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Jessica ‘Jade’ Harrelson’s Sexual Assult Claims

About Jade Harrelson and her Assault Claim

We provided the reporter with information which points out that Jade lied in her statement to the court, we pointed out that Jade’s stories are not only inconsistent with what witnesses tell us, but also with her own statements. For instance, Jade had previously stated to the court that she was trapped and alone in Korea without money and could not report to authorities or file a claim on her alleged assault until she returned to the US in 2008. The Motion to Reconsider and its Exhibit show Jade’s online chatter about herself and her life during that time. We know that Jade was living with her boyfriend and eventually married him. We also learned, she travelled extensively during that time to China, Japan and the US. She doesn’t sound so trapped and she doesn’t sound so broke. So why didn’t she tell the truth to the court? She did. After the Motion for Reconsideration was filed. Jade and her attorney filed an Amended Complaint which tells a different story, including that Lucie paid for Jade’s return to the US.

Jade’s Lies

We also know that Jade has a history of talking about her sexual experiences, often, not true and many people speak of her previously wearing a red ribbon around her neck, identifying herself as a victim of sexual assault. Also, before she went to Korea witnesses confirm that she had scars on her wrists from cutting herself, even though she says in the complaint that she began cutting herself after her alleged assault. Finally, in her online chatter she mentions several assaults of a sexual nature while she was in Korea, but made no reference to the alleged assault that is part of the claim in the lawsuit.

Legal Documents

Motion for Reconsideration

Exhibit to Motion

9 Responses to "Jessica ‘Jade’ Harrelson’s Sexual Assult Claims"

Jade. Shame on you. Stop liying.

She is insane.

It’s all about the $$$!

Jade, shame on you. You must stop liying.

Jade, it is time to burn your karma. If not now, when?


Jade, KARMA… good luck with it.

She is crazy….

Take a look at those who actively describe themselves as victims. This is not a condemnation of those who have been abused, offended, or hurt in some way. This is about those who actively promote themselves with a victim identity to get attention, money, sympathy, or any other reaction. Be careful of those people who try to convince you of how they have been victimized, by whom they have been victimized, and how there was nothing they could have done. Be careful about taking care of these people, accepting their story and feelings, because soon enough, if you remain in a position of authority or power in relation to them, you may end up being accused of the very same thing that they came to you complaining about. If you want to help someone who complains of being victimized, help them overcome their sense of victimization.

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