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Healing Society in Action: Kimberly’s Neighborhood Dahn Yoga Class

Posted on: 02/12/2010

Kimberly Lowe has taught free Dahn Yoga classes in her community for the past year. Through helping others manage their stress and find peace inside, she has helped herself grow and blossom. Kimberly’s dream is to reach out to help more and more people, and bring residents and visitors of her Oahu, Hawaii home together as one.

Kimberly’s Oahu Dahn Yoga Neighborhood Class

9 Responses to "Healing Society in Action: Kimberly’s Neighborhood Dahn Yoga Class"

Thank you Kimberly and Thank you Dahn Yoga~<3 I love to see this video. There is so much love, passion and healing recieved from Kimberly and her students in her sharing. Thank you for sharing this video.

Thank you for sharing this video. you are doing great work!

There is a Dahn Yoga place nearby. I am very awkward kneeling and getting up from a kneeling position. This is becse of injury to one knee and arthritis in the other. Can I still do Dahn Yoga?

I have injury to one knee and arthritis in the other. Can I still do Dahn Yoga?

It is very encouraging and wonderful to see your creation, Kimberly. Thank you for sharing the great video

Very Beautiful! Keep going, you’re a benefit to the entire world.

Hello, can you please tell me where you meet? I would really like to speak to you about the physical symptoms my husband is experiencing, and to see where you have your class. Thanks so much!! Shari

Hi Shari,

To find out where Kimberly’s class meets, I would call one of the Dahn Yoga Centers or the Body + Brain Centers in Hawaii. Maybe Aiea is best:

Aiea (Body + Brain franchise center)
99-080 Kauhale St #C21. Aiea, HI 96701
Phone. 808-486-9642

Honolulu Dahn Yoga Center
401 Kamakee St. #317. Honolulu, HI 96814
Phone. 808-596-9642

Kaimuki (Body + Brain franchise center)
3569 Harding Ave, #B. Honolulu, HI 96816
Phone. 808-738-5522

Good luck!

Hi Kate,

While you should always consult your doctor before starting any exercise program, I can say that many people who have limited mobility and have difficulty getting up from and down to the floor take Dahn Yoga classes, even those with arthritis. The people at the centers, both staff and members, are very helpful and the classes are designed so that you just do as much as you can. Some people with arthritis have testified that the exercises have improved their symptoms.

Here is an example from one person with multiple sclerosis who has trouble getting up from the floor. She wrote about her first Dahn Yoga class in her blog: http://msscars2stars.blogspot.com/.

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