Dahn Yoga Voice

Connections Between Lawsuits

Posted on: 03/06/2010

Based on our records and witnesses, we have additional detailed information about the lawsuit that was recently filed against Dahn Yoga and its affiliates by Andrew Myers. He was a member and part-time employee at the Alexandria, Virginia location.  Andrew was a “Dahn Center Intern” when he left and did not achieve the status of full instructor.  His claims principally relate to money he paid for trainings and consultations during a ten month period. His claims are not only similar, but also related to those of the plaintiffs in the Arizona lawsuit. In particular, our sources tell us that there was a romantic connection between Andrew Myers and Amy Shipley and that Amy quit her job with Dahn Yoga because of Andrew’s urgings. This connection was disregarded by the Rolling Stone reporter when she told Amy’s story.

An additional point of connection between Andrew and the other plaintiffs is their common use of so-called “cult expert” Cathleen A. Mann. Dr. Mann’s writings include an article denouncing the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step program as a “cult.” In addition to providing a statement for the Press Release from Andrew Myers’ law firm, Dr. Mann also provided a Declaration supporting several plaintiffs in the Arizona lawsuit, including the claims of Jessica “Jade” Harrelson. That statement by Jade was later shown to contain false information and was repudiatedwhen the plaintiffs filed their Second Amended Complaint with the Arizona court.

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