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Brain Wave Vibration is an essential technique in Ilchi Lee’s Brain Education System Training (BEST), a self development system with many exercises and workshops organized into a five-step process. Brain Wave Vibration’s strength lies in its accessibility. It can be performed by almost anyone in any posture and does not take long to master.

The simplest form of Brain Wave Vibration involves moving your body to your own natural rhythm. It’s like dancing to a deep drum beat, but the music is coming from inside you. In the beginning of a session, however, many practitioners use drumming music to get them into the rhythm. In one sense, Brain Wave Vibration can be thought of as a moving meditation, because as you allow your body to move you keep bringing your attention to your physical sensations, or a particular goal or intention.

In fact, many people claim it’s easier for them to quiet their mind with Brain Wave Vibration than with Read the rest of this entry »

January 5, 2009

Janelle Rodriguez,
Executive Producer
Campbell Brown Show, CNN

Dear Ms. Rodriguez:

I am sending you this letter to voice my concerns about an upcoming broadcast. I am In-house Counsel and Vice President of Communications for Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, Inc. (“Dahn Yoga”). CNN is about to air a story on Campbell Brown’s show based on their months-long investigation of a lawsuit against Dahn Yoga instituted by former employees. However, this “investigation” does not appear to be objective, but a narrowly focused one that began with partiality from the onset. We did our best to give your team all of the information we had at our disposal about the lawsuit, about the plaintiffs, about our company and its business practices. Recently, when I saw an advertisement for the broadcast on CNN, I became concerned that all our efforts were in vain. Judging from the title “Yoga Cult,” the excerpts that have been airing on CNN and my own experience with your team, it seems that the “investigative report” suffers Read the rest of this entry »

Only our members can know Dahn Yoga accurately,
and only our members are qualified to judge it.


January, 5, 2010

Dear Members,

We would like to offer our sincere gratitude to our members who responded to the recent CNN report, enthusiastically shared their positive Dahn Yoga experiences, and gave their encouragement and support to our instructors.

Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, Inc. (“Dahn Yoga”) is a successful, global health, wellness and educational business that began 30 years ago in a city park. From that humble beginning it has Read the rest of this entry »

In response to the recent CNN broadcast, an overwhelming number of Dahn Yoga members and instructors have voiced their opinions.

Click here to view some of them >

One of the many exercises found in a Dahn Yoga class is Yeon-Dahn. “Yeon” refers to strengthening a sword’s steel blade by hammering it; “Dahn” means vital energy. Accordingly, like other Dahn Yoga techniques, these simple postures cause life energy to accumulate and circulate more freely in the body. Unlike dynamic exercises such as Brain Wave Vibration, however, Yeon-Dahn postures are meant to be held for extended periods of time.

By holding these postures, practitioners not only increase their physical stamina and core strength, but also enhance their mental focus.

When practicing Yeon-Dahn, it’s best Read the rest of this entry »