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Last week I received an e-mail regarding former employee complaints about the Dahn Yoga program. I realize people are allowed to express opinions and file lawsuits for any reason. While I disagree with the information in the complaint, I would like to express my experiences as first a Dahn member, then as a member and employee.

As a Dahn member from November of 2004 to the present, I have a number of remarkable experiences. I’ve regained ¾” of the height I lost through aging. My vision improved from a 2.50 magnification to 1.25 strength. My body is riddled with arthritis, yet I am strong and flexible enough to be a Dahn instructor, teaching 5 classes per week.

I have enormous respect for the Dahn masters and trainers. As I gain physical and spiritual strength, I repeatedly set goals for myself. My Dahn masters support me by helping me look at my plans, suggesting refinements to better get what I want. Each time I realize a goal, they help me move forward to explore new objectives. As a result I live the life I always wanted. I truly feel happy, physically fit, grateful, and joyful today.

Recently, I had a car accident and received a whiplash. While I experienced some difficulty, my Doctor said I’d have been very seriously injured were I not in such great physical shape. I thank Dahn for its gifts to me.

As a Dahn employee, I have a job of teaching classes and advertising our center. As a part time employee, Dahn pays me all the wages I earn. In addition they offered me medical insurance. Since many employers exclude part time employees from medical insurance coverage, I believe Dahn is generous, going beyond the norm, in giving me these benefits.

Every experience with Dahn teachers, their trainings and programs is positive. I am continually inspired by their dedication and sincere care for me and the other members. They ensure I continue to grow in every aspect that is important to me.


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