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A letter to CNN #3

Dear Ms. Rodriguez,

I have become aware that CNN intends to run a negative piece about
Dahn Yoga – stating it is a cult. I am very curious why you feel this way
and what factual information you have to susbstantiate this claim.

I have been a Dahn Member for 4 years and I have not seen any ‘cult’ or
‘cult like’ activity. I heard the negative information before I joined Dahn Yoga.

I watched carefully every day for anything that might indicate such a thing
as a cult.

There are various definitions to the word ‘cult’ none of them fit or apply to
Dahn Yoga (DY). It is a business. It is NOT a religion, NOT secluded from society,
NOT a manditory direction of how to believe or act, NOT mind controling.

DY is a business that hires people and pays taxes, and has many locations in plain view.

DY is NOT a religion however embraces all religions and all people.

DY does NOT try to seclude members from their families, their religions, or society,
DY does work to make individuals healthy, happy and peaceful.

DY does NOT have a direction of how to believe or act,
DY does embrace the person and wants them to be responsible for theirselves,
their families, and their community.

Definately NOT a cult. Please read :

“In our modern world of the new millennium, the word “cult” has become largely overused and is now a catch-all for any group, religion or lifestyle which someone doesn’t understand, or with which they happen to disagree. This is a dangerous trend, as many of the organizations labeled a cult by dissidents are truly legitimate groups. Once the taint of the term “cult” is applied to a particular group, it is often difficult to change that image to the public.”
Dahn Yoga is a business, a business of helping people not controling people. None of the above applies
to DY. Please read :
“To avoid careless labeling which could be harmful to a group and its adherents, it is important to know just exactly what a cult is, and how it is defined. A cult, by modern standards, is any group that incorporates mind control to deceive, influence and govern its followers. Although most people think of cults as being religious, they can also be found in political, athletic, philosophical, racial or psychotherapeutic arenas. ”
Please do not label Dahn Yoga as a cult without speaking to the many active members and
further research. You need to be responsible for the information you produce, make sure it
is 100% acurate. Ilchi Lee has done much for the improvement of humanity. Search the facts.
I am Lori Lyons a business owner and also a Dahn Yoga member. I personally have had
many positive experiences with DY that has greatly improved my life. I am 56 years old
and will recommend DY to my family and friends and business associates without any

Best Regards,
Lori Lyons

1 Response to "A letter to CNN #3"

Such a clear explaination.
I’m curious too why CNN keep calling dahn yoga as a cult.
You’re great.

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