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CNN Got It Wrong: Now Watch What Really Happened (Part 1)

Posted on: 01/09/2010

Not only did CNN leave out important and relevant information in their broadcasts, but they actually got some facts just plain wrong. So we’ve prepared several videos pointing out some of their inaccuracies. Watch the first video below:

CNN Got It Wrong About Dahn Yoga (Part 1)

26 Responses to "CNN Got It Wrong: Now Watch What Really Happened (Part 1)"

thank you! this was very helpful to watch.

Dahn Yoga is strong and can take care of itself. This will all blow over.

Thank you. This was help me to understand that what was right.

Just wanted to say “thank you” for creating this site and providing such timely and up to date information!

i love DHAN YOGA!!!!!

This vidoe shows the clear story behind CNN report and the confidence from Dahn Yoga . I am excited to see next coming. Thank you.

Thank you so much for clearing what CNN said. CNN did wrong. Dahn yoga is growing no matter what happend. Because dahn yoga is the truth.

Thank you for the correct info.

Thank you for telling this !
I hope people find out what is truth !

Thank you for clearing!

Clear as can be, you can really feel how much CNN has a strategy and a plan to literally “make” the story. I feel really sorry for all the people who only watched the CNN version and sincerely hope that they get to see this video. I wish that there were laws governing etiquette of reporters, if someone that wasn’t affiliated with a news agency acted in this way wouldn’t it be considered harassment?

Thank you for putting this up.

Everyone sould see that the truth is.

wow…..It’s like a made up show…Thank you for the corrections

Thank you for good information

Thank you for letting us know. People might choose the FOX to watch news.

I appreciate these clips being posted for us to see how truly biased the CNN broadcast was. I think we are all best left to judge things for ourselves since it seems the media isn’t reliable!

Thank you! I am so glad you made this video, play by play. There are so many falsehoods presented by CNN. I am happy to see this so clearly.

Thank you for the correction of CNN broadcast. We all believe that truth will win eventually.

Using facts to paint a story in a certain way is one thing, actual inaccuracies are another. Thank you Dahn Yoga Voice for showing us what CNN didn’t.

Thank you so much for this video. It clears up so much. I will keep sharing this video with others.

Thank you so much ….turth win…..

This video needs to be shown to the public so that they can understand the true nature of Dahn Yoga and what incentives we have behind our work. I personally know that I could not have come out of the depression I was in if this organization was impure. The trainings I did simply could not have worked if there were malice intentions behind them. For those many whose lives have improved since meeting Dahn please stand up and make your voice be heard. Give that back to the organization. Thanks for your help 🙂

CNN is not reporting right.
As a visitor here, I was so surprised about what CNN did to dahn yoga.
It’s just like a fiction movie or something like that.
I really want everyone to watch this one so people know what’s truth.

Great! Thank you! 🙂

This is so helpful, I am going to send it to my family and friends. Thank you!

Really thank you! I knew CNN was really one-sided. What a way to report. I will send this to others.

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