Dahn Yoga Voice


To: Ms. Janelle Rodriguez
Richard Davis
Shirley Powel
Jonathan Klein

From: Anne I. W. Keamo
Lifetime Member of Dahn Yoga
Memo: It is very disheartening to hear and read about the alleged accusations of a very strong organization whose sole intention is to have its members obtain good health, happiness and peace through exercise, meditation, and fellowship.
After attending an orientation workshop to see all of the different programs Dahn Yoga provides, I joined in less than a week as a lifetime member and the results of approximately two years of attendance has been really well worth the time and money. It is the way of life for me since the programs are helping me maintain my physical make up — stretching muscles and giving insurmountable energy to work with less stress and more patience.
In addition, I must not forget to mention the teachings of the founder Il Chi Lee who has provided beautiful centers and a museum in Arizona to give us members an opportunity to have a place to be away from the busy lives that we live and have a chance to find our “true self” through meditation. It helped me be a catalyst to my family, friends, business associates and all new contacts
I joined to cure my lower back problems but in return, I have been really blessed with the help of many seasoned instructors in the Aiea Center (Master Lucky), Honolulu Center (Master Ahn, Master Kevin, Master Il Chibuko, and Master Chun) and also in Sedona. I cannot live without this organization which I have seeked and obtained.
In conclusion, I would like to say that this organization is very professional and I would like to see the allegded accusations dismissed

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