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Most people who attend Dahn Yoga classes soon report that they feel more flexible, energized, peaceful, focused, creative, motivated, confident, and emotionally balanced. They experience less or no stress, pain, and insomnia, and reduce or eliminate their medication. In addition to these benefits, others see a genuine improvement in their symptoms of diagnosed diseases.

Still others love their Dahn Yoga practice so much they go on to teach it full time.

Here at Dahn Yoga Voice you can see and hear real stories from real Dahn Yoga practitioners and instructors.

7 Responses to "Real Stories"

i have been with Dahn for 7 years. The practice has helped me profoundly an i have learned how to manage my emotions, my habits, my weight, my life in general. Every morning i wake up i am so thankful and happy because i am healthy and full of energy giving me great happiness and joy. With this i want to share this happiness and joy with others. i have learned to create real peace and actual peace by creating this peace with in my self. if i don’t have this how can i even speak about peace. With all my heart i believe this practice will help million upon millions of people. Imagine that number wanting to create peace and love for humanity on this world we live on. That would truly be the greatest thing creared and our future generation can live on a happy world knowing about peace. What a beautiful thing, i thank the fonder of Dahn yoga for all his hard work because it really helped my life and i am the happiest i have ever been in my life.

I have practiced Dahn Yoga for nearly eight years, it has helped with pain in my lower & upper back, neck, shoulders and knees. My doctor noticed an impressive change in my cholesterol; from bad highs/lows at 270 to all good highs/lows at 150 after practicing Dahn Yoga for one year.

Bow meditation was one of those practices that helped me restore my body’s natural balance, and after any number of bows, my body feels completely transformed and, any back pain is deleted, helps when my shoulder injury when it acts up and releases any tension in my shoulders.

I highly recommended the training to anyone dealing with physical issues such as mine as well as other joint problems that need a little help.

[…] Real Stories […]

Through Brainwave Vibration and Dahnmudo training at the Dahn Center I’ve experienced benefits including more energy, better sleep, less stiffness and pain, better digestion, and less anxiety.
One positive change I noticed specifically was making my hip joints more flexible. For a long time I had struggled to sit cross-legged. Only through intense stretching and exercise could I open my hip joints enough to sit comfortably, otherwise my back would start hurting.
Through practicing Brainwave Vibration in a sitting posture I noticed my hip joints becoming more flexible. Eventually my body changed completely and now it is normal for me to be able to sit in half-lotus posture without difficulty.
In addition, the openness of my hipjoints has allowed me to strengthen my legs and release tension in my back. The result has been noticeable in having fewer headaches, less shoulder and back pain, and a calmer demeaner.

Training that Heals

Dahn Yoga really works. I’ve done many seminars and workshops, because the Instructors would promise great benefits. Of course, I was skeptical. But I thought, heck why not just try it. Every time I tried another program, I would gain great benefits. So I kept taking more, and the results are amazing. I’ve been practicing for 4 years now, and my body is the healthiest and strongest it’s ever been. Everyone keeps telling me how young I seem to be getting the more I practice Dahn. My awareness has significantly increased as well. I can feel my body. My skin, my bones, my internal organs, my energy, and I know how to take care of myself. I can also watch my emotions, and check my emotional/ mental state. In fact, my relationships with my friends and family have significantly improved, because I can remove myself from the control cycle or drama that we would sometimes habitually fall into. This level of training is priceless.

Hahahahahahahahahhaahhahahaha i m good now after doing dahn yoga

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