Dahn Yoga Voice

A letter to CNN #6

Dear Ms. Janelle Rodriguez
Cc: Richard Davis, Shirley Powell, and Jonathan Klein

I am writing this note to you in anticipation of the airing of today’s show on the Cult and Dahn Yoga. As I understand it there will be three evening airings and three morning airings which will allow public to have full knowledge of what I am anticipating is a one sided piece of news since I have not heard of anyone receiving equal amount of time coming from Dahn Yoga. I realize that you have received memos from many Instructors, Practitioners and Members, please add my name to the list and I would like to trust CNN News to be the respected, intelligent reporter of news with good information.

I have been studying Dahn Yoga for Three (3) years. I am member and also an Instructor. I am also a Brain Management Consultant. I work part time for Dahn Yoga while I am unemployed. I have worked as an Electrical Designer in the Oilfield and Dredging industries.

When I started my stress levels were very high. Now I am more relaxed and focused than before. My cholesterol was over 250, even with taking medications. Now my cholesterol is between 100 and 150 without taking medication. I was overweight and had a spare tire around the waist, which the health clubs could do help me with. Now I do not have the spare and have lost 30 lbs and feel much healthier. I have had two knee surgeries and knee pain when I squatted. After special exercises I can squat without pain and set a longer period of time with legs crossed. This is just a few of the many benefits I have received from my practice.
The center instructors have helped me when I became depressed after being laid off. They have showed a great amount of love for me and other members. They have helped me become more focused. They have helped me become more flexible. They are someone I can go to when I have any problem and talk to them without being judged.

The principles and practice of Ilchi Lee has been a blessing to me. They have helped me to be better person. I do not think of only myself, I think of others when I do things now. We need more people who are like Ilchi Lee who are doing things for the earth and all human kind.

As for the lawsuit goes, more investigation needs to be done. All but one have beed dismissed and the last one will be also.

Thank you,
Richard Bingham

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