Dahn Yoga Voice

Arthur’s Letter to Rolling Stone

Posted on: 03/16/2010

Hi, my name is Arthur Babakhanov. I know Rolling Stone to be a well known and widely read magazine. I myself read it often, so when I noticed that you had published a negative article about Dahn Yoga that could be based on false information, I felt compelled to write to you.

I have been practicing Dahn Yoga for 8 years, and I am currently the instructor and manager at the Brookline location in Boston. Dahn Yoga has truly transformed my life. I have tried many other practices and found that the benefits I experienced from Dahn Yoga, I couldn’t get anywhere else.

I knew Lucie Vogel for a long time when she was a member, before she became an instructor employed by Dahn Yoga. As a good friend, I knew that she always wanted to control and manipulate people, and that’s exactly what she’s doing now. People like Lucie or Liza Miller used to be so devoted to the practice; and to see them spreading so much false and negative information in various public arenas makes me really angry.

When Liza left the company, she wrote a letter to all the instructors in Boston explaining that she was not leaving in anger and that she felt good about her choices. But not long after she left, I could see that she had been approached by Lucie. I was saddened to see how Lucie manipulated her. They have been telling so many lies, it’s impossible to count them.

I love Dahn Yoga. It has made me a better person. The growth that I have experienced through Dahn Yoga motivates me to improve my relationships with my family and friends and enables me to help them.

Lucie Vogel, in her own form of madness, might say that Dahn Yoga is a cult. It’s not a cult at all. I feel more freedom in my life now than I ever have before. I do not consider myself to be some “brainwashed” lunatic incapable of making my own decisions or without other opportunities. In fact, before my employment with Dahn Yoga, I had a great job as a professional computer consultant. But I feel no regret about changing my career, because I feel so much more satisfied with the job I have now.

Dahn Yoga and its affiliates actually have around 3,000 employees worldwide, but it’s basically just one person, Lucie Vogel, who got angry, embroiled 26 other people in a lawsuit with unrealistic promises of money, and made a huge mess.

With your readership, I know that many people will be reading the article about Dahn Yoga, and it might be their first exposure to it. It is highly unfair for them to have a negative perception of Dahn Yoga as a result of your publishing a biased article based on false information. I am disappointed that it appears you made no attempt to investigate and get to the truth.

You could have gotten the full story about these people and what happened from some of the instructors in Boston who knew them well, but no one contacted us. When we offered we were told the reporter was not interested in our stories. I am surprised that you did not want to give the American public a fair and balanced story. I hope this letter will be reprinted so that the public can begin to hear what your reporter left out.

Thank you.

Arthur Babakhanov
Waltham, MA

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