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CNN Got It Wrong: Now Watch What Really Happened (Part 2)

Posted on: 01/12/2010

In this second installment of how “CNN Got It Wrong”, DahnYogaVoice.com gives you deeper insight into Jessica “Jade” Harrelson’s character, shows you what really happened during those 3,000 bows, and points out the legal facts behind Julia Siverls case.

CNN Got It Wrong About Dahn Yoga (Part 2)

44 Responses to "CNN Got It Wrong: Now Watch What Really Happened (Part 2)"

Thank you for sharing the truth.

I’m wondering what real intention CNN has about this report.
This wrong report makes people not trust CNN anymore.
So sad. CNN sould try to build up trust from people by fair report.

How can we tell the public about what CNN did ?
Can we sue CNN ?

Thank you for telling the truth.

Make our voice louder, louder and louder !

I am happy. because of I heard truth.
I am shame on CNN.
what ever who say about dahn yoga I love dahn yoga so much.
dahn yoga gave me real life.

Thank you so much for telling me the truth.
Thank you.

After watching the CNN report and hearing what Liza and Jade are saying, I am more determined than ever to speak out about the benefits of this practice (3000 bows included) and overcome the lies and sensationalism with truth and common sense.

Thanks for providing this simple, obvious evidence that the CNN report was deeply flawed.

Thank you so much…..

Thank you this is so helpful to see the real facts behind the story. Let’s get back to the real hope and healing which is the real fruit of dahn yoga !

It is shame to see news channel as big as CNN to report false news and lies. What will you benefit out of doing this? There is nothing but positive things and experience about Dahn Yoga, the only comment I would say please give a try instead of judging and reporting false lies. I hope CNN will come to realise to help heal our sick world.

Thank you for making these videos. I already was aware of the truth that is being revealed in these videos but the public are the ones who need to know. I will show these videos to whomever I can! GO DAHN!

Thank you for the right information. It looks like that they are making a new story to make people fricked out and CNN is reporting to people as like it is true. Hope people know what the truth is. I got so much benefits from dahn yoga.

Thank you for your wonderful explanations.
CNN has to see this.

Thank you for speaking the truth!

Thank you for making everything super clear for everyone to see. The truth will prevail.

Thank you for the report. I am looking forward to seeing more of the truth.

Thank you for clarifying the truth! CNN, are you paying attention?

Thank you so much for making and posting these videos! I did interviews with CNN, and it is VERY frustrating to see what a one sided story they did. I have been exposed to the way the news media works, and I am truly shocked. It is great to have somewhere that is somewhat public to be able to speak out. I hope everyone sees it! The Dahn Center and the people that work in it, and benefit from it, and the founder Ilchi Lee are AWESOME and are changing this world for the better.

Thank you for the truth and exposing the distortions and lies. I hope for a more respected news stations and reporters.

I really hope that as many people as possible see this and the other videos conveying OUR side. Let’s share dahnyogavoice.com with MANY MANY MANY people!!!!! We can do it!!!!!

Wow, you guys did a great job with your analysis and making it very clear with this video. When I was just watching the CNN report, I didn’t even catch Kyra Phillips’ self-contradiction. Now that it’s been slowed down for me, it’s beyond ridiculous. SHAME ON CNN for taking advantage of the fact that the viewers are watching their shows unsuspecting and undefended and manipulating their perspective in such a sly, cunning way. JUST TERRBILE! I hope this will propel them to get their act together.

Let’s keep spreading the true word about Dahn Yoga!

Thank you for sharing the truth! I am glad that this unfortunate event and poor CNN reporting is at least giving Dahn Yoga a chance to set the record straight regarding all these negative claims you can find floating around.

Thank you so much!

Thank you for sharing the truth about Dahn Yoga! I hope a different news network will have the courage to share our story of hope and healing with the world. I now question everything I’ve seen on the CNN network because I know the truth and they don’t.

I am really happy to see this because it represents a very professional attempt to impart the truth to people who are being deceived and gives a voice to the otherwise voiceless. It also encourages me to be more critical and aware of how other news stories are very likely skewed, so I can make my mind wider and more compassionate, knowing that news stations often caricaturize people and groups in order to make stories that are based more on fiction than fact..

this was really helpful. thank you for sharing.

Thank you for the great video. I really hope Kira and Campbell watch this video. It is hard to believe that CNN does this to raise their viewing rate. We really need to take care of what kind of information we are provided everyday from mass media.

Thank you for clarifying the information

CNN really got it WRONG!!

Thank you for honest reporting! I feel sorry for CNN and how they got fooled by their own greed of sensationalism. This report proves the importance of Brain Education and how much we need to trust our own brains when dealing with media. I hope one day they will see everything…

The truth always win, the truth is Dahn Yoga and the great and inspiring things it has brought to my life. CNN good luck, you hurt good people and may you work things out with your karma.
Thanks again Dahn Yoga

Hello this is Beautiful Forest,

I really appreciate the truth coming out from the real story. I hope all people can learn the true healing nature of Dahn Yoga. I have been practicing for a long time and It really makes me sad when people have negative preconceptions about our training.

I hope everyone have TRUE HEALTH SMILE PEACE so we can shine brightly for the whole world.


Thank you for revealing the truth about this ridiculous story. I pray for the day that we are respected for the work we are doing to help people recover their proper physical, mental, and emotional health.

One of our members said: Jade clearly didnt have the eyes of a rape victim. Our member has a family member who was raped. Jade was too calm to be a rape victim as Jade was talking about her experience compared to our member’s family member who was very anxious when she remembers that event. The truth will come out soon!!!

too bad such a repetable channel as cnn would go against dahn yoga like this. this just assures me that the powers that be dont want people to be healed. they want them to keep going to doctors and taking medication and eating fast food.,, all nonsense.,, dahn yoga is one of the few tools out there that can really make you look internally and start over.,, take things back to the fundamentals that we all need. /// breathing correctly, strecthing and a little pain exercise to make you sweat and appreaciate it all. i think we all should speak out otherwise they will shut down our centers and make us succomb to the rest of this sick obese mindf**ked society.


Wow! CNN really really did get it WRONG! Thank you for this. Yes, the truth will come out soon! I hope the video can be spread out more.

I was shocked at CNNs portrayal of bow training. I’ve done 3000 bows on a number of occasions and it was never like what Liza described.
This account of bow training is much more like what I experienced. It is an incredibly empowering meditation practice.
Thank you for sharing the truth.

I am flabbergasted by CNN’s distortions of the truth. Everyone is always very well taken care of at the dahn center with sincerity, not only during 3000 bows or advanced training, but all the time. Thank you for sharing clearly about these things.

How can CNN call this journalism? And why do they use material which they do not have permission to use? This is dishonest.

Thank you for sharing about the truth.
Hong Ik is widely benefit human.
It is a fundamental human consciousness mind.
The mind that love humanity and earth.

Thank you so much !!!

I love the word you used Nicholas–caricaturize. That’s what the media is doing right now–drawing a caricature of Dahn Yoga that does not reflect its true essence or what it’s really trying to do. Dahn Yoga Voice is painting its own picture so that people can see more than is offered by the cult websites and the usual success stories.

But I think if people really want to find their own truth about Dahn Yoga, they should go to a center and try it for themselves, even if they just try one of the free classes being offered this month.

Yes, when I was a member I was always amazed at how well the instructors took care of us, even if we were doing a challenging exercise. I remember once when I went to YEHA camp and we were doing an exercise for a little while outside in the sun, the instructors came around with damp washcloths and cooled the back of our necks and any wiped off any sweat we had. I tried to emulate that level of care when I was an instructor. It is always standard and imperative in a Dahn Yoga center.

I agree with you. When I was there in Sedona I could not remember which training, either Healer’s School or YEHA Camp I got stung by an insect on my face and it started swelling. The instructor immediately applied a remedy and it stopped getting bigger. I enjoyed the rest of the training without any feeling of discomfort after that. I will always remember the good nature and gesture done by this particular instructor. The instructors there and from any other centers sincerely take care of the members and sensitive to their needs. So now that I have become an instructor myself I pay forward by sharing same gesture and sensitivity to members and to others even if outside the confines of the DahnCenter. Thank you all to those who have been my instructors and trainers over the years:)

thank you for telling the truth.

cnn should listen to many of many viewer’s feedback i think.
i really want for cnn to become “hope” to receive love from American.

thank you

It does make sense. Why did CNN take wrong choice? Are they crazy?

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