Dahn Yoga Voice

Lynn Alexander’s Letter to Rolling Stone

Posted on: 03/21/2010

Dear Mr. Dana,

You recently wrote an article about Dahn Yoga describing it as, among other things, a “cult.” I find this very disturbing because your report is one-sided and biased. It focuses on those people who decided to leave their jobs and stop their yoga practice because of their feelings about Ilchi Lee or the ethical standards that are expected of Dahn Yoga employees.  The key point is that they decided.

Dahn yoga is not a cult. In the two and a half years that I have practiced Dahn yoga, I have lost 45 pounds, recovered flexibility in my knees, and joints, regained my intestinal peristalsis so that I no longer suffer from constipation or sinusitis. I manage my moods with greater patience and insight. My self esteem is healthy. I have a willingness to try new activities, even tasks that are not in my comfort zone. I have worked diligently to reclaim my health. I am grateful for the competent recommendations that have resulted in the ongoing improvement of my health.

All told, my experience with Dahn yoga has been very positive. Through this training, I have changed my physical, emotional and mental health. Traditional allopathic medicine offers health through medication. As we know medication has side effects. To me that’s not acceptable. Simply stated, Dahn yoga is very effective. Practitioners see real improvement in their health from day one. Unlike traditional medicine there’s no masking and managing symptoms. Dahn yoga works!

Frankly, it’s rather insulting that you base your entire article on the experience of disgruntled employees whose many complaints and charges are patently untrue. Would you even consider   writing an article about a disgruntled employee who worked for Rolling Stone magazine without talking to a staff manager? I doubt it. It seems to me that Jade Harrelson et al want a lot of attention and a lot of money and they’re willing to lie to get it. And you appear to be the go-to guy.

Lynn Alexander
Albuquerque Dahn Yoga center, NM

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