its practice, and because I wanted to become a part of making history, which is what i truly believe the work and the vision of Ilchi Lee is doing. But today, what I want to do is tell you a little bit about some recent transformation that has happened in my personal, family life through my life and work as a Dahn Yoga instructor.

One of the claims made against Dahn Yoga is that it isolates you from your family. I would beg to differ. I am a total case in point proving that actually being a part of Dahn Yoga can help to bring you closer to your family. It just depends on your individual situation and choice. My family has had many problems since I was in junior high because of a wrecked relationship between my parents. I won’t divulge the details to respect the privacy of my other family members, but I will just say, that there was a LOT of drama, with my sister and I constantly worrying that we’d one day get a phone call or get pulled from class to find out one of our parents had died. My parents struggled to stay together for more than 10 years, for the sake of my sister and me, and when my sister adn I both graduated college, they finally decided to get separated. For about 3 years or so, they only met each other to discuss paperwork for divorce. My sister and I were finally relieved that the pain was over and that each of us could move on with our own lives, and forget any hope of being any kind of a family together again.

One day, when my mother had come to visit for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I got to talking to her a lot about my experiences and the principles I had learned from Dahn Yoga. She used to practice before I did, but had stopped right around the time I started. But I got her interested again in the practice, and this time she started coming to my center. She started coming and staying longer through the day, doing training and discussing with me all good as well as painful discoveries she was making about herself. Then, a little less than a year before she had started again, she started seeing her past more objectively, seeing both her perspective and my father’s perspective in all the trouble they’ve had. She then humbly accepted all responsibility for their trouble, and became deeply grateful for my father.

Now when I hear them talk, they’re very warm and loving to each other. Through this reconciliation between my parents, something has opened up and brightened in both my sister and me as well. We hadn’t realize how much these difficulties between our parents had affected us, but now we can feel the difference — and we cannot express the gratitude and joy we feel in words.

Dahn Yoga is a practice not something that separates families and groups, but something that brings people together, beyond anybody’s imagination or expectations.

Great story. Thanks.

Joy, your story is real….

My story with Dahn Yoga started in 1999. I had been a swimmer in college, and had since stopped working out. I went to the Dahn Center to get back into shape.
In September of 2000, I applied to Boston College Graduate School of Social Work. It was not an easy decision. I had a great job working with teens doing experiential education through the YMCA, however it wasn’t the career I wanted and I was searching for what that might be.
I was looking for something into which I could put all my efforts and have hope about changing the world. I researched many places and things ( and I mean many!). I interviewed people who had careers in which I was interested. I went to introductory days offered by various graduate programs. I took a Psychology class at Harvard. I even spent a week in ‘Vet Camp for adults’ at Tufts to make sure my childhood dream of being a vet wasn’t really the vocation for me (it wasn’t!). Finally, finding nothing that clicked, I applied for Social Work on the grounds that it was practical and flexible degree option.
Boston College has a great program, and there was one particular class that really stimulated me. I remember getting particularly excited about one project in that class that dealt with rearranging the public transit system to give more access to those without jobs or high economic status. After pouring energy into the project, I felt let down. I felt that no policy or program, even the most amazing and transformative, could solve the problem unless we (meaning people in general) want to solve the problems of the earth.
I was also working part-time at a live-in treatment center for women with Eating Disorders at the time, and experienced similar realizations there. ‘I could do this job my whole life, and there will always be another woman to come fill the seat in front of me’. It was a depressing thought. I was always bothered by the fundamental fact that as a society, we did not seem to have any plan to heal people at their root, just address their problems when they got out of control or to the point at which they were detrimental to themselves, others, or society.
I had not imagined myself as a healer, or learning about energy as we teach here at Dahn Yoga, but over a period of 3 years I started seeing that what I was experiencing at my studio was giving me more hope than what I was learning in graduate school. I was watching myself, and others, change, open up, and connect. I remember reading the book ‘Healing Society’ by Il Chi Lee and thinking, ‘You know, this could work’. So, after I graduated from Boston College, I started training as a healer at the Dahn Yoga Center and went through the Master-in-Training course in 2003.
Choosing this was not easy. Being a healer, since it was not traditional vocation, didn’t offer much societal recognition, but it encompassed everything I was looking for. I could have easily passed it by, but I didn’t. I marched to the beat of a different drum because I what I believed in, and remain proud of myself for choosing it.

I remember thinking sometime in the middle the first year of running a center by myself (in 2005), ‘Wow, this is so amazing!” I was running a business as a successful manager, by myself, and was helping people grow, develop, and heal themselves and developing myself at the same time. Although I had a lot of success and confidence in my life, I never dreamt I could have accomplished such a feat. But I did it well, and now, as a 35 year old, know that my confidence, power, and freedom are limitless. I am looking forward to continuing to develop myself, healing others, and working towards my life-long goal of changing the world for the better. I have no plans to retire; because this is not quite work for me, even though it brings a paycheck. I will keep doing this work, in some form or another, for as long as it brings hope to me and others.

miraculous changes. thank you for sharing this.

I have been doing Dahn Yoga for about two years now, one year as a member and one year as an instructor, and it has changed my life for the better, immensely. Before I started Dahn Yoga, I was depressed and had a lot of anxiety. I was unsatisfied by my life and I tried many things to overcome my situation, but nothing worked for the long-term.

When I found Dahn Yoga, I found something that works—in the long term. There are no quick fixes here, however, much to the dismay of many people, especially in America’s fast food culture. As I began to take the practice more seriously, I began to see that this is not a sport or hobby, but to benefit fully from it, it becomes a lifestyle.

Part of this practice is the cultivation of dedication and devotion—especially to one’s self, body, mind and spirit. There are many exercises that founder Ilchi Lee has developed in order to aid students of Dahn Yoga in their quest for personal growth and devotion. One very helpful tactic is bowing meditation. Bowing meditation is not forced upon any members or instructors, it is simply a method that is taught and members are guided by instructors as to how many at a time would be beneficial for them and why. Some people choose to do it just once in a while, while others, especially instructors, use it as part of their daily fitness and meditation practice. It’s a useful and simple method that people can use to keep muscles and joints healthy as well as to calm the mind and connect with one’s inner-self.

Also, it should be noted that Ilchi Lee did not invent bowing meditation. It is prominent in many Eastern spiritual traditions and in NONE of those traditions is it thought of as torture. Granted, spending time alone with one’s self and having the physical and mental discipline to see a long set of bows through to the end is not always EASY, but the point is to overcome this and thus gain the fortitude and centeredness to overcome other difficult matters in life. It’s a strengthening exercise for mind and body.

In short, the true purpose of this letter is to succinctly share my heart when it comes to Ilchi Lee. He is devoting his life to the betterment of humanity—the proof of this is in his actions, if the media would care to take a deeper look they would quickly uncover these facts. He is trying to establish a new CULTURE, which is based on the Hong Ik In Gan philosophy of Korea. Hong Ik In Gan roughly translates as a human being who lives life in order to benefit others and the Earth. This is a real philosophy that was upheld (and still is to a minor degree) by the people of Korea a few thousand years ago. He is trying to modernize it for this era. He’s making a CULTURE not a cult, please understand the difference! There is a need for a change, especially in American society. The fact that the ideas are coming from outside of America does not mean that they deserve to be immediately dismissed and vilified. Can’t we open our minds to recognize this planet as a global village and give his version of peace a chance?

Thank you for your time.

Erin Gruber, Las Vegas

P.S. Thank you to all of the members who are speaking out—you are so beautiful. WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!

January 7, 2010

Dear Ms. Janelle Rodriguez

cc: Richard Davis, Shirley Powell, and Jonathan Klein

After watching the first 2 segments of your series, Yoga Cult, I feel that you need to hear my story in connection with the Dahn Yoga organization.

Several years ago, I was a typical manager in corporate America. As a project manager dedicated to obtain an ISO 9000 certification for a dual site of 500 people, I was expected to meet unreasonable deadlines. I spent a year pushing people to the point of exhaustion, requiring unreasonable hours, impacting not only the employees of this organization, but their families as well. When we finally did obtain the certification by the deadline, that same day the sale of the company was announced to the Management team. Within a month two-thirds of the employees were told they would not be hired by the new company. At that moment in time, I vowed not to ever let anyone push me to the point of ruining peoples’ lives ever again. My physical body was shot, I was overweight, I had constant debilitating migraine headaches, lower back, neck and shoulder pain to the point of not being able to lift over 10 pounds, I was incredibly unhappy and made everyone around me unhappy. Not a pretty picture, but unfortunately one that many in our US corporate environment experience.

When I found Dahn Yoga, I deeply appreciated the principles of delivering health, happiness and peace, that it is based upon and started my training. Very quickly I started losing weight and strengthening my back and shoulders. I went to the recommended workshops and started learning to appreciate myself. My instructors pushed me to grow, but in a healthy way. Every time they made a recommendation, I had the opportunity to accept it or reject it. There were times that I was afraid to move forward and was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone. Every single time, it turned out to be a great decision that I would not have made on my own. I gained more self confidence, had less judgment toward myself and others and began feeling a growing peacefulness. By the end of 2 years of practice, I had lost 65 pounds, eliminated the migraines and was back to being as strong as I was in high school. My husband enjoyed being home with me and my family and friends noticed the changes in my attitude. I was beginning to spend more time being happy than unhappy, and that happiness has continued to increase for 2 more years. In my mind, Dahn Yoga saved my life.

Following all of those changes, I felt compelled to do the right thing and share this with my community. I bought a Dahn Yoga franchise and began sharing the things that I had learned with members that were unhealthy, unhappy and stressed. I continue to grow in the mastership of my body and mind and have never experienced anything in this organization as devastating as what I experienced in the corporation I worked for previously. My experience has been that there is a lot of unhealthiness in the way business is done. At least Dahn Yoga has principles of health, happiness and peace and tries to help members of society find that for themselves. This may not be the answer for everyone, but it certainly is for thousands of current practitioners.

Please consider what you are doing to the reputation of this organization and the founder. This is an opportunity for all concerned, at CNN and at Dahn Yoga to make right choices. I believe Dahn Yoga will be stronger because of these accusations and their principles will continue to spread throughout the world, giving hope to society.


Jo Garner

When I first joined Dahn Yoga as a member I was suffering from post traumatic stess syndrome and didn’t even know it. It was really ironic considering that I was a registered nurse and knew the signs and symptoms well. You see I had been an RN for about four and one half years. The last year of that was post hurricane Katrina. This hurricane changed the face of the Gulf Coast. Not only physically but also emotionally and psychologically. It is difficult to describe the atmosphere after a major disaster. Needless to say I was well on my way to either an ulcer or a nervous breackdown but had no feeling connection to give me the warning signs.
When I first started as a nurse I was always told that I was too emotionally attached to my patients. I could cry at the drop of a hat. Especially when patients received bad news from doctors. But slowly I noticed that I wasn’t expressing my emotions as much. Over the years I thought that the way I was feeling was healthy. Everyone felt this way. It wasn’t until a year after Katrina that I started to see how much I was wrong. I had been taking care of a patient for several days. She had not been doing so well but seemed to be improving. Until she was told that the reason that she felt so sick was that she had terminal cancer and that there was nothing medically that they could do anymore. There I was standing by the bedside while this patient’s life had been turned upside down and I felt absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. It shocked me. When did I lose that compassion? Where did I go?
I went home and stayed up all day and into the night. As a night nurse that was actually not that difficult. Considering that I had not been able to sleep well anymore. It was during that all day vigil that I realized that something had to change. Sure I could keep working. I made great money and could afford anything I wanted. But what was the point if I could not even feel like I was alive? I ended up resigning from that position and going to Dallas to take an extended vacation with friends. I really wanted to figure out how I could get me back. I had gotten lost somewhere along the way but there had to be a way to come back on track.
It was at this time that I joined Dahn Yoga. It only took a short period of time before I could truly feel how amazing this practice was. For the first time in years I could feel alive inside. It was like opening the windows of a house that had been closed and abandoned for years. The greatest gift for me was not so much inside the class but outside. I felt like I was living life. Truly enjoying every moment. From meeting friends to watching the sun rise.
Not only that but the philosophy and goals of Dahn Yoga and founder Ilchi Lee were more in alignment with what I originally started as a nurse with. The idea that a person could heal themselves. As a nurse you get to know well that sometimes all medicine does is address the symptoms. Even when doctors have no idea the reason for the patient’s pain they will just give a band-aid for the symptoms. The dedication and research that went into Brain Education and B.E.S.T was inspiring and helped me to see how I could take action for myself to create the life I wanted.
For me it was natural to decide to become an Instructor. Because I could see from the other instructors that the best way to change myself is to be in a profession that focused on helping others to change. I could fully see also that it was an ongoing process. There is no magical transformation once you take the Master in training course. As much as I want to change that is as much effort that I need to put in to make it happen. All Instructors are like that. Now as an instructor I can look back at the person that I was at the beginning and wonder how I survived. How did I go every day feeling like a zombie and holding in all the stress and pressureof the day. Now I can fully take responsibility for my actions and know that if my life is not satisfactory it is because I am creating it to be like that. I thank every day that I found Dahn Yoga.

I have been taking Dahn Yoga for 6 years, it has helped me from serious depression and I am so happy with it, the health and well being, and meeting so many people from many walks of life on a healing journey at the Dahn Center is a very beautiful thing and gives me so much hope. I am so dissappointed by the low quality of your reporting on Dahn Yoga.

-Jessica Harrelson has serious mental issues before Dahn Yoga and her friends know this, how can yo use her as a primary source for this whole sensational attack on Dahn Yoga? In 3rd grade I learned to value my sources.

-You are basing the whole ‘big story’ on a lawsuit which the Arizona Judge did not even let into court due to lack of evidence! (ie: cult, brainwashing, etc.)… so how can you as a reputable journalism make this whole story with this basis?

-You claimed in the third part ’27 former employees are charging Ilchi Lee with sexual assault’ This is untrue! One person is charging with sexual assault: Jessica Harrelson, and we know her psychology and negative history.

-You used one experts opinion, ‘I have never heard of Brain Wave Vibration’ to assume that it is a scam, cult, sexual attacking place!

-Kyra Phillips, you came onto private property in sedona when we already had an interview date later and you shoved the mic into Ilchi Lees face, obviously he was surprised…..and you are trying to paint it like he is quilty of sexual assault?! How low quality journalism is this?

Anyone from anywalk of life, even if you don’t speak english or you can’t walk! can go to a Dahn Yoga Center and connect with their natural joy and healing power. This is the beautiful love of peoples real hearts and it is the spirit of the Dahn Yoga. Why don’t you go to an actual center and talk to someone there about what they think. I am so hurt and saddened that you are boasting such low low quality material. This is not doing any good for the real people and families at the Dahn Center or for your readers. You are really attacking HOPE on this planet.Seriously listen to your heart and make a positive accurate story from the real people.

I am sincerely hurt and dissappointed and I pray for all of the wonderful real people who practice Dahn Yoga all across the world.
Love Robert – LA

Thank you Jeff nim- you are an inspiration!

I have been training with Dahn Yoga for over 5 years, and I have been a Dahn Instructor for about 3 years now. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work, doing what I love to do the most. I am constantly inspired by my students and by my teachers, and to work in this company is really a dream come true. I remember when I used to work in other jobs, I would always be conscious of the time and when I could leave to go do something else. But these days, I can spend all day at my Center and never feel bored, because it doesn’t feel like work to me.

Since I was young, I had always been interested in the healing arts and before I worked for Dahn Yoga, I was a student of many disciplines. I was taking courses in yoga, meditation, Reiki, massage therapy, Tae Kwon Do, as well as doing my own home practice. One of the most important days in my life was the day that I first walked into the Dahn Center, because I realized that there was something which has all of the things that I wanted to do in one place. I could train myself, and teach others, I could satisfy my body, mind and spirit, and I could participate in the great mission of Love for Humanity, Love for the Earth.

I still remember the first day after my Instructor training as I began to work in my Center in Beaverton, Oregon. I was with a student helping them with Intestine Exercises, and the most profound feeling of gratitude washed over my body. This wonderful feeling lasted for over three days, because I realized that I had found everything that I had been looking for. I had found a way to help others, help myself, and make a big difference in society and my community through my choice to become a Dahn Yoga instructor.

Since that day, my life and my job have only become more rewarding and more satisfying. I feel that there is nothing that I could be doing which would add more value to my life or the lives of those that I teach. Dahn Yoga has given me so much training to become the master of my life, and to live with full responsibility of my life. I am so proud to be a Dahn Instructor and I am so grateful to Ilchi Lee who created all of this and went though so much to help people find a better life. I think that it is rare to have a full time job which makes such direct and clear benefits to society. My greatest joy is now sharing what has made me so happy, healthy and peaceful.

Thank you,

Nate Guadagni
Manager, West Linn Center
West Linn, Oregon

I came to a Dahn Yoga in March of 2002, I’d heard from a friend that yoga was a great exercise and as a former gymnast I wanted to get back into shape physically and also release stress. I’d recently quit my job of five years because I was extremely dissatisfied and was taking on temp work until I figured out what I wanted to do. I noticed the center near my Alma Matter after returning from a 6 week road trip to think about what I wanted to do with my life.

I had looked into literally every career imaginable, but nothing seemed very fulfilling to me. I considered joining Greenpeace or something similar where an organization is trying to make a difference in the world, but on a larger scale I wanted to do more.

I was volunteering at my old elementary school for over a year, and my teacher wanted to recommend me for a program where I could become certified to teach (my degree is not in education). As rewarding as working with kids is, I felt her frustration in teaching these kids with all the bureaucracy she had to deal with on a daily basis limiting her amazing abilities as an educator.

I wanted to make a difference in the world, in people’s lives, and there just wasn’t any profession out there that appealed to me. I use to tell people that if I knew what I wanted to be doing with my life, I’d be doing it, and I didn’t want to get 30 years into a career and near the end of it wonder if I’d even made as much of a difference in people’s lives as I could have.

After two months of taking classes at Dahn Yoga, I knew very strongly that I wanted to teach. I wanted to help people, and see the positive changes in their lives, and I have. From minor to major changes, I’ve helped more people in the 6 years that I’ve worked for this company than I ever thought I’d be able, and knowing that has changed my life.

I can see now how to make a difference in this world. And I’m doing it.

I want to take this moment to tell everyone how proud I am to be a Dahn Yoga instructor and to be working for the growth of the company in PR and Communications. Being a part of the Dahn Yoga experience has enriched my lives in ways that I could not imagine. I have the privilege of having touched all of my “someday” wishes and dreams. It is not hyperbole for me to say, that walking this path has been so fulfilling that I am truly a different person.

When I first entered a Dahn Yoga center, I had no intention of doing anything but attending an introductory private session. I was so convinced I knew all about yoga and meditation and healing. I wasn’t even living in the area. However, once I did a little bit of training I knew that it was something special. So I came back again and again. I extended my vacation, I rented an apartment, got a temporary job. I went from private sessions, to 10 class, to one month, to 3 month, to one year memberships.

Why did I do all of this? Not because of any pressure, but because of the natural healing I quickly experienced. This was bolstered by the beautiful community that I had encountered. No one had to convince me to pay for classes, my body and mind knew that I was doing the right thing. I took programs, I trained, I went to healer school and started teaching. I had found something that I really loved, that helped others and me at the same time. I loved it so much that I went to master;s training and decided to make this my life.

This is real, this is not fantasy. I am so grateful for all of the members and instructors who have added joy and love to my life. Working in the centers helped me in ways I could not have anticipated. My relationships became more honest and authentic. I grew closer to my family. Who supported me 100%. I became stronger and quicker and enjoyed the practice of law, unlike all of those years before.

About Ilchi Lee. I cannot focus on rumors and innuendo. I have been helped immensely by what Ilchi Lee teaches. I have received unexpected encouragement and support from him. The more I learn, the more grateful I become.

When I read “Human Technology” I made a decision that I wanted to become a student of Ilchi Lee. At the time, I didn’t know what that meant. I thought he lived in some mountain temple in Korea whispering pronouncements over green tea. How wrong I was about that, but I was very right in my conclusion that he was the right teacher for me.

Dahn Yoga is a very special practice, with very special people at an amazing time in human history. I appreciate what Ilchi Lee has created and built. It is remarkable that during his lifetime he has left it to his students to grow and improve. I am happy and proud to be a part of it all.

Love and appreciation,

Joseph Sabum

About My Journey…
Upon entering college at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ, I was a good student with an above average GPA and a successful athlete. College became much more than academic studies for me. I began really wondering about what I would do with my life. After many mistakes and many majors, I studied fine arts. I found a full-time position as a photographer’s assistant, even before I had finished college. I learned the ins and outs of the business, for which my employer was paid up to $6,000 per job. After a year of studying with her, I began putting out my own contracts too, and I was well on my way to a very successful career and easy life, as far as finances are concerned. However, this made me question the meaning of my life further. I felt that this couldn’t be all – a good job, a good boyfriend, etc. About this time was when I met Dahn Yoga.
After about a month of Dahn Yoga practice, I attended a three day workshop in Arizona called YEHA, which is an acronym for Young Earth Human Alliance. It is a group of young people across the globe who desire a better self and a better world. Through this training I recovered my heart. Relationships that I had struggled with finally started to smooth out, I felt happier and more fulfilled.
Later when I learned I could become a Dahn Yoga instructor, I knew that it would be the most satisfying job for me and something I could keep doing for a lifetime. It has been over five years since I started as an instructor. The thing that moved me the most to become an instructor is the goal of Dahn Yoga, which is to create a better world through the betterment of human beings. To me this career is a life-time promise to myself that I will continue to improve myself for the betterment of the world. I continue to chose this work because of the environment created for me as an instructor. Everyone in this organization always tries their best to be kind and loving, and to create the ideal kind of world that we all want to create on this Earth, while encouraging each other to overcome our limitations. My goal is to open and manage my own Dahn Yoga center abroad. I am making preparations for that now. I still have a long way to go in the study of my life, but I am such a happy and grateful person now.

Dear Mark:

My name is Joy Kim, and I am an employee of Dahn Yoga, currently working at the corporate office. I am writing to you today to express my indignation at the preview of your upcoming show on Dahn Yoga and Ilchi Lee.

From what is insinuated in the preview of the show you have entitled, “Yoga Cult,” it seems that you will be portraying Dahn Yoga and Ilchi Lee in an unfair, incomplete way, only telling a biased, partial story. I am deeply offended, as a 3-year employee and instructor, and a 4-year individual practitioner of Dahn Yoga. I have always believed myself to be an intelligent, strong-willed person with a mind of my own. I believe this is what enabled me to graduate from the respected university, UC Berkeley, and to lead a successful career as a PR professional before I changed my career path to Dahn Yoga. I take it as a personal attack on my character as well as the character of my colleagues and members whom I love and deeply respect, that you would portray the career that I have chosen with my eyes wide open as the work of a cult.

For a long time I’ve respected CNN. I used to watch CNN with my breakfast every morning, relying on your reports to keep me updated and knowledgeable on the occurrences around the world. From what I understand, you had been provided with more than enough information about the truth of the current lawsuit and the ardent voices of supporters of Ilchi Lee and practitioners of Dahn Yoga. If these voices so far have not been enough to convince you, I hope that my genuine concerns will bring you at least one step closer to seeing the objective truth as journalists.

Dahn Yoga, Ilchi Lee and his Brain Education programs have helped me in ways that I can hardly describe in words. First of all, it helped me to understand my body and how it functions from an experiential perspective, and through this I have healed all the irregularities in my body that have annoyed me through my whole life: constant headaches, constipation, crackling and achy knees, weak ankles, lower back pain and constant fatigue. But more importantly, Ilchi Lee has shown me, through his own life and all the work he has accomplished, how a person really should live his or her life. Having been a driven, ambitious person my whole life, I had pre-set a route with “the things I was good at,” and had planned on achieving the highest level of success possible through this route. What Ilchi Lee has taught me is that I am not limited to a certain route. He has shown me, through example, his many training programs and lectures, that it is only the determined mind for a goal of the grandest scale that ultimately leads that person to success – and that goal is one of restoring the health of this Earth and creating peace among humanity. Because of Ilchi Lee’s teachings, I have become a person who no longer sees obstacles and difficulties but exciting challenges to overcome in my life. Because I respect him as my role model, and because I wholeheartedly agree and believe in the worthiness of his vision, I have gladly and gratefully chosen to dedicate myself to this line of work as well.

If the show you intend to air on January 4 is not a fair and balanced portrayal of all parties concerned, I would like to make a plea for you to look at all the facts one more time and to make the necessary revisions to the show to make it into a proper and ethical journalistic piece of work, not the work of a sensationalist sham.

Joy Kim

Today, I taught one of workshops it’s called Initial Awakening.
They came with lots of health issue and this workshop gave them priciples and HOPE.
You can find out what they experience through Initial Awakeing.
click “your voice”

Today very beginner member shared that he felt no pain in his body and finally he could relax. He joined just yesterday. He was looking for his betterment. I felt so happy, too. I hope he get more health and happiness in his body & life.

I was raised by my extremely neat and clean mother, so I had always taken cleanliness and organization for granted. Once I left home for college, I became the “mom” amongst all my roommates, although I was the youngest of all my friends, because I was always the one cleaning up after everybody.

Once I graduated college and began my career in our wonderful Corporate America, I started becoming very very stressed, and I was becoming quickly disillusioned about all the glory of having an admirable career. I started becoming really unhappy, and interestingly enough, my apartment started to reflect this state of my mind. I stopped cleaning. I used to never even be able to conceive of the idea of leaving any clothes on the floor, but one day i came home from work to find the floor of my apartment completely covered with the clothes I had shed off for what I would estimate to be a few weeks. I literally had to hop over them onto small open spots, as if I were hopping on stepping stones. And I thought to myself, hmm maybe I should clean. But then I also thought, what’s the point of cleaning? It’s just gonna get messy again. I know where everything is exactly, so what’s the point of tidying up and cleaning? It was a very interesting moment for me.

Working at the Dahn Center, we do a lot of cleaning. When I started working at the center, I began recovering my enjoyment for cleaning and appreciation for clean, neat spaces. Then one day, Ilchi Lee gave a lecture and he said, “When your mind becomes dark, the first thing you’ll notice is that you’ve stopped cleaning.” I had learned through firsthand experience, that cleanliness, or lack thereof, is a reflection of the state of your mind, and through cleaning, you can clean away a lot of undesirable things from your mind, like anger, frustration, stress, sadness, etc….

This is one of the many things that we do that we take for granted because we have been taught them to do well since childhood, just as “good common sense,” that I have learned the true meaning of through my training in Dahn Yoga.

I’m a Dahn Yoga instructor for 4 years. Dahn yoga experience brought me many changes physically and mentally. When I worked, my body became paralyzed because of my stress. Since I started Dahn yoga exercise, I healed myself very quickly.
One thing I feel and experience through Dahn yoga is I’m growing every day.

I have been teaching Dahn Yoga for about 6 years now and I cant tell you enough how fulfilling it is to see different people everyday and knowing that you can make them feel better that day because myself.

The Dahn Yoga program has been an important part of my daily regime during the times when I was a member since it had helped me with my depression and my joint problems. It’s a very fun environment to train and relax my body and mind.. That’s why I decided to become a Dahn Yoga instructor seeing despite of the hard work my instructors poured to each individual member and to the center they are filled with so much fulfillment after seeing their members change and become a better person. I wanted to have that joy too even I am fully aware of the responsibilities and work that lies ahead before I became an instructor.

As an individual, I am insulted by the poor reporting CNN News made about Dahn Yoga. Basing information on a “Sensationalism” style of journalism instead of facts attained by fair and proper methods of research and reporting. I didn’t even see one information that is based on facts instead its all based on just the allegations, and through yword play and their editing skills they have distorted our image.

I also would like to mention that Mr. Ilchi Lee clearly does not have any connection about managing to his “national chain of centers”. I say this because I respect his work and achievements and NOT a “money-making” businessman. He has stepped out of his position managing the Dahn Yoga centers for as long as I could remember. From all the times I had the pleasure being with him. I can clearly see how much he cares for the earth and I don’t understand why people would ruin that from him. I didn’t like how the media portrayed him as just a businessman. He built a university, a Museum for Korean History, a park for all people to visit for free to know more about mother earth. Everything that was earned by these institutions are given back to non-profit organizations even to the United Nations. That’s why we respect Ilchi Lee so much because he really contributed to his country and to the humanity and these false accusations are not going to stop him to keep contributing. Please see all his efforts though this link: https://dahnyogavoice.com/records-materials/who-is-ilchi-lee/.

See the facts yourself through Dahnyogavoice.com

I started Dahn Yoga in 2004 because I was depressed and couldn’t sleep at night but these were symptoms of a greater problem: I didn’t have a sense of responsibility for my life and lacked confidence that I could help the world. I thought I was supposed to live for my parents, or live up to cultural norms. I didn’t want to believe that I had choices, and that my life was the way it was because of me. I came to the Dahn center thinking it was simple yoga, but what it did was turn my life upside down for the better. It gently pushed me past my limitations and made me see my true heart: that I had a lot of love and power to help myself and others. This was something that I had been searching for since I was little. I felt confident for the first time in my life. And by working on our common vision toward healing the planet, I could finally devote myself to something 100%. I have enormous gratitude for Ilchi Lee for creating Dahn Yoga and helping me become a better human being, someone who can live in the world from a positive, grateful mind.

Great! I was told a lot of people shared the benefits they received thru Dahn Yoga. I hope every one will be able to have opportunity. Thank you for your sharing.

I can feel you are telling this from your heart! A person may deceive everyone but not himself or herself. They know if they are telling the truth or not. I hope they don’t kill themselves with lie.

I agree that CNN didn’t show what Dahn Yoga is about. They didn’t show positive and beneficial sides.
8 years ago I heard about miracles of Korean Yoga from the lady who successfully survived lymphoma. Almost 4 years ago I discovered that Korean Yoga is Dahn Yoga and enjoyed the training from the first class. The quality of my life is improved tremendously.. After I become a healer, I constantly use my skills to help my family. I ‘m so happy that I can bring many smiles, kindness, friendship and sincerity to people around.. Thanks to my instructors who always help me with my grow.

Ann Livits,
Fullerton, CA

thank you Elena! You are right … Dahn Yoga is the best ever happened to me 🙂

Dear Marina, love your integrity and sincerity and totally agree with you

Sometimes I look back on my life and I say to myself that I don’t want to go back to the life before Dahn and will not.

My life before I met Dahn was very normal like everyone else. I worked as a process engineer for Applied Materials Korea which produces a semiconductor equipment. And I got married and had one daughter. I just worked for money and didn’t have clear dream for my life. But I knew that they would be something more that this kind of life. I have, though, no idea. Sometimes I wondered why I was born and what I had to do. I got lots of stress not only because of job but because I didn’t know what to do and how to live my life. My stomach have been sick for a long time and I went to the hospital veryday after work. But no doctors healed me. That is why I started Dahn.

When I first started Dahn, it was really hard even though I was very good at all sports and was discharged from the army. But I really enjoyed Dahn. While I was practicing Dahn, I have realized something from memebrs’ eyes who finished Shimsung. So I asked an instructor about what Shimsung was and if I could go. But he said no. I felt that I had to go and asked him to allow me to go.
It was the BEST of the BEST. It changed my life totally. It started with tears and ended with tears in my eyes. I found my true-self and got the answer for my life which I have searched for long time. Endless and grateful tears kept coming down. I found my path that I must follow.

Next day I decied to become a life time member before nobody asked and took money to the center. a few weeks later I gave a life time membership to my wife as a gift becasue I thought it was the best gift for her.
She loved Dahn Yoga more than I did. I realized that she has had the same questions about her life. She was so happy that she went to the Dahn center as often as she could. Within 2 months, she took Shimsung and experienced more than I had.
To make long story short, my wife and I became Dahn instructor and my two daughters are lifetime members.
We, my wife and I, can’t express enoug to Dr. Ilchi Lee about awakening our soul and his guidence for our spiritual growth. Unless he founded Dahn, I am sure that we are still wandering around with no idea about the life.
I have to spend a week or month to talk about what we experienced and how Dahn benefited us.
I remember the moment when I met Dr. Ilchi Lee one on one. His eyes were looking at my eyes. No, he was watching my soul thru my eyes. I could feel my soul trembling with LOVE that I had never experienced before. I still remember his eyes when I close my eyes. Whenever I am in trouble, I close my eyes to see the EYES.
Again I can’t thank Dr. Ilchi Lee enough for his help and dedication for people like me.
I take this opportunity to express my gratitude and my family’s as well.
Thank a million!

Thank you for your sharing. No wonder how you could keep big smile all the time. I wish your more joyful life with Dahn!!

Marina, I can feel your sincere hurt. Truth will win. We are all here for telling the truth. Thank you for your sharing.

I’ve been a Dahn Yoga instructor for 4 years.
I’m proud that I’ve been here that long. In the past, I was the kind of person who could hardly stand to be in one place for more than a couple hours 🙂 At the time I first joined the Dahn Center I was working 5 or 6 part time jobs just so I didn’t have to focus on one thing for too long. Distracted would be one way to describe my former self.

I am so grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had in Dahn Yoga. I’m grateful in the way that makes you really sure of yourself, no matter what may come, because you know what you’ve got is the best. I used to worry “what if I’m missing something important?? What if I should be doing something else?” Now I don’t have those worries because I know, even when it’s difficult and nothing seems to be going right, I know it’s absolutely worth it.

Why do I feel this way? Because I am a student of the power of choice…
I’m studying how to choose what I truly want and how to make it happen once I choose it.

A couple examples of the kind of things I’ve chosen as a Dahn Yoga instructor:
choosing to be confident in front of a group
choosing to speak for my highest idealistic hope rather than simple pragmatism
choosing to sing in front of people
choosing to cry openly
choosing to express more love for my family
choosing to fight for the things I believe in

These are all things that I didn’t naturally feel confident in choosing, but I wanted. I believe I’ve been aided in choosing them as a direct result of my training, watching my mind and building confidence through my body, as a Dahn instructor.

Choice = Freedom 🙂

Dahn Yoga is so lucky to have an Instructor like you!


I am a Dahn yoga instrutor, I am working dahn yoga for 11 years now.

Almost same time beging of dahn yoga in USA.

I am so happy. becouse I’m dahn yoga famiry an all of thing….no metter what, It is best one….

I love all of you…..

Yes, your right. Also dahn yoga helped me a lot.

We miss you Jeff! Thank you for all you do! Keep up the great work! Beautiful Sharing!! Your story is full of inspiration

Dear Genia,

You’re an inspiration and source of strength to those around you. Thank you for expressing your story so well.

Hi Marielle,

Excellent sharing! Dahn Yoga has changed my life as well. Thank you for all you do. It’s inspiring to witness your sincere heart and dedication to your center.

I found this video through a blog and it matched what was going on in my mind about the lawsuit and this situation. I’m not pointing it at any particular person or group, but rather everyone. It’s a scene from the last Rocky movie, a conversation between father and son.

or maybe this will work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfXw-E7HUq8

A very sincere, honest testimonial, with good points about the biased report.

Thank you for this recommendation Michela nim. My favorite part is this: ‘it doesn’t matter how hard you get hit but how hard you get hit and then keep on moving’.

With this in mind I will keep growing and helping others to do the same.
Thank you Thank you Thank you

My name is Kevin Twomey, I was born and raised in Hawaii. I have held a strong interest in Healing Arts since I was a little kid. I was given guidance by my stepmother since I was 4 years old into many modalities and approaches to the Healing Process both for myself and others. I went to school in Hawaii, and after completing school I held a job in construction in Hawaii. I loved the pride of seeing hard work completed at the end of the day, the field I was in was flooring. It was challenging work and it was too much for my body so I joined a local yoga center to heal my knee’s, lower back and stomach. I had heard about this particular studio from my family. First my grandfather found out about it through a free community service lecture for seniors. He was quite impressed so he passed the information to my mother, who later passed it on to myself.
What I have found through first being a practitioner and then a staff at Dahn Center is a stability and confidence about my place in life. It started with clear improvements in my body after only practicing for 2 weeks, I remember being really impressed and surprised it actually worked that quickly. Then after some deeper searching within’ myself through education and workshops I truly felt an improvement in my relationships especially with family. Notably my relationship with my mother improved drastically, I remember we got in a simple fight on the phone and moments later I called her back to say I was sorry and this is not what I want. Needless to say, she was shocked, I was also surprised at how easy it was to take up courage for my life and not just wade around knee deep in emotions every day. After improving my health and my relationships, I was ready for more, especially in the shape of being able to help others find this seaming naturalness to life. At that time, I became a full time Dahn Instructor and made this my career of Choice which I have upheld for the past 6 years.
Of course there was ups and downs, but they were no more or less then the obstacles of each age and time in my life faced previously. The difference was that I was now in a profession that required my mental, emotional and physical well-being to be at its optimal condition consistently. By keeping this standard, I formed many new habits that were not only beneficial for myself, but really allowed me to be a person that could benefit others.

Thank you David nim- Life is great when you choose it is! Thanks for reminding me~

I have been a member of Dahn Yoga for 3 years, 2 of these years as a part-time instructor. I work at the center in the evenings after my full-time day job. I am grateful for Ilchi Lee developing educational training programs that have helped me achieve physical health, increased self-confidence, and greater mental focus.

I am employed full-time as an executive assistant with over 25 years in the administrative field. It is a job of service supporting executives with diverse personalities which requires the ability to be flexible and create harmony. Although I have been successful in my career and have raised 2 healthy children and now a grandmother of 3, I have had low self-esteem most of my life. I experienced many training programs throughout my adult life with the hope of sustaining the positive feelings I had while attending the trainings and incorporating the tools into my daily life. To no avail, I would sink back into my old habits and negative emotions.

I found a Dahn Yoga brochure that changed my life. It is Ilchi Lee, the head instructors, the Dahn Yoga centers, the trainings, the advanced trainers, and the members that has helped me let go of negative habits and emotions. Dahn Yoga is offered through daily classes within a community that supports peoples hopes and dreams. I needed this consistency in order to create lasting change.

None of the increased self-confidence and opportunities to become an instructor would have occurred if the trainings were not developed by Ilchi Lee with the hope and dream that people could experience health, happiness, and peace for themselves, for their families, communities, and the world. His enduring and unending commitment to this vision has made a difference in my life and thousands of others who have experienced Dahn Yoga. I am grateful that he had the courage, strength, and conviction to keep going when huge obstacles occurred and to this day has not given up on his vision. He has set an example as a role model; a leadership style that I can follow that continues to give me hope and courage when I encounter obstacles and want to run away.

I have taken many of the advanced trainings and have increased my participation in the center so that I can share with others the genuine care that was and still is given to me. I have found that lasting change occurs when I persevere in the most difficult times, have a community in which to share, and a vision that includes supporting others in their hopes and dreams for lasting health, happiness, and peace.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be a Dahn Yoga instructor and this opportunity to share my voice.

Today, me and other instructors and sharings about our life experiences as a Dahn Instructor and how they overcame hardships during their time. It was very encouraging to hear the sharings fromf my seniors. I was so happy after our sharings.

It must have been a powerful conversation. I feel so proud of myself and of all the other instructors who have overcome hardships to keep listening to their inner voice. I am truly proud of myself for doing that!!!! Because of that feeling, I have peace inside no matter what. I feel very lucky :@) to have this community and training.

Today I taught “wooden pillow” class. This class was my favorite as a member and my favorite to teach.

Everytime…someone allows the tears to run down their face and let go of what they’ve been holding onto. So much healing energy circulated in the room.

They sincerely thanked me with their big open hearts. Members LOVE wooden pillow, lets keep giving them more of what they want:)

I love you:))))

You touched the really important things and my heart is deeply touched by your heart and wisdom. Yes, you are right. We should open our eyes widely and open our mouth truthfully. Let us let the world know the reality of Dahn Yoga and our beautiful heart. I love you.

I have been doing this training for 14 years now. WOW!!!
Sometimes I ask myself “what am I doing HERE?” When I ask myself any questions, I wake up again and focus on my members and pay attention to my growth. Life is about choosing. What am I choosing now?

I am choosing Dahn and my growth, all the time. Whatever I choose, it will be me and mine.

I have been choosing Dahn Yoga and Ilchi Lee as my teacher for the last 14 years, every year, every month, every day, every hour… I have been choosing my self in the same way.

I am so grateful Ilchi Lee, my teacher, and Dahn Yoga for this opportunity to choose my self again and again. He and Dahn yoga helped me a lot which I can not describe with words. I changed my conditions alot and still am changing and improving myself.

I love my teacher, Ilchi Lee.
I love my members here and there.
I love Dahn Yoga and all kinds of Dahn training.
I love myself very much.

I love you too. 😉

Please come to me.
Please come to us.
Please come to Dahn Yoga.
Let’s practice together.
Let’s do good deeds to people with beautiful and open heart.

warm peace to all of you from my heart.


Your sharing touched my heart. Thank you for your wonderful healing energy which flows from your sharing, that I feel. EACH individual, member or instructor, is coming to this voice field and making ONE big voice which is GRATITUDE, LOVE, HOPE AND OUR BEAUTIFUL FUTURE. Thank you again and again. I love you. 🙂

It is true.
I also got lots of benefits.
I am much more peaceful now.
Thanks dahn yoga.

Thank you for your sharing! You spoke out what I want to say from my heart.

I gain more power & strengh when I practice dahn martial art…I love dahn mu do!!!

I can hear how much Dahn Yoga has helped you through your words. Thank you for sharing them and I hope that the benefits keep growing for you.

Thank you for your sharing. It is very inspirational to hear someone who has been with Dahn for such a long time saying that you make it that long by consciously choosing your growth every moment for 14 years! That is incredible!!

Thank you! I love you~!!

Thank you for sharing! You make it so simple — you’re just choosing to become a person who really values and improves his mental, emotional, and physical well-being. I am so happy for you 🙂

Thank you, your sharing has opened my eyes to see the kind of people that really work hard for my home country, America. If it weren’t for all the many people who’ve come to the U.S. looking to make the world a better place and fighting for what they believe is right, there would be no hope. So I thank you, for giving me hope for myself so I can work as hard as you to make this world a better place, for all humanity.

I want to share about my parents and other Dahn Yoga instructor’s family members.
I have been running a center for about 6 years now. During that time, my own parents have been extremely supportive. They have come to various workshops and events just to support me, and visit me at the center often. We have all grown to love and appreciate each other even more than we ever did — I have found that I can express my love freely to my parents without any pains of the past causing any barriers between our hearts. My parents continue to become more and more beautiful in my eyes.
And more than that, I have done healing with many mothers, husbands, sisters, daughters and brother-in-laws of my my fellow instructors.
So what I want to share is that the Dahn Center is truly designed to be a Healing Family community and I have seen it and experienced it first – hand. When we all grow and heal and share that with those we love, alot of healing happens between us. It has been wonderful to bring my parents along this healing journey with me, as much as they want to walk it, and to see others doing the same.

Thank you.


That sounds great. Isn’t it wonderful that we are connected deeply with people. We can share and encourage and have respect for each other. That is hard to find in the world these days.

Thank you Becky! I can truly feel your heart! Let’s keep going together!

Thank you for such beautiful sharing! I am happy to know this story of your family!

I will choose HOPE.
That is the only way that I can live and develop my value.
How about you?
What are you going to choose?

I will choose that I love YOU.

My mother-in-law had complained about pain in her lower back for a long time. After a few accidents it became unbearable. When she visited her doctor he was in shock from her X-Ray – one of the vertebras was cracked. Doctor suggested staying in bed for 3 months and taking pain killers. I asked my mother-in-law if I can take a look at her back and offered a healing. She decided to try. I visited her about 8 times on a twice/week basis. First she was very skeptical and didn’t believe there will be any change, but after our 2nd session she realized she could get up from the bed much easier. After the 3rd she stopped taking pain killers and after the 8th she felt fully recovered. Now she is a big fan of healing session! Thank you Dahn Yoga and Ilchi Lee, without you I won’t be able to help.

the history of the settlement of this continent is one of injustice towards non-white people. here is yet another example.

It’s great!!!

Thank you for your sharing.

Thank you for your insight and heartful sharing.

Dear Marina, You have spoken beautifully and honestly. You hold CNN accountable and clearly state what Dahn Yoga means to so many of us. Thank you.

Way to go Marina! You give so much to everyone around you!

Dear Ms. Rodriguez,

As a viewer of CNN for several years, I feel serious diappointment regarding your broadcast of Dahn Yoga and its founder, Ilchi Lee. What has happened to the broadcasting network we have all relied on til now? Are you falling into sensational journalism?

I have been a Dahn student/instructor for 3 months short of 10 years. As an instructor and owner of my own yoga center, I have watched my students, all ages and abilities, conquer their stress, grow their health and upgrade the general management of their well being. They have changed the quality of their lives as family members, as colleagues and as general members of the community. As a student, myself, I witnessed my own growth and the incredible improvement of my health.

I therefore strongly recommend that you air informative, fair and well rounded documentation for your viewers; especially for our younger generation. We rely on you to make appropriate decisions and to provide reliable information; information that is going to bring health, happiness and productivity to the world.

As a once reputable network, you can revive your ethics and integrity. You can portray people and their endeavors as they really are. The choice is yours!

Mary, thank you for sharing the story of your path in Dahn ~~ it’s so inspirational and comforting!

The world would denifitely be a better place if everyone chooses love. I choose to love everyone. Thank you

I just finished a wonderful class this morning with such wonderful members! They are becoming more healthy and happy by the minute! : )

Today we shared about hope in the world through our training. We talked about how when we open ourselves and be free and happy, then the world around us can change. We talked about just simply smiling at people can make the world a better place.

We made a promise to do our best to smile and be happy, even in this tough world! : )

Thank New Jersey members!
I love you so much!

After class today, I realized that so many miracles happen. One member who has MS was able to just walk without any caution. She was so happy after the Yoga class. Today is a very fulfilling day.

I like to share as well that my life has changed in many positive ways since I’ve become a member and an instructor at Dahn Yoga and I have been able to even help others to cope with their pains and heal themselves.

Today all the members took time out of thier busy schedule to sit down for tea after the class. I think this time is so precious for them and I’m happy that we are able to provide it. It gives them a chance to share their hearts with people who will actively listen and care and also a chance to be that supportive open ear when it’s thier turn to listen. Yoga class is about so much more than getting physically fit. It is food for the body, soul and mind.

Thank you Durango Center Members!!!!

I just finished a private introductory session with a visitor who has many physical issues. During the session she came to know more about her conditions and reasons why she had those conditions so far. I explained about “water up fire down” principle for health and taught low abdomen tapping exercise and intestine exercise. She signed up one year membership. She will start her class tomorrow morning. Whether CNN twisted the truth, people still come to us and love us, Dahn Yoga, HSP Yoga (health, smile, peace). Thank you for all our members. I love you ALL. 😉

Thank you for your sharing.
I hope this world listen why we respect Ilchi Lee.

Yesterday I shared my healing experience through Brain Wave Vibration training. After early morning Brain Wave Vibration training, my headache was gone and I got rid of my cold. This morning, I watch my body more carefully and I want to share more detail about my Brain Wave Vibration training experience. For me, the whole training is a vibration process. I felt some vibration in parts of my body as long as the music was on. After I did dahnjom tapping and body shaking few minutes, I felt the heat gathered in my dahnjom and started to expand to my upper body, I awared heat in some areas more. I realized natural healing already started in my body with the heat gathering these areas where normally I feel pain or blockage. Then I just naturally started tapping my upper body and enjoying the healing process more. My whole body got into vibration and my heart was full of joy. With the feeling growing, I started to aware my brain strongly, maybe my brain was waiting for the healing process. When the music changed to Brain Wave Sound, it likes my brain taking energy shower, the brain wave sound calmed down my brain wave and clean up my negative thoughts. Deep relaxation and awareness I experienced, after my Brain Wave Vibration training. I love Brain Wave Vibration.

I am looking forward to working at the center tomorrow to be of always humble and grateful service for potential members, customers and teaching the classes. It’s always a pleasure working with the masters/instructors/members. Each and every person who comes to our door are precious and special. Let’s keep spreading positive energies and smiles.

I have been working in Dahn Yoga for more than 15 years. I have never doubted that our company is a most innocent and pure company. I used to work in Sam Sung company in Korea. I made a high salary and the company gave me many benefits matrialistically, but I felt that I was getting sick and tired.
After I found my current job, my life feels balanced materialistically and spiritually. I have more confidence about who I am, and I am so proud of my job because my sweat and efforts will go to help a lot of people who are suffering on this planet. I deeply respect the founder who has built this company with his genuine heart for me and everyone on this planet. I am completely upset with CNN news. They put together incorrect and misleading information, and have a strong intention to damage the personality and reputation of Ilchi Lee. I want to ask the anchor and reporter who said Ilchi Lee is a cult leader and stole all the money from us: “What have you done in your life except make a lot of money by spreading many untrue stories to feed yourselves and your own family, while Ilchi Lee has 20,000 instructors in 10 countries, is and building many training centers over the world to have health, wellness, and to reach to their true-selves?”
The thing makes me most upset is you put down my effort and sweat for humanity as “brain-washing”. No one has right to say this to me, not even my family.
I wish Liza and Jade could see themselves instead of judging and lying to others. I wish they would have the power and intelligence to feed themselves by succeeding in their own life, instead of trying to steal money from us.

thank you for sharing. The changes that you have gone through are wonderful testimony for the power of the program and the purpose of Dahn Yoga. To help each person become the best that they can.

Dear Sooji nim,

Thank you for all that you do. Your sincerity and dedication are an inspiration to me. Your love and compassion toward your members is something that few people are fortunate to experience. Keep up the great work! We’ll all be made stronger because of this.

Congratulations on sharing Dahn Yoga with your students. The more we share, the healthier the world will be! Thank you.

Thank you for such deep sharing and for coming to the US to introduce Dahn Yoga to us all those years ago. And thank you to all the Korean masters that willingly changed their lives, giving up what was comfortable and familiar to share Ilchi Lee’s vision.

lots of love~~

thank u!!!

thank you for sharing!!

Today I feel so much gratitude for what I do and my role at Dahn Yoga. During a healing session I feel I am truly able to help someone focus on what they want and focus on themselves. This is such a gift to give to others. I used to think the most important thing was to help people relax and while this is great (and important) through my practice I am beginning to realize the value of helping people do more than relax. The value of helping people connect with themselves and create that spark to grow themselves larger than they thought possible.

Wow! I love how dahn practice can allow you to connect with “spirit” and heal. After Tai chi class I asked members to share an awakening or what they realized. One member shared she hasn’t connected to her spiritual body like today in some time. Another member said, “I smelled roses”. I asked if she knew what that meant. She said no. Then I told her there was a spirit visiting. Her eyes became wide. She then said, “it was my father” he passed away on the 13th of this month and his birthday is tomorrow.

She smiled and thanked everyone for giving her the courage to say “she smelt roses” which meant nothing to her at the time. I love it. I love it. I love it.

Great! I think Initial Awakening is a very powerful training because this is when members first realize that their body is their own and that it is their own responsibility, not the responsibility of a doctor, dietitian or anyone else. By taking responsibility of our own bodies, we start to become more aware of our responsibilities for others, our communities and our planet.

Thank you for spending your energy and sincere heart to teach something so valuable to others.

We have former members connecting with the center expressing interests still and then we have one who signed up again after years of absence, then we have couple of new members starting classes soon and then two more possible members. Cool, let’s keep rolling…the truth prevails…

We have devoted Christian members who expressing their support in our campaign for the truth. These people really know our true mind and mission to deliver Health, Happiness and Peace to everyone regardless of their background, race or belief. I can see that the world are coming as one.

After the first year of a Master’s degree in Social Work, I was tired, lacked energy and knew I had to do something for my body. I also had a great interest in how I could integrate what I had been reading and learning about self-development into my own life and the lives of others to help create positive change in the world.

I decided I wanted to do yoga and after trying a class at the Dahn Yoga center in Burlington, Canada, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. Through the practice, I gained more energy, became stronger and more confident, and was able to manage my stress and emotions much better. I began to practice being a better person instead of just reading and thinking about it. My husband decided to try a class and became a member at the center soon after I did.

As I noticed the benefits of this approach in myself, I also thought about how it could benefit many others. As a former teacher, I had been interested in how students could better relate to themselves and others in order to gain confidence and experience success. As a Social Worker, I was counseling individuals, couples, and families and working with families of children with disabilities and mental health needs. I began to recognize the importance of the mind-body connection in people’s lives. I became a Dahn Yoga instructor, taught part-time at the center and lunchtime classes for the staff at my workplace, and was able to integrate some of the principles and practical tools into my work with clients to help them manage their stress and their lives.

As a Social Worker, I also began to realize the impact of brain functioning on people’s thinking and behavior. Coincidentally, at the Dahn center we were also talking about the brain and a system of training called Brain Education. In 2007, I became a full-time instructor at our center. That summer, I experienced the Brain Education Conference and Brain Olympiad in New York and had a glimpse of how the simple principles and practices I was learning and teaching at the Dahn Center about how to understand and make better use of our brains could be shared as an educational approach in schools and other organizations with people of all ages.

I felt the hope that Brain Education offered for individuals, professionals, families and communities. I became a Brain Education Leader and taught the Brain Education for Enhanced Learning program for children at two Dahn Yoga centers in the Greater Toronto Area. I was amazed at how the program brought out the “true nature” of each child. I didn’t really have to teach them anything—their self-confidence, their creativity, their concern for each other and for the Earth, and their ability to focus and to manage their bodies and emotions–it was all inside of them and waiting to be re-discovered. As a teacher, this is the kind of approach to education I had been waiting for. As an individual, this was the kind of positive change I wanted to see in myself and in the world.

It was because of this that I went on to work with the International Brain Education Association and am now at the University of Brain Education in South Korea doing a Ph.D. in Brain Education. After doing my Masters, I said I would never do a Ph.D. but here I am studying in a “foreign” country. I made this choice because I see Brain Education as an approach to promoting complete health and well-being for people of all ages around the world.

I believe that Dahn Yoga and Brain Education offer simple principles and practical tools that people of all ages can use to manage their body and brain health, to reconnect to themselves and to each other, and to work together for the betterment of humanity and the Earth. I believe this to such an extent that I, along with my husband, bought our center as a franchise. My husband, who is a Dahn Yoga and Dahn Mu Do instructor (similar to Tai-Chi) and a personal trainer, is currently managing the center. People come to the center for different reasons, experience different benefits, and are involved at different levels. It is intended as a place where people can achieve their goals related to physical and/or emotional health and well-being, where people can connect with themselves and others more deeply, and where people can discover the potential we all have inside.

Over the past 6 years, as a member and instructor, I have been supported by and have worked and sometimes lived with instructors who were originally from Korea. I appreciate their dedication and see them as fellow human beings who are also growing and learning and have chosen this work as their life path. I have learned a lot from them and continue to learn from those I work, live and study with. I have never been encouraged not to spend time or to cut ties with my family or friends. I have never been forced to spend money. I have taken many trainings and workshops through Dahn Yoga from which I benefited greatly.

Living and studying in South Korea has given me a unique perspective and made me realize how cultural differences may contribute to misunderstandings. These differences include: a long history of traditional approaches to individual and collective well-being and of “teachers” who share and guide others, respect for elders and for senior team members, a more indirect versus direct approach to communicating, the importance of the group versus the individual, a rigorous work ethic, and a very creative and eclectic approach to language and culture—a real fusion of the old and the new. These cultural differences due to history and location are inherent in the language and way of communicating and although they sometimes make it difficult for me to understand and to communicate well, they provide an opportunity for me to learn a lot about myself and my own culture.

I believe that this is one of the reasons Ilchi Lee developed programs such as Dahn Yoga and Brain Education—to help people to experience and relate to themselves and each other in a way that goes beyond physical and social-cultural differences, to help people to connect with their bodies, with their brains, with their “true nature”, and with the Earth.

I have met with Ilchi Lee in-person several times and experienced many of his lectures and trainings. I consider him to be a teacher, a guide, and I share in his vision for a better world and in his belief that as humans we have the potential to use our brains to fix the problems we have created. He is someone who shines a light on the true potential of everyone he meets and believes that we can create positive change using this potential together. He shares this belief as an educator, an author, a speaker, a businessman, and founder of many non-profit organizations which support the promotion of health, wellbeing, and peace in the world. He has done this day in and day out for the past 30 years despite many challenges and obstacles.

I have done 3000 bows on two occasions in preparation for different trainings. Prior to doing 3000 bows, I had done 1000 bows many times. The first time I did 3000 bows I was with one of my co-workers and we took lots of water- and bathroom breaks. The second time, my center manager suggested I split the bows over three days because things were so busy at the center. Both times, after completing the bows, I felt like I had gained a lot of confidence and that my body was lighter. Bowing is part of the culture here in South Korea and is done as part of special ceremonies or holidays or as training. I do 103 bows every day and find it is an excellent exercise for my joints and a kind of active meditation that helps me calm my mind and connect deeper with myself.

I’m glad that this situation has given Dahn Yoga a chance to explain some of the practices and terms, such as bowing, so that people can understand what they are and how and why they are done. I think this kind of information is helpful in addition to the kind of information you get from actually experiencing or doing something.

It’s true that a lot of research has yet to be done on Dahn Yoga, Brain Education and specific techniques such as Brain Wave Vibration, and maybe even bowing. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence worldwide and some research studies, mostly done in South Korea but some from the US and Japan, to support these approaches and to merit further study. I have a particular interest in building on the research that has already been done and doing more in order to help communicate the approach and its benefits and to guide program development.

I think Dahn Yoga and Brain Education as approaches that integrate knowledge about the brain and brain-related behaviors for the health, happiness and peace of humanity have the potential to be a bridge for traditional wisdom and modern science, for Eastern and Western philosophy, for alternative and mainstream approaches to health and well-being, for spirituality and science and for all of the different ways we tend to separate ourselves from each other. I believe that all human beings are seeking to contribute in a positive way and to help others do the same and that if we recognize what we have in common and use our differences in a positive way we can collectively recover the health, happiness, and peace of humanity and the Earth.

Jenny Sherwood
University of Brain Education
South Korea

I had a visitor from out of town today for a free class. I always let everybody experience first class free of charge. She is taking other yoga classes regularly in her home town, but she really enjoyed Dahn Yoga session since it helped her to connect to herself on a much deeper level. She mentioned that many other yoga classes she took felt like fitness, but Dahn Yoga helped her experience energy and spiritual awareness like she never felt before. Thank You Dahn Yoga and Ilchi Lee for helping people all over the world to connect to our true nature! I have the best job in the world as a Dahn Instructor!

Stephanie Parks Las Vegas, Nevada January 8, 2010

I have always been interested in martial arts and have practice several different types. Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Aikido, Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Tai Chi, and different types of Yoga. I became a Reiki practitioner and have worked with energy for many years. I realized something indescribable was missing for me. I didn’t feel a completeness. I could do many things physically. However, my foundation did not feel solid. My mind was not calm. I had drive, but no direction. I have had this deep desire to help people every since I was a child.

I became a police officer naively thinking I could save the world. One day, I was looking from a hill top over the city of Las Vegas, and I began to cry uncontrollably. I remember asking myself, “what am I doing? I have wasted so many years of my life, for What?” I had many material things around me. I still felt as thought I had not accomplished anything. I knew I was capable of anything I set my mind to. Why was I here? What was I to be doing with my life? I knew I had a purpose. I have overcome many life threatening moments. I was born for a reason. My job as a police officer was very stressful, and my health was becoming very poor. I had been admitted into the hospital for chest pains. I was prescribed medication, and I went home. The medication was only a mask for the pain I was in. I still had the pain, however, I was learning how to cover it up.

December of 2004, I received a Dahn Yoga brochure, and went to a center. The moment I stepped in I felt a physical release in my body. I was greeted with a warm genuine smile. I knew it was genuine because of all my years of reading people as a police officer. Police officers have a gut instinct we rely on a lot. I honestly believe this instinct has saved me from some pretty hairy situations. I began asking about their classes, and what type of yoga they taught. I was also interested in the Tai Chi so that I could quiet my mind. I was asked if I had time, and invited into the main training room. I followed asking about the yoga program. As I entered the room I remember seeing a large picture of Bell Rock from Sedona at the front of the room. I recognized Bell Rock because I recently went to Sedona and a tour guide had taken me there for a meditation. I agreed to an energy check up. The individual was very polite, and professional. Because of my Reiki background I knew what he was doing as he began to scan my body with his hands. He read me like a book. He could tell where I was holding tension in my body. He offered good advise of different exercises I could do to help heal and relax my body. As a police officer we learn how to hide our emotions, and physical pain. Very little is taught how to cope with the different violent circumstances we deal with on a regular basis. The emotional distress is stuffed, and I’ve found it to come out later as disease of my body.

I became a member, and quickly found how helpful the yoga classes were to me. At the beginning I had a hard time getting down on the ground and sitting with my legs folding across each other due to injuries I had. One of my doctors told me I was looking at a full knee replacement because of the arthritis and injury to my knee. I was in pain all of the time. Usually by the end of the day I was in so much pain. All I wanted was for the pain to leave me. Every part of my body was tight. The instructors helped me by modifying the different positions, and focusing on my breathe. They were so patient, and always offering me words of encouragement. I soon felt a big difference in how my body was much more relaxed, and I was happier. I would smile for no reason. Within one month, I stopped taking the two prescriptions I was on. I learned a bowing technique which helped me balance my hips, calm my mind, and helped me to get up off the ground easier. I took a weekend workshop called Shim Sung. It was the best decision I had ever made. It changed my life. After Shim Sung I had a deeper appreciation for everything around me. The trees and grass was greener. I had gone to the ocean many times in the past to sooth my mind. But this time, it was so remarkable. So much beauty. My family had a deeper meaning to me. I felt so much love in my heart for everything around me.

I began hiking up mountain trails, an activity I thought I’d never be able to do again because of my knee deterioration. I have been given a very precious gift. I am no longer looking at a full knee replacement.

I began teaching at the center. I knew I could help people. I really wanted to give what I had to the members at the Dahn Yoga Center. I have taken many different workshops since then. The value of them is priceless. Every workshop has built on the one before it. I was not only learning through the knowledge. I was experiencing health, and deep peace of the mind. My many years working as a police officer I had seen so many destructive behaviors, so many unhappy people. Family members killing each other. The dead bodies, the abused children, and the remorse. I knew if I could share what I had learned about the deep inner peace to as many people I could around me. If they could feel the tension release from their body, and taste the deep peace that lies within each of them. I knew then I was making a difference in the world. A person who connects with this deep peace within them can not harm another. I found my purpose. I am now a retired police officer of over 19 years of service to my community. I take no medications, and during my exit physical for the police department the doctor asked me what I had been doing because my test showed me in very good health. I told him yoga. He told me to keep it up. He said that most police officers who retire with as many years that I had on the department are in poor health, and on some kind of medication usually for their hearts. Before practicing Dahn Yoga, I visited my doctor’s office at least once or twice a year for illnesses, and respiratory infections.

I have been teaching Dahn Yoga since 2004, and I know I have had a positive effect on many people. I am now a very proud owner of a center of my own. I am making a difference in my community. I am helping others to heal themselves physically and emotionally. The district manager of the Dahn Yoga center once told me. We have two wolves inside of us. A bad wolve and a good wolve. The one that grows and becomes powerful is the one you feed. I have found my purpose. I feel complete. I know why I am here on earth. IlChi Lee has helped me find my way. I conducted an investigation on a cult during my 19 years as a police officer. This is not a cult. This is a misunderstanding due to cultural differences. I not only practice Dahn Yoga. I live it with every breath in my body because I know without it I would not be here today.

Thank you for your honest and sincere sharing.
We know what is truth. We will make everything better.

Thank you Alannim.
You are really great.

Well said! I know that all of your grateful members whom you have helped recover will see for themselves that your efforts are pure. I am so grateful for your guidance and example. Thank you, I love you!

Yes indeed, bowing meditation was the way for me to feel calmer and in touch with the beauty within, everytime I need to prepare to make a very important decision bowing has helped to obtain the answer without judgement.

When I first met Dahn Yoga, I had lost the sense of purpose in my life after a few months being a member my life totally changed I was peaceful and happy, that is the reason why I decided not only to become an instructor but to become an owner with a responsibility to extend the teachings and practices to humanity to find health,happiness and peace.

It is not easy nowadays for anybody to changed their life 360 degrees for the benefit of Humanity but there is still hope, in this case I was the hope, thanks to Dr Ilchi Lee.

Tae Sung healer

I have been a Yoga instructor for the past 10 years. I am a registered and certified Hatha Yoga instructor at the 500 hour level.

I discovered the Dahn Practice in the Spring of 2004 and became a Dahn Instructor in 2005.

While there are many benefits to all of the various Yoga practices, my experience is that the Dahn practice is the most complete – combining energy tapping (meridian opening), stretching (asana), breathing practice (pranayama), and meditation all in one carefully designed class. And, the piece d’resistance is tea ceremony at the end of class where
members are invited to share their experience so that what they have learned is more fully integrated and grounded. Personally, I find the Dahn practice to be simultaneously energizing and relaxing.

Tae Sung healer, BEST Instructor

This is the perfect growing environment for me as an instructor. It is really amazing how much feedom I have to create myself and my center the way I want to be. I am so grateful. I am very grateful for all instructors on this path with me and I am so grateful to all members who come to my center. I learn so much through you. I truly love all of you. Thank you so much!

I know this practice is what I have been searching for. And Ilchi Lee is the guide I was looking for too. I am very thankful for my spiritual growth and for finding the way to create my own destiny with freedom. Thank you!

Thanks for your sincere sharing.

Dear RS Editor,

I am writing to you as a now, former dedicated reader of Rolling Stone magazine.

In reference to the February 5th article about Dahn Yoga, I am surprised that RS would publish such a ridiculous article. It is clear that your editorial staff has no understanding about the Dahn practice; nor, does there seem to be any interest from the staff in finding out–and publishing–the many benefits that this practice holds for individuals, communities and the Planet.

Since I have first-hand experience of many things the reporter writes about, I am tempted to go item-by-item to refute the gross inaccuracies of the article. But I value my time, so I will only say that RS should have taken a cue from the experience of the Korean magazine Shin Dong Ah, which was compelled to publish a retraction of its own trashy article about the Dahn practice. What RS deserves for itself publishing such trash, would be best expressed by the vernacular. But I will leave it to our legal experts to express it, after their own manner.

Finally, as a college student, I, too, cleaned toilets–for the Roman Catholic Church. The church was located adjacent to the college campus. There is nothing special about cleaning toilets–every where there is a toilet, it needs to be cleaned. But the reporter kept mentioning about it. It shows her poor taste. It is too bad for Rolling Stone that you would allow this reporter’s ”work” to appear in your magazine. Really too bad.

John Thompson

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