Dahn Yoga Voice


January 5, 2010

Dear Ms Janelle Rodriguez
cc: Richard Davis, Shirley Powell, and Jonathan Klein

I am writing this note in anticipation of the airing of today’s show on the Cult and Dahn Yoga. I understand that there will be several airings to help give the public full knowledge of what I am anticipating will be a one sided piece of news judging by the lead advertisement. I just have not heard of anyone receiving equal amount of time coming from Dahn Yoga. I realize you may have received memos from many Instructors, Practitioners and members, please add my name to the list and know that I do trust CNN News as my main source for “fair and honest reporting”, “keeping them honest and “no bias, no bull” approach to the business of news reporting.
I have been studying Dahn Yoga for just five months now coming from a varied spiritual, discipline background including Christianity, martial arts and Taoism. Dahn Yoga philosophy and teachings have taken this background, integrated it with my life of a father and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) remarkably well. I am emerging through some the most difficult and stressful period of my life (I hope) and could not imagine keeping my head held high without the help and practice of Dahn Yoga.
Besides my personal life, what’s even more exciting is the growth in my anesthesia practice. I mostly practice obstetric anesthesia, dealing with patients during a real time of need. I have been an RN for almost 20 years, anesthetist for 11 years and knew that despite the external looks of growth, i.e material things, caseloads; there must be a way to grow and continue to grow. With the help of Dahn Yoga I have found that balance, integration and integrity. I love taking care of my patients. The more they need assistance, the more I am able to assist. Aside from the necessary anesthesia/nursing skills, I am able to be there for my patients realizing that ten years down the road there will be more than a medical record standing; there will also be the meaning of that human to human connection.
My children are being taught about their brain and body at home, connecting the two, from the things I take from Dahn Yoga class to my every day life. I have a greater awareness of them as they are becoming more aware of themselves, others and the world around them. I have always been healthy and fit in the body. With Dahn Yoga I am becoming healthy and fit in the mind too. I consider myself educated, becoming an RN at age 20, an anesthetist at age 28 and still looking to do more schooling. This is what Dahn Yoga, teaching and philosophy means to my life.
Ilchi Lee’s principles and practices, the amazing instructors I have had, and the business aspect as a patron have all been to the highest honesty and integrity allowing me this personal growth under their banner. Having been grudged for my income level and individuality, I am well aware of the unjust damage this lawsuit I am coming into a knowledge of can do. My hope is that all will seek the truth of the matter and for allegations to not be catapulted over a void and treated as “evidence.”
Sincerely yours,

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