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I had not heard of Dahn Yoga until I came across it at a Health Fair in 2008. Not knowing what to expect I decided to try it for a month. The result was more than I ever expected, every class is different and very enjoyable. I have just started my second year.

I suffered from constant pain in my neck and back. The pain and stiffness in my back was overwhelming at morning. It was hard getting out of bed. Within the first month of classes the change in my entire body was enormous. Instantly I began to sleep better and the pain in my neck and back was gone. Now in the morning, I spring out of bed with no pain or stiffness in my back.

With Dahn Yoga I have become stronger, energized and very flexible. I look forward to my daily class; the atmosphere at the center is warm and relaxing. The teachers are wonderful, loving and friendly always giving words of encouragement. Classes are more than stretching. It’s good workout physically, mentally and emotionally while building strength and flexibility.

The benefits are enormous. Through deep relaxation I have found inner peace and have become a much calmer person. With help from the teachers I continue to build strength and flexibility. I’m glad I found Dahn Yoga and look forward to the many classes ahead.


My experience at Dahn Yoga has been incredible.

I joined a year and four months ago.

When I joined I was skeptical because I have a serious back problem, my lower back is separated in two. When I would do a bad movement or carried something heavy I would aggravate the problem and be in pain. Other than that I lived without pain. When the pain got so severe I controlled it with pain medication and I stopped moving. Last time I had a horrible pain episode around 11 years ago I was living in Corpus Christi and no doctor would be able to help me. I came to Houston to see a back specialist who told me I would need back surgery. When I went back home I took the medicines and figured out that the least I moved the least it would hurt. I was afraid that at any moment I would be paralyzed.

I weighted 180 pounds and am 5.1′ tall. After 6 years I started loosing weight. I have lost 50 pounds and kept it off. So when I joined Dahn Yoga I was very careful. I could never sit on the floor for more than 5 minutes nevertheless lying down. Since I joined I have learned to stop being afraid of moving I know how to control pain and I am not afraid of pain anymore. I have also learned what it means to do something100% and know when I give my 100% and when not. I have learned to control my emotions and thoughts. At home I do the tapping at least 5 to 10 minutes a day. I know the importance of keeping my head cool and my dangun hot and strong. I also do other exercises at home. When at work, when I get frustrated with one of my students I stbreathinghing. I am vgratefultful to Dahn Yoga. It has helped me get control of my life. I have proven myself how strong and capable of doing anything I set my mind to do.

I am still working at many things and I love that I always have something new to learn.


Kazumi Allen

My goals were to improve flexibility and control lower back pain, and I was able to achieve both objectives. Nothing happened during the first two weeks, but I noticed substantial improvements in the third week. I was able to bend my body deeper, and my severe lower back pain did not recur. Further, I had more energy and stopped feeling tired all the time. My sleep has improved as well.

What I would like to emphasize is that “miracles” do not happen without persistent, diligent work. I learned once again through the program that hard work eventually prevails. The program was very effectively helped me to establish a good exercise habit. As in my case, even if nothing happens initially, improvements will eventually occur.


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