Dahn Yoga Voice


In response to your article “Lawsuit calls yoga chain a cult”, I hope to provide your station with a report of the good results I have experienced in my over five years as a Dahn Yoga practitioner/instructor. Trusting that CNN is interested in balanced news stories, I sincerely offer my experiences here.
Before I started my practice over five years ago, I suffered from generalized anxiety, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and Reynaulds Syndrome (strictures in the blood vessels of the fingertips that make the fingernail beds turn blue, causing very miserably cold hands). In general, my whole body was uncomfortably cold, especially in the winter. Within a year of starting the classes, I became calmer and my circulation improved dramatically. My husband was so amazed by my results, especially feeling warm, that he joined the program, too.
However, that is not all! Because of the great benefits I experienced, I trained to be a part-time Dahn Yoga Instructor in order to share my good fortune with others. Through my teaching experiences and other Dahn Yoga opportunities, I have become more confident and peaceful. In turn, all of my interpersonal experiences have become so much richer and rewarding. I also feel at home in this organization where the Dahn Masters are sincere and dedicated and the founder, Ilchi Lee, is a giant among humanitarians in today’s world.
It tears at my heart to see such a valuable organization undergo scrutiny for what I believe are unfathomable allegations.

Pat Markel, member at Orland Park Dahn Yoga Center, Orland Park, Illinois

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