Dahn Yoga Voice


To Whom it May Concern,
My name is Robyn Smith, and I am a member of the Harbor Steps Dahn Yoga Center. I have been practicing Dahn Yoga for more than 3 years. I came in to the center a stressed-out, overweight wreck of a human being, and am now a relaxed and happy person who weighs 20 pounds less than I did 3 years ago, and am no longer taking medications for high blood pressure or osteoporosis.
My instructors have been caring, inspiring and motivating. I do not worship Ilchi Lee, the founder of Dahn Yoga and its related programs, but I do admire his 30 year body of work and his determination to keep moving forward despite obstacles in his path and criticism of his work. No one has told me what to believe; they have only told me what they, themselves, believe, and how the programs have facilitated their personal growth.
Dahn Yoga and the related programs, particularly Brain Education and Dahn Mu Do (a martial art similar to Tai Chi) are personally empowering. In classes, we are repeatedly taught and reminded to focus on ourselves, not on what others believe. The strength the practice has given me helps me filter out useful advice from unreasonable requests, and the confidence to say. “No!” when I feel too many constraints on my energy, time, or finances. The choice is always mine.
I work for a major metropolitan newspaper, and have a Bachelor of Arts degree in editorial journalism. I know how information can get spun so that TV stations, newspapers, and radio stations try to attract readers with scary words like “cult” and sensational stories about a few disgruntled members.
I feel that the story presented on Campbell Brown’s show did not adequately present both sides of the issue behind the pending lawsuit, and the reporter conveniently left out information that would have resulted in a more objective, albeit less sensational and “entertaining,” story.
I hope CNN will do some more research and come forward with a fair, balanced, and accurate follow-up account of Dahn Yoga, one that will highlight the positive aspects of the program.

Thank you,
Robyn Smith

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