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Patricia Lee

I started Dahn yoga June 2008 because of anxiety. I have been practicing daily for a year now. It have been a tremendous life transformation, my body felt stronger, lighter, flexible and energize. It also calm my mind and emotion, it lifts my spirit and soul and makes me feel happier and positive about things. I can now sense the energy flowing in my body. Recently, I did the 2 weekends Shim Sung workshop, it was very powerful and I was amazed how it changed me. My heart is full of love, joy & inner peace. I finally know who I am and I’m in control of my body.


Danielle Russek

I have been coming to the Dahn Center for two months. When I came I was recovering from mono and bronchitis along with mental sufferings of depression and anxiety. I have been attending classes regularly and doing weekly healing sessions. Also, after attending only one YEHA (Young Earth Human Alliance) night I decided to go to YEHA camp in Sedona. Through each of these experiences my body has begun to heal and strengthen itself, release tension, and my mind is much more clear and free of worry. I have decided to become a Master Healer this summer so that I can learn more deeply how to heal myself and maintain a healthy mind and body. I will be going back to college in the fall as a different person; stronger, more confident, and with a more positive mind.


Mary Jo Sargeant

I have been coming to Dahn for 7 years! Little by little I have experienced a deep healing inside my body, mind and soul. Little by little I have been able to change my life experience towards something I am happy with. I am able to deeply see how to move toward a more positive life style that is meaningful and alive. I know that despite my outer successes in life, I was slowly dying inside. My choices were destructive and I was emotionally weak. I still must work towards making positive choices for myself, but I am so grateful to have the tools to navigate through the ebbs and flows of my own energy flows. I am grateful to the many teachers who have sincerely listened to my woes and have been the most effective guides in my desperate search for answers. They have empowered me to choose for myself what is best for me and my family and my life.

Of course I could go into a lot more detail… I have attended many workshops that have affected me greatly: All of the internal workshops through Shim Sung, Healer School (6th term), Healing Chakra, Myung Sa Training, Dahn Mu Do School, YEHA camp, Meditation Tour. Each workshop has brought me closer to an internal awareness of myself that has had lasting influence on my ability to change my life for the better. I intend to continue exploring and practicing what I have learned to become the person I know I want to become.


Dahn Yoga My Joy My Blessing

I believe there are no accidents… I believe in the Creative Spirit of all humans and of the Universe… I believe we are all Spiritual Beings having an Earthly experience… I believe that when one is ready, the Master will appear… I had forgotten my beliefs…

I have lived many years with chronic neck pain which caused dizziness when lying down. I have been told I have hip and knee arthritis. My Mother was crippled in her later years with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Last year an added challenge surfaced around this time. I was in a state of Anxiety after several shocking and reality shattering occurrences. I had been placed on a low stress work arrangement for three months. I knew I must make some real changes in order to not only keep my employment, but to prosper as I know can be achieved in the right circumstances. I was, however, shaken and at an emotional, physical and mental low point in my life.

My daughter was in Houston for a while, as she is Happiness personified for me. She came in one day after running errands and announced that she had discovered the perfect place for me!

The minute I walked into the Dahn Yoga Center in River Oaks, I KNEW my journey back to Health and Happiness was beginning! I signed up for a year right then and there, following my Intuition and my Heart which had been laying dormant. Needless to say I was thrilled!

My first class really substantiated that I was surely in my “right place”. The enthusiasm, bright smiles and accepting attitudes of each Yoga Master was indeed another sign for my life. Master Ginny and Master Anna truly epitomized enlightened wisdom and a balanced Grace of each movement… always encouraging and engaging the class to “stretch toward their best” at that moment.

I have experienced such acceptance toward self reliance and true self healing. A harmonious balance which expands my imagination through visualizations is such a welcomed respite from the outside world. A creative rhythm with each Brain Vibration has developed my healing capacity physically, mentally and emotionally. My neck problems have essentially disappeared… something doctors and chiropractors have been unable to achieve! For me… that is a Miracle! I have a renewed sense of vitality toward Life!

I have increased my Intuitive knowledge of my body connection with my Spirit. My concentration and discipline with each class has created that balance with other important aspects of my life… my work, my human understanding and compassion, my Joy in Living Loving and Learning. I have never experienced such dedication and enlightenment toward the connection of Body, Mind and Spirit…

Dahn Yoga represents all the Goodness for Self… expanding out to Others, our Earth, our World in so many facets…seminars, weekend retreats, but mostly… creates a “Peace that Passeth all Understanding”…

We cannot share or give away what we do not have within. Dahn Yoga is opening my life to the expression of Health and a Peace of Mind which evolves from knowing I am genuinely committed to being my best self… I know unequivocally that the Glowing Energy derived from being involved with Dahn Yoga will be a Blessing for myself, others and my world…


Finding Personal Growth

I wish to take this opportunity to relate my experience with Dahn yoga over the years and why I continue to find it a vital discipline as part of my daily life. I first came to Dahn yoga approximately 4 years ago. It came at a time in my life when I felt as if I had accomplished all the goals that I had set out for myself. Curiously, my professional life was going quite well. My family life, however had taken a drastic change with a recent divorce. For many years, I had many questions about the origins of life and my position in the grand scheme of things. Most of all I had begun to realize at an early age that this world was only temporary. My chosen profession of medicine only reinforced this premise. I watched people by scientific standards, who should have survived that died and people who should have died survive. This simply reinforced my belief that life is much more than can be seen, smelled, touched and felt with our five senses. I found an ad with leisure learning, a periodical published in Houston and decided to give Dahn yoga a call.

I met my first Master, and started classes over the next month. That was the beginning for me over four years ago. Since that time, I have been to healer school, master healer school and healing chakra training. I have taken the lessons that I learned in daily class and multiple healing sessions with many Masters as well as Tao lectures and incorporated them into my daily life. I have found a greater sense of calm and peace since starting a daily practice. I have begun to feel the life force that inhabits us all and have achieved greater stamina with which to pursue my chosen profession. Furthermore. I have realized that the principles taught in Dahn yoga are a way of life and may be practiced at home, abroad with your family or by yourself, in a group setting or with just two people. Associations with the many Masters that I have come in contact with have grown my spirit immeasurably.

Words cannot explain the experience that will come to you by sincere, application and practice of these enlightened principles. I heartily recommend that anyone who is interested in achieving growth of their soul begin the practice of Dahn yoga. I would also implore that anyone who is serious about his or her personal growth pursues this for at least a year wholeheartedly before making a judgment or evaluation of the program. While some people feel the effects immediately in order to really understand the benefits and the principles. As with all good things, it takes time. It is likewise important to realize that to be a part of the Dahn healing principles you do not have to leave your religion, culture, ethics or previous experiences behind. Truth is truth, regardless of your religion or culture Dahn yoga is simply a way to help you achieve those goals, which in all probability, you already have for yourself. Dahn yoga is not for everyone but it has been helpful to me. I continue to think for myself and live my own life but it’s a much broader life now.


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