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Dahn Yoga is a simple system of yoga based on traditional Korean mind/body/energy exercises that have been modernized by founder Ilchi Lee. The postures and dynamic movements of this form of yoga are formally taught in over 1000 Dahn Yoga, Body + Brain, and HSP Centers around the world. You can find centers in the United States, South Korea, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia, Germany, and Sweden.

In these centers, miracles small and large happen everyday as people committed to their health and self-development maintain a practice that heals mind, body, and spirit. As they grow stronger and happier, and their heart opens, many naturally want to share what they’ve received and accomplished with others.

Dahn Yoga Voice is here to share their stories with you–the stories of the many people who have benefitted from their Dahn Yoga practice. We hope their stories will help you understand Dahn Yoga better, and will open you to new possibilities in your life. For as you heal body, mind, and spirit, anything becomes possible.

If you would like to learn more about Dahn Yoga, or find a center near you, you can visit the official web page: www.dahnyoga.com.

13 Responses to "About Dahn Yoga Voice"

This is so great. I can’t wait to write my stories and read other’s. Sharing from our heart is one of wonderful ways of expressing our love. I am so excited.

I wanted to say how much more alive I am because of Dahn Yoga. My life felt like the same day after day, year after year. Since practicing Dahn for a year I can honestly say I am a new person, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for the future.
The CNN interviews of Jade and the other plaintiffs are so contrived and underhanded that it was hard for me watch. They have set themselves on a course of destruction and darkness that will create the end of their true selves. This gives me great incentive to continue my training with Dahn Yoga and share it with others who want to move into the new age of spirituality and out of the current age of darkness due to greed, anger and materialism.

Thank you Dahn Yoga for helping me recover my health. i realized with out good health i can not be happy and share any happiness. This is the most important part of my life.. that is my body, mind and spirit. i lost that growing up because i did not know any true meaning to life. i would just be living life getting up, going to work and going home, sleeping and getting up again to do the same thing. i really did not get much out of it, but some heart ache and pain. Now, threw Dahn Yoga and threw the best of the best trainers. i can make my days full of joy and continue to watch my self. i am much more stronger, lost 75 pounds, quit smoking in just a month and in a few months doctors said my condition is healthy. i believe if i can recover what my body and mind has gone threw anyone can too. i will continue to share my bright heart and teach others what i have learned. This truly works and is priceless. i realize my life is so valuable. Thank you Ilchi Lee for taking all the action you have done, when my body needed help the center was there at the right time. Thank you so much… HSP 🙂 The storm will pass, and the light will shine as the light is all our heart as one.

I practice dahn yoga more than 10years.
It affact in my life to be better.
I would like to recommand to everyone.


I have been practicing almost 3 years now. I’ve gone to their many trainings and I’ve come out with more courage, more passion and more gratitude for my life! Yes, trainings do cost money! There are trainings out there that are also costly and even more expensive than Dahn. Sure I could try them but I’ve found what works for me.

I also must say, I have learned so much about myself and overcame a lot of my obstacles and limitations I’ve put on my life. My relationship with God is so much stronger now. How so? I am more at peace from within, only feel unconditional love (which is really possible 🙂 I must say) that I am living my life the way God really has intended for people to do— break down walls that divide us all. The answers people seek are all inside of us, in our brains, in our hearts. For me, Dahn was the way of getting there.

I have been a Dahn yoga member since 2006 and have become a lifetime member. I have seen the dramatic results this practice can bring to the body and mind. I believe in the exercise of both since one will not work without the other. This is a basic concept of what I consider moves we did as children and have since forgotten and discounted as silly, but these are the basic stretching and strengthening moves that keep our arteries clear, our muscles loose, and the flow of energy to all our cells to replenish them with oxygen and nutrients.

I have seen first hand how this practice can benefit the body. I had muscle tension in my shoulders from carrying a heavy computer bag and walking about a mile a day. My shoulder pain started in the left shoulder as I would reach back for my seatbelt then it advanced to the right shoulder. I went to the doctor who did an MRI to confirm it wasn’t a neck or spinal injury and determined it to be stuck shoulders. My muscles had become so tight that my shoulder blades could not be moved or manipulated by the therapist. They prescribed 3 months of physical therapy 3 days a week. This absorbs an enormous amount of time out of the day when you consider the drive to and from, and waiting to be seen. After 3 months of muscle manipulation by a therapist my muscles were just slightly better, but I could still felt the pain daily. I decided to go to the yoga center in Sedona to try a 3 day workshop of yoga training and meditation. My experience was wonderful. The center was of average amenities, compared to other weekend workshop facilities I’ve been to. I did visit the horses in the stable and they were not the extravagant facility the CNN news portrayed. The cost was $465. for my room, 3 days with yoga classes several times a day and many delicious all-I –could-eat meals. I would say the rooms were very clean and simple, better than your average motel but without a TV.

We (there were about 6 participants) would do the yoga in different places known to have strong vortex energy, which I remember as Sedona having 5 including Bell Rock. I had a wonderful, peaceful time and when I returned home my pain had completely disappeared. It’s been a couple years since my visit and I’m still pain-free.
I have been attending the West Linn center and have enjoyed my many classes with Nate. He is a valued yoga guide and master, and a genuine friend to all.

It is very sad that a practice that is so beneficial and pure is being treated with such criticism and disrespect. The premise of the practice and belief is of health and happiness and an alternative to medication and over-the-counter toxins that our society considers the norm. I’ve only been treated with respect and love from all the yoga masters and members. I hope CNN drops this story and reports some REAL news.

This is a wonderful practice that I have participated in for the past 8 years. As a former gymnast I find this practice to be easy on the joints as well and the most beneficial training I’ve ever had for the overall health of the body and relaxation of the mind.

Like most of us out there, I had a big problem with stress which I let get out of hand. Dahn Yoga helped me to overcome that with wonderful meditation techniques and meridian opening exercises. If you suffer from any stress related ailments, I highly recommend it.

This is the most wonderful experience in all my life I never done exercise in my life, I’m 58 years old since I joining the Yoga Dahn I feel much better people in my office in my friends told me that i looks more joung even my Doctor ask me what I’m doing different an I told him that I joing the yoga
classes because my health is very improved since I assist the Yoga Center
This is the most positive exercise for my body and my mine.Thank you Yoga

Dahnyogavoice is an important resource which provides facts and alternative opinions about the value of Dahn Yoga. We need to fight lies and slanderous accusations with the facts, and this website is a crucial step in the right direction.

i’m looking for my friend that i lost touch with. if this is you, please write me back! remember: saving ducks at ocean shores, roller skating in your basement and playing super mario bros upside down? desperately seeking tonya m. -sarah cluff

Kim Hong Young I love you!

Thru Dahn Yoga I have learned about how my body works and the meaning of my life–why I have this physical body. This has happened thru the simple exercises which comprise the Dahn training system. Pretty cool!!!!! I am very grateful for this!

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