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In the CNN “investigative report” that aired last week, I was wondering when we were going to see the ‘other side’ of the both sides that CNN promised in their teasers for the program.

As an employee of Dahn Yoga for the past 6+ years and a long time viewer of CNN I was shocked to see that the byline ‘Cult Yoga’ was being shown as an advertisement for a story about my company.
From what I understand, this story was initiated by disgruntled ex-employees many of whom are guilty of extorting funds from our company, and had made claims which were found to be untrue and dismissed by the court; therefore making this “trial by Media” there one remaining option to exact revenge.

I have practiced Dahn Yoga for nearly eight years, it has helped with pain in my lower & upper back, neck, shoulders and knees. My doctor noticed an impressive change in my cholesterol; from bad highs/lows at 270 to all good highs/lows at 150 after practicing Dahn Yoga for one year.

I appeal to CNN and their sense of good journalistic and ask that they actually make an ‘investigative report’ like they said they would have. Rather than listen to the pleas of a few lying disgruntled ex-employees, try interviewing a few of the million people who can attest to how these programs have helped them change their lives for the better and make this a story of hope, rather than of refuted conspiracy.

Wow… so much I could say about “In the Media”

Basically I’ve always wondered about the reliability of mainstream media and especially ‘the news’. But seeing these reports recently has made it crystal clear that what gets reported on the news is not the truth, it’s not even journalism. It’s more drama writing than reporting.

I say that because of the people who I knew personally while they were with Dahn, who now are suing the company.
Their own problems and personalities have been twisted and enlarged until they seem monstrous, repeated again and again like a broken record.

Of the plaintiffs whom I know, they share 2 things in common:
one- they are arrogant
two- they have a sense of victimization that stems back to well before they met Dahn Yoga.

I’m glad Dahnyogavoice provides detailed information regarding the facts of the lawsuit and the plaintiffs. It’s a shame that mainstream media chooses not to report on these facts. Because the scary story presented in TV and in the lawsuit becomes transparent when you know the facts.

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