Dahn Yoga Voice

Allergies / Asthma / Sinuses




Back Pain 







Goal Achievement 


Life Purpose 



Multiple Sclerosis


Spinal Correction 

Transverse Myelitis 

Weight Loss 

Ann G. Burgess, CSCS, Fitness-Wellness Coach

To extol the innumerable virtues of Dahn Yoga & Healing to me personally, would require several hours or a minimum of 20 bullet points! I have been practicing for two and a half years, but, within months, I lost the need for three medications, and, more than a year ago, I stopped taking the one medication I thought for sure I could never be without. I am ordinarily and consistently relaxed, happy, and look forward to each day. Whereas 10 years ago, it was common to struggle with the prospect of being really alive, in no uncertain terms, or just buttering a piece of toast. When I first started, I would feel the need for Ibuprofen, like M & Ms, in order to control the pain and inflammation in my sinuses for which I had surgery in 1993. There is nothing like this practice to keep me clear, pain-free and confident anywhere my mind and body needs to be in any given moment. With every class and workshop I take, I go deeper into myself and more sincerely outward to help as many others as I can touch in accordance with my essence or “true self,” rediscovered with great relief at the many Shim Sung Workshops I have participated in as a member or volunteer.


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