Dahn Yoga Voice

A letter to CNN #4

Dear Ms. Rodriguez,

I am forwarding the information regarding my experiences with Dahn Yoga to you for your reference purposes. I was saddened to discover that CNN had decided to air the somewhat one-sided vehicle regarding Dahn Yoga. However, I could not just dismiss my disappointment. Therefore, please review the personal facts I have delineated below and I hope they can assist you in achieving some modicum of peace with your decision.

• I spent thirty years working within one of the largest banking corporations in the world. This afforded me many opportunities to work with others of different cultures, to travel throughout the world and accumulate the monetary means to retire at age 50.
• Imagine my dismay when I discovered that those years had resulted in a cholesterol level of 225, weight of 197 (40 pounds overweight for my 5’7” frame), a size 14+ body and borderline hypertension.
• I tried many different programs with limited success and then a friend invited me to a Dahn Yoga class and I ended up joining. That was in May of this year.
• Today, I am a svelte 159 lbs, my cholesterol is at 179, I am a comfortable size 10 and best of all I can get down on the floor and play with my grandchildren. I am so flexible that we crab walk, and duck walk and they love the energy dance and brain wave vibration.

When asked what I enjoy most about Dahn Yoga it is difficult to determine just one aspect. The acceptance of all faiths, races and approaches, combined with the equality and respect extended to each, creates a wonderful learning atmosphere. I truly respect (and support) their sincere approach to working with the United Nations to eliminate hunger. The balance of spirit/mind/body achieved through the practice is core to my happiness and health. The instructors are knowledgeable, kind and eager to assist. There are so many factors that contribute to my enjoyment, choosing one is not possible.

Please don’t take my word for it, join us, every Center has open classes usually on the weekend. Be prepared. I am amused when I see healthy, young, obviously athletic people come to yoga for the first time and watch their astonishment as they began to sweat and realize they may not be in quite as good a shape as they thought. No worries, you are in the right place, helping you to gain health and happiness is what Dahn Yoga does. I sincerely pray that my experiences will assist you in gaining a broader understanding of Dahn Yoga.


Mary Hill-Jensen

Cc: Richard Davis
Shirley Powell
Jonathan Klein

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