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A letter to CNN #12: Sick at heart that CNN has chosen to take such a negative stand on such a positive organization


My name is Maxine Wagoner and I have been member of Dahn Yoga since December 2008. I am a dental assistant and have been for over 30 years. I have always been active and healthy. In September of 2008 I had some strange health issues that my physician could not explain. She suggested I monitor my blood pressure for 3 months and then we would talk about medication to treat my symptoms if nothing improved. I have always tried to avoid medications and decided to look for an alternative to help myself.

That day I had a brochure on my door from my local Dahn Yoga Center. In the brochure was a testimonial from a lady who had a similar health issue to mine so, I called and set up an evaluation. Upon entering the Center, I was warmly greeted and felt very comfortable. The evaluation was efficient and all my questions and concerns were answered with sincere honesty. I decided to take a class and see if yoga would be something I would enjoy enough to get the health benefits I was looking for. I also wanted to decide if it would be something I could stick with for 3 months.

The first class was fun and really gave me a sense of increased energy. Therefore, I joined for 3 months. Before the end of the 1st month I knew I wanted to do Dahn Yoga for life! I was renewed with increased energy, lower blood pressure, I grew 1/2 inch, lost weight, and my symptoms were gone. I had more tolerance for my family and co-workers and was much more focused at work and at home.

Since then, I have been to several workshops and programs here and in Sedona, Arizona. I have always felt grateful for the people who give selflessly and made my experience their top priority. I have gained so much more harmony in my life and have found that I have the ultimate control over my life and how I choose to live. I have never been given any advise or information that was contrary to my own values or beliefs. I have said no to certain offers and no one pushed me or made me feel wrong or bad about it. I have not always been able to do some of the exercises exactly but no one has ever forced me to do anything I could not do.

I am sick at heart that CNN has chosen to take such a negative stand on such a positive organization. It is with real disappointment that I write this letter because it shows me that the CNN reporting is so much more motivated by the bad and negative because of the misconception that the American public prefers bad news to good news. I represent the America that would love to see something that gives people hope and encouragement instead of despair and nightmares.

It is my understanding that a person previously employed by Dahn Yoga is disgruntled and spreading untruths about the organization as a whole and is being given several days of air time on Campbell Brown’s Mash Up. Does CNN plan to give equal time and consideration to the response from Dahn Yoga?

I am waiting to see what is portrayed in the interview with the plaintiff and still hoping that you will let representatives from Dahn give their response with equal time and respect.


Maxine Wagoner, Lakewood, CO.

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