Dahn Yoga Voice

A letter to CNN #1

January 5, 2010

Dear Ms. Janelle Rodriguez
cc: Richard Davis, Shirley Powell, and Jonathan Klein

I am submitting this letter in reference to the Dahn Yoga piece you will be airing tomorrow. I would like to express my sincere hope that you present a newsworthy piece that shows the positive beneficial side of practicing Dahn Yoga and not just the disgruntled past employee side.

I am a wife, mother and successful business owner who has been operating a business for 25 years in the Phoenix, AZ area. As any business owner knows, stress is part of the owning your own business. I was looking for a yoga studio where I could practice yoga and relieve the tremendous amount of stress in my life. I found that when I walked into a Dahn studio over three years ago. My life has completely changed for the better since practicing this energy based form of yoga. I handle the stress of running a business much better, my family if much happier and most importantly, I have found happiness and peace for myself. This is a direct result of the wonderful instructors and the teachings of Ilchi Lee. I am thankful for finding this as many others are also.

I ask that you reconsider broadcasting this negative piece. Please don’t let a few past employees looking for an easy way to collect money tarnish this organization that is based on the principle of healing humanity and this earth. This is an opportunity for CNN to step up in all the negative information that is exhaled into the public and show the benefit of this practice to heal.

Thank You,

Chris Risner
Vice President
Silverado Painting Contractors, Inc.

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