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The Rest of the Story: Recorded Interviews Not Aired on CNN

Posted on: 01/09/2010

In Campbell Brown’s 3-part CNN Broadcast on Dahn Yoga, she repeatedly claimed she would show “both sides” of the story. As you can see from this website, CNN left out a lot of details.

As part of their “investigation”, they interviewed three Dahn Yoga employees at the office of lawyer Alan Kaplan in Manhattan, New York on December 23, 2009: Joseph Alexander (Dahn Yoga VP of Communications), Genia Sullivan (manager of CGI Holistic Fitness in New Jersey), and Michael Munson (manager of the Union Square Dahn Yoga Center in New York City). The interview started at 11 am and lasted for one hour. Although CNN filmed the interview, Dahn Yoga was only allowed to record the audio.

In their broadcast, they only aired a small part of Mr. Alexander’s interview. Although we would like to show the entire film footage of all three interviews, we do not have access to it. So we are sharing some of the audio so you can hear the important acts and opinions that CNN left out.

CNN’s Interview with Joseph Alexander

5 Responses to "The Rest of the Story: Recorded Interviews Not Aired on CNN"

The truth will win. Dahn yoga will win. Because Dahn yoga is the truth.

YES !!! The truth always comes out !

How come CNN didn’t report these stories?

I’m really enjoying dahn so much!

This is really helpful. Thank you for making this available. The facts are undeniable.

Yes, thank only the truth will win. Dahn Yoga has created miracles in my life and nothing will take that way.

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