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CNN Got It Wrong: Now Watch What Really Happened (Part 3)

Posted on: 01/18/2010

In this third installment of how CNN got it wrong, we show you the irrelevance and shallowness of what CNN said about Ilchi Lee’s Brain Wave Vibration method. You’ll hear what Ilchi Lee really thinks about money and how he uses it. We also provide evidence that CNN completely neglected some information while chopping others to weave together a story that fit their preconceived conclusions.

CNN Got It Wrong About Dahn Yoga (Part 3)

52 Responses to "CNN Got It Wrong: Now Watch What Really Happened (Part 3)"

CNN is a liar. CNN must to prove your lie.
The truth is bound to come to light anyway.

CNN is a liar. CNN must to prove your lie.

Brain Wave Vibration is very good exercises

I like it

Can we send the link of these dahnyogavoice videos to Campbell and her investigative team so they can sharpen their “investigative” skills?

Fortunately, there is a company like Dahn Yoga that exists with a great purpose and intention for their profits, and that has a beautiful collective idea like “hong ik” (for the benefit of all). Our money says alot about what we value, especially in America. Let’s change the value of a dollar by investing it into personal growth, taking responsibility for the Earth, sharing what we’ve experienced with others, and becoming great leaders towards a better world.

Thank you so much. You deliver really good news to us. CNN is the model of spoined mass communication.

I still can’t believe how CNN distorted the whole story and broadcast such a biased story. I really hope Kira and Campbell see this footage.
I really happy that we have this tool to let others know the truth. Go go DahnYogaVoice.com!!!

Thank you for showing us the other side of the story. I wish that CNN had depicted both sides from the beginning and had better research so that those that don’t know anything about Dahn could make an educated decision.

I hope that everyone will be able to see these videos.

Thank you again.

Thank you for the clarity and calm manner of this video response to CNN’s broadcast.

The CNN report was clearly one sided. I am truly sick of the twisted and negative attack on a group of individuals who are trying to do something really good in this world.

As the member in the video said, it is the members who are being hurt the most and that is really wrong. I am happy that most of my members are strong enough in their experience that these false reports did not hurt them. However there are some that were not able to practice enough yet or were not strong enough so the became venerable to the negative sensationalism. So some of them were hurt and confused by this and that makes me angry. And for what? … One week of sensational news reporting? Who is it really that is only interested in money?

I really like BWV Training for clearing my thought. It is simple and powerful. 🙂 Many people should try~

Thank you for those who were involved in creating this segment. Our Hong Ik spirit lives in all that we do. We hope to inspire others as we have been inspired. Let’s create a better world together.

I feel very grateful for Dahn Yoga and the benefits that I have experienced thru the practice. And what better way to spend my money as a consumer: benefitting myself and communites around the globe.

I will not be influenced by the fear messages of CNN.

Great job to the creators of this video segment! I’m impressed with your simple, no-frills, point-by-point presentation of straight facts.

Even though the choices that we have made as a humanity without awareness has brought us to this world where a well-known and established voice in the world like CNN would bring such low quality information, I still trust 100% in the true and essential good in humanity. This is why I know that, as long as we keep voicing ourselves loudly and clearly, our truth will become known all over the world soon, and our Hong Ik spirit and vision will pervade the global community, bringing about a new world of true peace.

To everyone who lives on this Earth — I love you!

Wow it really clearfied everything for all members to see.

I will recommend all part 1.2.3 to all of our members.

Crystal Clear.

Thank you so much.

I really think that Brain Wave Vibration is really good!
I think that they need to report how wonderful this exercise is.

Brain Wave Vibration is so Great! It gets the job done. Clear mind, and stress relief.

Thank you for your hard work putting these three videos together. It makes me happy to hear the truth so simply stated.

It is a crime that “news” networks can get by practicing such reprehensible journalism.

thesedays, my memebrs are no longer interested in CNN stuff anymore and they became more loyal and attendance has increased.
What does that mean? the truth is winning.

This was another great response to the unethical, and frankly awful, story done by CNN.

It surprises me that a news outlet can do such shoddy work. America doesn’t realize that the standards of citation, evidence, and proper reporting to which a high school student would be held accountable in writing an English paper are more rigorous and proper than anything a news outlet needs to do. Quite frankly, CNN would be given a big “F” by any teacher I had from 10th grade onwards due to their complete lack of accuracy.

Thank you Dahn Yoga Voice for providing the truth to the public. I hope people wake up to the fact that mainstream media is largely a joke and an instrument of control, preventing them from living fulfilling and healthy lives.

After this story, Its hard to trust anyone for any reliable news source these days. I thought CNN has a very high standard of news coverage but its seems like they are more “crazy about money” than the truth. The truth is much stronger than CNN’s tricks. We will win this thing!!!

I can see clearly now CNN’s manipulative tactics, and bad reporting style. I hope their boss gives BIG Correction statement on Ilchi Lee and Dahn Yoga. Many families, members, instructors, got very hurt and caused them much grief and turmoil, and disharmony because of this untrue, sensationalized story. What a mess CNN has made, listening to these plaintiffs in this frivolous lawsuit. I think because their case was not strong, they had to find some way to give them attention. I hope more people will view this video. I will forward it. THank you

It’s very clear Ilchi Lee’s translator said Hong-ik Vision. Whatever happened to accurate, honest, responsible reporting? What happened to their hearts? Do they have to stoop so low in their character and for what? Is this helping anything? Will they hold themselves accountable for misinforming the public, if not can they live with that? Are they working for the betterment of society and the world or pulling it down evenmore?

Thank you for showing the truth.
I used to think that, of the mainstream media outlets, CNN was fairly reputable and straightforward.
CNN has clearly distorted this information in the name of sensational news and I am so disappointed.
I appreciate the clarifying information in this video and I hope that millions of viewers can see the truth.

I feel big disapoointment about CNN. They made a news not based on truth. Many members said “I don’t believe that. They pursuit sensationalism.”
CNN’s executive staff have to give caution to their news makers and have to advise to them to make a fare, balanced news. News is not FICTION.

thru brain wave vibration i CAN MANAGE MY STRESS i
feel so much better

Thank you for telling the truth !
How can we tell about CNN what they did to public ?
Can we sue CNN ?
CNN really made a big mistake.
They really need to aplogize to Dahn Yoga.

Thank you for the clear and complete information surrounding this incomplete news broadcast. I am especially touched by Alyse’s sharing. I am really sorry to members that this happened. Let’s keep creating good news and let our truth be shown! Thank you all!

Thank you for showing this truth everyone needs to know what we do lets spead good postive information, CNN makes everyone negative. You give CNN any topic they can turn it around get some scientist and prove it wrong with out and research just some words.

If CNN would have just done some unbiased investigation there would be plenty of positive evidence to share about Dahn Yoga. Brainwave Vibration is one of the easiest examples of this. Just check out testimonials from practicioners at brainwavevibration.com. There is enough scientific evidence out there relating to the brain, brainwaves, exercise, music, movement, and healing… it doesn’t take a brain scientist to connect the dots… brainwave vibration is effective and understandable. And in my personal experience it works really well.

Doctors of all people should recognize that we don’t always understanding why new healing techniques and technologies work, even thought they work. To scoff at something and say that there’s no ‘evidence’ of it being effective (when in fact there is) is an ignorant and arrogant thing to do. This is the same kind of mentality that caused people in previous generations to scoff at the idea of the earth revolving around the sun, or the existence of germs. The CNN report was a bad joke.

thank you dahnyogavoice for presenting the facts! The misrepresentation of Dahn Yoga in the clips aired by CNN is very sad to me. Yet, through my trainng at the Dahn Yoga Center I have learned to be a person who finds the positive and the opportunity in every situation. So already this situation that could be very unfortunate, has provided many chances to talk with people about Dahn Yoga is, and in that way, this situation has really helped me to connect with people who I may not have otherwise. It has provided an chance for me to share my heart with many people very honestly and candidly. I am grateful for that.

Dahn Yoga is so misunderstood. For all those who are fearful and skeptical, be brave and courageous, try for yourself, attend yoga classes and give it a good year before deciding what it is all aabout. Feel the pure intentions of each instructor and center managers. They only want the best for you and your health. The workshops are so very valuable!!! Priceless!! Better than any vacation can offer you.
I am now very disappointed with CNN. I used to think they were reputable, but now I don’t watch them. I can see them for what they represent. Negative represnetations of a story. They are biased and wrong for mis representing the complete story of Ilchi Lee.

I have seeing Ilchi Lee in person and have listened to him speak. He holds the upmost reverence as he speaks only the Truth. I can feel the pure loving intentions that he has toward the Earth and humanity.

He may be bringing principles of Truth and Light to society and some may not be ready to listen. Thus, the negative response.

I have been practicing dahn yoga for over 4 years. I will say this with respect to all, please attend dahn yoga classes and the workshops and you will see for yourself. The lawsuit and it’s plantiffs and their lawyers are trying yo feed upon someone who is only bringing Greatness into the world. They are selfish and they will continue to suffer in the smallness of themselves.

Thank you Joseph and all of Dahn Yoga for sharing the TRUE side of the story. Let’s hold the TRUTH with HOPE AND DREAMS. I LOVE YOU ALL !

thank you for truth.

I am so happy we are sharing the real story. Let’s keep making the true voice brighter! Let’s make harmony and peace ring louder than the fear!

Love Peaceful Forest ^^

I am so dissappointed in the CNN reporting. I have lost confidence in their viewpoint and now question all of the reports I have watched in the past. Thank you, DahnYogaVoice for sharing your side of the story. I hope many are able to find their way to this website to consider “the other side” and decide for themselves.

Being a Dahn Yoga instructor helps me better myself through helping others. I am giving benefit to my community. But as an American, I am sooooo embarassed by my country’s media. Really sad.
I stand confident and proud of what I do.
Those who work at CNN cannot.

Thank you for your corrections! Let’s share the truth with more people.

I am glad we have a place to voice this side of the story. It has been so frustrating to see how ‘investigative’ reporters do their work. How is it investigative when the outcome of the story is determined before the investigation?

Yes!!! The truth is coming out more and more!!! Let’s go CRAZY for the truth!!!!!

Thank you for presenting such clear information. This situation really does effect members and can easily cause self-judgement. I don’t see how this is helpful or benefits anybody. Its time to present positive information on the news!

Great Video! Very informative! I am so glad you had the Doctors on aboard approving their patients involvement in Dahn Yoga! I am sure we can get more! Good for you! Great for members! Great to see those kind of Doctors on the Media..now that is what we need more of! I am a Certified Dahn Instructor and a Certified Health Counselor and my mission is to get America Healthier with our Program as well! Go Dahn Yoga! Let’s get America Healthier because We DESERVE IT!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! It’s time to share we really care!!! I am so excited!

I agree. The American media has gone beyond being a joke to being toxic.

I can’t believe Dr. Sanjay Gupta said it is false that moving different parts of the body can create vibration in the brain. Isn’t it a proven fact that the body moves by receiving vibratory electric signals from the brain??? I’m no doctor and no scientist but he doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

I’m glad we have a chance to show the world through this website the information that CNN edited or completely neglected.

Thank you for putting this clip together, it was quite frustrating for me when i watched it, i hope many people can see the inaccuracies and the truth can come forth.

I agree with you.

Can’t agree with you more. very nicely put

I am now know what is truth.
Also It is so sad. How CNN broadcast like that.
It is unfair.
personaly I got confidence through brain wave vibration.
I am appreciation Ilchi lee.

Brainwave Vibration is the best exercise I ever exprienced its so good that I’m sure those plaintiffs still use it.

Wow! They really lowered the bar for journalistic integrity with this one!

thank you for your telling of the truth.
i feel so angry for cnn broadcasting.

i really want to ask to cnn like this:
“i feel sooooooo bad for your skewed ,unfair broadcasting.
what is your intention?
i really was disappointed for that.

cnn must be fair and balanced
i feel totally terrible.
is this cnn role to do like this?”

[…] FAQ CNN Got It Wrong: Now Watch What Really Happened (Part 3) […]

Wakefulness is the way to life.

The fool sleeps as if he were already dead.
But the master is awake.
he lives forever.
He watches.
He is clear.
How happy he is!

For he sees that wakefulness is life.
How happy he is.
the path of the awakened.
With great perseverance, he medi…tates,
seeking freedom and happiness.
So awake, reflect,
Work with care and attention.
Live in the way.
And the light will grow in you.
By watching and working.
master makes for himself an island.
Which the flood cannot
The fool is careless.
But the master
guards his watching.
It is his most precious treasure.

He never gives in to desire.
He meditates.
in the strength of his resolve.
He discovers true happiness.

He overcomes desire –
And from the tower of his wisdom.

He looks down with dispassion.
Upon the sorrowing crowd.
the mountain top.
He looks down at those who live close to
the ground.
Mindful among the mindless.
Awake while others
Swift as the race horse he outstrips the field.
watching Indra became king of the gods.
How wonderful
it is to watch.
How foolish to sleep.
The beggar who
guards his mind and fears the waywardness of his thoughts burns
through every bond with the fire of his vigilance.
beggar who guards his mind and fears his own confusioncannot
fall. He has found his way to peace.

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