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I have been a member of Dahn Yoga for over 5 years now. From the moment I first stepped into the center I felt that something very special had been created here for me. Through this practice, I have become a changed person for the better. When I first began, I was wandering through my life day to day with no direction or passion for anything. My relationships were not satisfying because I was not in a healthy relationship with me.

Throughout my journey with Dahn, I discovered that my body was also not healthy. I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Breast Cancer. I am so grateful to Dahn for helping me to recover myself both during and after the cancer treatment. It was a long and grueling process which caused me to become extremely sick… even close to death. It was very difficult and at times I wanted to give up. I continued to come into the center for healings and this helped me tremendously to stay on a path of health and hope that I would persevere through it all.

It’s been 4 years since I was first diagnosed. I’m completely 100% healthy and I can focus on my future. Thanks to Dahn Yoga I feel strong passion for my vision and life purpose which is to keep growing by helping others.


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