Dahn Yoga Voice

A letter to CNN #22

January 5, 2010

To: Ms. Janelle Rodriguez, Executive Producer of the Campbell Brown Show
Cc: Ms. Shirley Powell, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications
Mr. Richard Davis, Executive Vice President of News Standards and Practices
Mr. Jonathan Klein, President of CNN/U.S.

Dear Ms. Rodriguez:
I am writing to you in anticipation of your upcoming show about Dahn Yoga. As I understand it, there will be a series of three episodes aired this week and from the series title and the trailer I saw last night, I am anticipating an entirely one-sided report. I realize you have probably received memos from many Dahn Yoga Instructors, Practitioners and Members – please add my name to that list of concerned citizens who would much prefer a truthful, intelligent and balanced presentation.

I have attended Dahn Yoga classes and workshops for about 18 months. I am an Outreach Instructor who also maintains a household with my husband of 33 years. I have spent many years living the life of a successful wife, parent, businesswoman in the field of marketing, filmmaker, and now as an Instructor of Dahn Yoga.

Dahn Yoga – the uplifting classes, the kind and skillful teachers, the truthful yet practical principles and the supportive training centers – have helped me to make important and positive changes in my physical health, to strengthen my relationships and to realize my wish to make positive contributions to our society. I am a Dahn Yoga instructor because I want to give back to and be of service to my community.

Eighteen months ago before I started Dahn Yoga, I took three prescribed medications daily, attended psychotherapy sessions multiple times per week and had frequent medical-related expenses. None of these expenses are necessary today because of the stress management abilities Dahn Yoga helped me to develop. After just three months of classes, I was comfortably off all the medications and now I rarely even need an over-the-counter pain reliever for my arthritis. My relationship with my husband is stronger than ever and he supports my Dahn Yoga training and teaching activities because he recognizes the benefits they have brought to me, to him and to our relationship.

My concern about potential unbalanced reporting by your organization is that people who might benefit from Dahn Yoga or other similar methods of stress management and personal growth, might shy away due to slanted, and in some cases erroneous, reporting. Please don’t let a need for drama and ratings replace your responsibility for accurate reporting.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Patricia A. Pecorella
Pecorella & Associates, LLC.

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