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Julia Siverls’ Tragic Hiking Accident

Dahn Yoga Statement on Julia Siverls’ Tragic Accident

The death of Dr. Julia Siverls was an unfortunate hiking accident and a tragic loss. What started out as a simple claim was blown out of proportion big when the lawyer for the plaintiffs created sensational claims in order to press for a large sum of money.  He claimed that Dahn Yoga was a cult, that Dahn Yoga had drugged Dr. Siverls and forced her to go on a long hike in the desert with 40 pounds of stones in a backpack and very little water.  He also claimed that several Dahn Yoga affiliates and the founder were also responsible and sued for $84 Million.  After several investigations the Sheriff’s report revealed no criminal activity and no signs of foul play.  The county coroner’s report also revealed that there were no drugs in Julia’s body.  There is no basis to the claims that she had been denied food or water and carried a backpack full of large stones.  Julia’s diary revealed how much she loved Dahn Yoga and that she was not forced to participate in any training.  The case was dismissed and there was a customary insurance settlement.  This story should not be news, but it seems that the plaintiffs’ lawyer did not get the payoff he expected and has become a sour grapes critic of Dahn Yoga.

Legal Documents

Sheriff’s Report

Coroner’s Report

2 Responses to "Julia Siverls’ Tragic Hiking Accident"

[…] Julia Siverls’ Tragic Hiking Accident […]

What a shame, I heard the woman’s family had made peace with Dahn Yoga about the event until a lawyer pressed them to file a lawsuit for the money at the last moment…

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