Dahn Yoga Voice

A letter to CNN #2

Dear Ms. Janelle Rodriguez
Cc: Richard Davis, Shirley Powell, and Jonathan Klein

I am writing this letter to you because I am a fan of your news channel and I would like to tell you my opinion about what Dahn Yoga means to me.

My name is Lauren Brown. I’ve been practicing Dahn Yoga for 4.5 years. I’ve been working at the center for about 3 years. The amount of healing that I experienced through Dahn Yoga is truly a miracle. Although, I always had high goals and intentions in my life, I had a lot of difficulty before I found Dahn Yoga. Most of my earlier life, I was very positive, very happy, and did very well in school but when I was in college (Reed College), I experienced severe depression. My brain seemed to shut down. I couldn’t function the way I used to. I couldn’t focus; I was in constant fear, I couldn’t remember things very well and I felt totally disconnected from the person I had been before. It was so severe that I was afraid to leave my house. I thought I might never get better. I couldn’t find anyone that could help me. I tried medication but it made me worse. By uncanny luck did I stumble upon the Dahn Center and I feel so fortunate to have actually found a way that worked for me to recover through Dahn Yoga. I can’t imagine how I could do something great or how I could create something beautiful in this world without Dahn Yoga, without having a brain that was working properly.

Miraculously, after about 1.5 months of Dahn training, I didn’t feel depressed anymore. The mononucleosis that I had had for 4 months was gone after two weeks. I had a lot of further purification. Earlier, I had also been diagnosed with disassociation but thankfully through deep healing training, I could come back to myself and feel grounded in the world. Another health problem I experienced was pre-cancer cells in a severe amount. The purified energy cleared them out so that I did not have to have surgery. A few months later, my lifestyle was seriously limited by a nerve disorder (Vulvadynia). The healing practices of this organization helped me to heal myself so I could feel normal. Recently, I did a scan of my brain. Amazingly, it shows absolutely no effects of the drugs I abused in high school a college and I did an unusually large amount of drugs at that rebellious time of my life. Also, so thankfully, I no longer have depression or disassociation. I feel very excited about life and feel that there are so many options and possibilities for me to explore with passion.

I am so excited to create my life. Even as a young child, I saw everything that I interacted with as a kind of representation of the miracle of life. Growing up and also now, I want to understand more deeply what that means. Through Dahn Yoga training, I have experienced that profound connection and oneness in a very meaningful way. I really want other people to feel that kind of connection to themselves and others. That is why I believe Dahn Yoga to be a very helpful thing for creating a healthy, happy, and peaceful world.

CNN has helped me keep up to date on the important happenings of the world throughout my life and I am very grateful for that. I hope that you can look at this story fairly and see the good in an organization which is helping a lot of people. I really believe that the Dahn Yoga Organization is positively benefiting the world in many important ways.

Lauren Brown

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