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Posted on: 12/23/2010

Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, Inc. (“Dahn Yoga”) is a leader in health and wellness, offering classes in Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation and other mind body training programs based on Traditional Korean healing philosophy. Since 1996 Dahn Yoga ® training methods have been offered in the United States through corporate and affiliate locations, as well as franchises. Dahn Yoga is committed to improving the communities it serves by creating authentic opportunities for individuals to improve their quality of life. Dahn Yoga believes that helping one individual heal themselves has a positive ripple effect on society as a whole.

Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, Inc.
3651 East Baseline Road
Suite #228
Gilbert, AZ 85234

Founded: June 18, 1996
Ownership: Privately held corporation
CEO/President: Dong Hoon Cha
Employees: 210
Locations: 70 Corporate owned
35 Franchises
12 Affiliates

Business Focus:
Yoga Classes (Group & Private)
Ki Gong/Tai Chi Classes
Yoga Center Management
Sales of Yoga and Self-Healing Accessories
Sales of Personal Development Books, Music and Video

How Dahn Yoga is different from other Yoga practices?

1. Rather than focusing on a strict set of poses, Dahn Yoga incorporates a wide variety of mind-body exercises that help practitioners develop their personal health and well-being. Dahn Yoga focuses on the development of the body’s core strength as the basis of physical, mental, and spiritual health.

2. Dahn Yoga teaches practitioners to trust their body’s natural wisdom and does not require a high degree of flexibility, balance, or strength to follow. Thus, people of all ages, body types, and fitness levels may participate comfortably.

3. While most other forms of yoga originate in India, Dahn Yoga is a modernized version of ancient Korean mind-body practice.

4. Dahn Yoga includes a unique emphasis on the brain as the determiner of health and well being. Practitioners learn about the interactions of the brain with the rest of the body. This brain awareness allows practitioners to respond to stressors differently and can lead to self-improvement.

6. Dahn Yoga practitioners report remarkable results in short periods of time, especially with pain management. Many also report reduction of symptoms associated with chronic illness, including multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and sciatica.

7. Dahn Yoga centers offer a wide variety of training opportunities beyond the regular yoga class, such as Dahnmudo martial arts, self-healing techniques and chakra development.

8. While most yoga centers are operated independently, Dahn Yoga offers a unique sense of community through which members can network with other practitioners in 18 states in the US and 10 countries around the world.

Is Dahn Yoga a Cult?
The word “cult” is a subjective term and has been used pejoratively by detractors and disgruntled former employees of Dahn Yoga. In this derogatory sense it can refer to authoritarian, exploitative and dangerous groups. Dahn Yoga emphasizes holistic wellness in a unique way that is not common in the United States. The practice of Dahn Yoga originated in South Korea and employs simple exercises based on ancient Korean healing traditions. In addition, many instructors and managers were recent immigrants, who used Korean business practices and communication styles. It is these cultural differences that have been exaggerated to create a “cult” depiction of Dahn Yoga.

More than 200,000 people worldwide have chosen Dahn Yoga as their health and well ness program. And many corporations, government institutions, and public schools chose Dahn Yoga as their employee/student benefits program due to its universal principles and effectiveness.

Dahn Yoga is not a cult, but a holistic mind-body practice that empowers individuals to live a healthier life.

Does Dahn Yoga “Brainwash” people?
Dahn Yoga practice is the exact opposite of brainwashing. Brainwashing refers to a process in which a group or individual systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade or control others. Dahn Yoga encourages individual empowerment and responsibility. The classes are designed to promote physical, mental and emotional health, as well as a deep sense of self-awareness and power of choice.
Many practitioners begin Dahn Yoga practice expecting basic improvement in physical strength and flexibility. However, because of the holistic nature of the practice each person develops strengths in unexpected ways. Once these additional benefits are recognized, many people become ardent practitioners. The practitioner’s fervor may be misinterpreted by detractors, as if they were somehow induced to practice so ardently.

Do people have to spend a lot of money to advance in Dahn Yoga practice?
Dahn Yoga is a service business. Its primary aim is to help people live healthier lives, but believes it can help more people in more ways by operating as for-profit business rather than non-profit charity. Dahn Yoga practice began in a public park in South Korea, but has spread to 10 countries in nearly 30 years in part because of a unique business model.

Like other health related business, Dahn Yoga offers a variety of classes and programs. You are free to choose which ones are right for you or to decline any programs proposed to you. Generally, a 3 month basic membership can range from $400 to $500.Each center has local expenses to meet and share in responsibility for the national organization’s expenses, so selling is a natural part of Dahn Yoga’s business model.

The cost of Dahn Yoga classes, both basic and advanced, are comparable to other fitness and personal development programs. Dahn Yoga programs are simple, but effective and include a high level of personal service and thus provide value for fees paid.

What about the accusations in the recent lawsuits against Dahn Yoga?
Unfortunately, Dahn Yoga is being sued by disgruntled former employees. The lawsuit was initiated in May of 2009 by one individual who encouraged 26 others to join the lawsuit in hopes of receiving large sums of money. They are claiming fraud and psychological manipulation. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit loved Dahn Yoga so much that they connected to Dahn Yoga like a family. Unfortunately, many of them were very young and projected the expectations of their families onto Dahn Yoga. They became confused by its business aspects and self-management responsibilities and they wanted to control the environment. That love and desire for control has turned into resentment.

The claims in the lawsuits consist of falsehoods and distortions designed to garner significant media attention. Despite the fact that some of the individuals in the lawsuit took actions that were detrimental to Dahn Yoga, the plaintiffs’ lawyer is seeking millions of dollars for his clients. The US District Court for Arizona has already dismissed some of their claims and Dahn Yoga has filed countersuits against the plaintiffs. For more details please visit DahnYogaVoice.com.

What does it take to become a Dahn Yoga instructor?
There are three basic classes which all Dahn Yoga members take as part of their training. Beyond those three basic courses there are a broad variety of workshops and programs an individual might take to develop the skill set necessary to become an instructor. Much of the learning is experiential and an aspiring instructor will apprentice with a senior instructor to learn how to become a successful instructor. For everyone on this path, there is a final program which helps them hone their physical fitness, Eastern physiological knowledge and management skills.

Just like each individual is different so is each class of instructor trainees. For some there may be a focus on physical fitness and for others development of interpersonal communication skills may be key.

Who is in charge of Dahn Yoga?
Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, Inc. is a private corporation with a limited number of shareholders and an executive team. The management and administration of the business is centered in its Arizona headquarters, under the leadership of Donghoon Cha, Chief Executive Officer. Regular business operations are the responsibility of local and regional managers.

What is Ilchi Lee’s Relationship to Dahn Yoga?
Ilchi Lee is the founder of Dahn Yoga and was its chief executive during its early years. Mr. Lee’s teachings are still an integral part of Dahn Yoga curriculum, but he has not been directly involved in the business nor owned shares since 1998. Mr. Lee’s remaining connection to Dahn Yoga is the royalties he receives on any of his intellectual property used by Dahn Yoga. Sometimes he gives lectures or consultation to Dahn Yoga’s members or employees per the invitation of Dahn Yoga.

To work at Dahn Yoga, must you worship Ilchi Lee?
As the founder and teacher of its core principals, Ilchi Lee is an important part of Dahn Yoga history and legacy. However, Mr. Lee himself would detest this characterization. Mutual respect and responsibility are key elements in the philosophy advocated by Mr. Lee. Since every individual possesses the power of their own transformation, it is not necessary to “worship” any external person or thing. Dahn Yoga employees are generally practitioners, as well, but they are on a path of empowerment and not submission.

Isn’t it true that one former employee accused Ilchi Lee of sexual assault?
One plaintiff claimed infliction of emotional distress due to sexual assault by Mr. Lee as part of the lawsuit filed in the US District Court for Arizona. Mr. Lee has steadfastly denied this charge and in September of 2010, the Judge dismissed the related claims.

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