Dahn Yoga Voice


Dear Janelle,

This evening I watched the report CNN did on Dahn Yoga. I felt the report was unfair and filled with false innuendos. I have been a Dahn Yoga member for the past two years. I am not gullible or brainwashed. I am a Master degreed teacher, and have taught thirty-five years. I was recently voted my school’s most outstanding teacher by my colleagues. Am I a cult member, as well? Absolutely not! But, I do have more vitality, flexibility, happiness, and stamina because I practice the centuries old Asian yoga techniqes taught at my Dahn center every day.

At my center, our truly sincere and committed instructors’ beliefs and work ethics are never obscured from members. Surely, the adult, highly educated individuals that are suing Dahn Yoga knew about the rigorous responsibilities of being employed by this company before they became instructors. They could have quit their jobs at any time. It is apparent that the sensationalized allegations stated in the lawsuit were made by immature, misguided, and manipulative individuals out to make some money. They made choices they came to regret, and now want others to pay the price for their own financial and childish follies.

Despite CNN’s unethical and unbalanced story tonight, I will continue attending yoga classes at Dahn. I wholeheartedly respect and support Dahn Yoga.


Norma Valencia

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