Dahn Yoga Voice


Dear Ms. Janelle Rodriguez,

I am writing to you with regard to the airing of the show about Dahn Yoga. I came upon Dahn Yoga at a time of my life when I had come to realize that it was time for a major life change. I was a 17 year veteran of corporate America. I had worked in various leadership positions for a major defense contractor. I had completed the goals and lessons I had set out to complete on taking the job and was now ready to change careers and pursue my dream. I was researching careers in the natural healing arts when I encountered Dahn Yoga. If anyone thinks that making a major career shift in midlife from a prosperous position is easy, then I would ask if they ever tried it. It is not easy to step out into the unknown at a time of life when you have responsibilities. I had quietly made that decision when I encountered Dahn. I found that the practice helped me relieve stress and connect better to myself; thereby, allowing me to maintain my center and perspective.

After enrolling in a school for Chinese medicine, I came to understand the practice more deeply. After studying under Tai Chi and Chi Gung masters outside of Dahn, I came to understand Dahn as an authentic mixture of Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Chinese Yoga, and other yoga. The movement stays true to the traditions it is derived from. It is healing because it was developed by the ancient masters to be a healing art. So, it is not surprising that it works. As practitioners go deeper into the ancient healing arts, they enter into a time of self discovery through movement. This was traditionally reserved for the few chosen ones. Dahn has made it available to all those that want to try it. Some of the discovery is done using games or exercises not unlike what is experienced in some pockets of corporate America. I know because I experienced that sort of training in my former profession. Other training is merely guided, but never forced, physical training. Standing still while pretending to hold a beach ball in your arms for 10 minutes, or however long you chose, may not be easy, but it is not torture. It can be a fun challenge, depending on your perspective. In fact, that is true of life in general. Only, with Dahn, you can gracefully drop your beach ball and walk away at any time. There are no repercussions beyond what we create for ourselves.

I hope you will see the beauty in this ancient practice – like I have. It has given me strength and purpose. I know now that I will live my life well. I will be a good example for my loved ones. If anyone ever tells you that this practice tore apart their family, then please recognize that they have deeply misunderstood. To be in the Tao means to achieve universal harmony. My family has become stronger and more peaceful through this practice. This practice is meant to discover the wisdom of the ancients through experience – not negate it.

Renee Yazdi.

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