Dahn Yoga Voice

Bowing Meditation

1. Nathan Guadagni, Dahn Yoga Instructor, OR

My bowing practice will vary, depending on my schedule, my goals and my personal training. Many times, I will do 21 days of bowing, or 100 days of bowing to help me to connect and focus on my goals and connect to my inner self. For morning training I like to do 21 -103 bows, depending on my daily schedule. I find that bowing with others enhances the effect and power of the bowing, and it also helps to make my routine more consistent.

When I bow, usually I feel incredibly happy and grateful. It is hard to explain where this comes from, but I feel that it is because bowing is a time that I get to connect to myself, and this is how my body shows me that it likes that very much. Many times bowing will help me gain clarity for any problems or questions that I have. If I have emotional stress or physical tension, it also helps me to regain balance. For a yoga instructor, as in any similar profession which requires an abundance of physical energy and emotional stability; to be able to manage these is very valuable.
I find that bowing is also a great way to make harmony within a team or group. When I do bowing with other Instructors, I feel more connected to them and it helps to build trust and cooperation. I have learned many lessons through bowing, without speaking a word.

2. Christie Jensen, Dahn Yoga Member, West Linn, OR

I practice bowing in my room every night before bed and in the morning when I wake up. I like to have a dim lamp on and I take my glasses off. I prefer to use a pillow for my knees during my bowing. I had an amazing experience because I heard the truth and was at the greatest peace I’d known of in a really long time. Now I have a little more trouble cutting through my preconceptions of myself, but I am able to collect my energy much more than when I first started.

I’ve noticed that my balance is starting to improve and my head feels lighter. I can breathe much easier right after completing my bows as well. I feel at peace with myself and everything around me. With a clearer mind I am able to think and talk with my true self in a way I can’t do when I am doing anything else.

3. Natalia, Dahn Yoga Member, Glenview, IL

My physical condition is much better now. My legs are more flexible. My body is stronger.
I feel more energy circulation in my body which gives me a sense of deep connection with myself and the universe. Because of my bowing I am able to experience feelings of appreciation, sincere mind, love and peace which lead me to a more balance and joyful life.

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