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Dahn Yoga Members’ Response Letters to CNN

Posted on: 01/05/2010

In response to the recent CNN broadcast, an overwhelming number of Dahn Yoga members and instructors have voiced their opinions.

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5 Responses to "Dahn Yoga Members’ Response Letters to CNN"

My experiance in the Dahn Yoga Centers has been very positive & supportive. I have received both healing energy & wisdom from many of the instructors plus have improved my physical condition in many areas. I have also been encouraged to grow beyond my limitations both physically & mentally in a very compassionate way. I feel my body, mind, & spirit are growing with the help & support of the Dahn Centers & hope that they continue to serve everyone who is open to growing beyond their limitations so they may achieve their dreams!

I have been a Dahn Yoga member for almost 10 years. I am a 55 years young women who is healthier today than I was 10 years ago. Unfortunately, there are so many lies and distortions in the information presented on CNN by these disgruntled employees that were so weak that they gave up their integrity in order to feel better about themselves.

In June of 2001, I woke up with one side of my face totally paralysed. After days of fear, I found that I had been struck with Bell’s Palsy. This began a year of health issues related to a severe viral infection caused by stress, poor lifestyle, and a sedentary job. I was in the hospital at least 5 times, with issues ranging from extreme vertigo, facial paralysis, pulmonary embolisms, unexplained fevers, etc. My medical expenses for the year ran to over $100,000 and I was no longer able to work.

As I started recovering from this year of ill health, I joined Dahn Yoga, I have been a member ever since. I have had no health issues since then, am much happier and have a much better relationship with my family. Yes, I have spent money for various advanced training, but I chose to do so. No one cooerced me. I had free will. Also it’s been much cheaper than the ill health I experienced previously

Let me tell you a true story of brain wave vibration. This is a meditation technique developed by Ilchi Lee for healing our bodies by connecting with our brain. Because of the severe Bell’s Palsy, I still have facial paralysis to half of my face. For three years, I tried many different types of treatments, from electro stimulation, to acupuncture, to heavy doses of prednisone. I then settled on getting BOTOX injections four times a year to keep my face from drawing into extreme distortion. These cost approximately $1000/year. I did this for four years. Then Ilchi Lee taught us brain wave vibration. I started practising for 10 minutes a day. People from work, family, and friends began to comment on how much better my face was looking. I finally realized it had been over 6 months since my last BOTOX. Usually I would have seen a lot of facial distortion as it wore off, however, my face kept looking better. For the last 2 years I have had no BOTOX treatments and my face is better now than since June of 2001. To learn more, check out my video.

Maybe you tried to do meditation and found like me it was very difficult to sit quietly, breathing and focussing on nothing. Brain wave vibration provides many benefits of meditation, but because of the fun music and vibration it’s so easy to do, even with my Monkey Mind.

Do Dahn members smile a lot, yes we do. Most of us are much happier because Ilchi Lee spent 21 days on a mountain and his journey led to the discovery of the basis for Dahn Yoga. I for one am extremely grateful to this loving person and the fantastic organization that he began. I’m really disappointed in CNN’s total lack of balanced reporting. Because of my personal experience of the bias of their “reporting”, I will no longer watch CNN.

Jennifer Zapp

I began with dahn yoga almost 2 years ago, and it has positively impacted my life in a way that I would never have imagined.

Aside from being a fantastic way to exercise and relax, Dahn Yoga also strives to help its members find their passion in life. Masters and class instructors support the members daily in the realization of their personal goals.

I was deeply saddened and utterly disgusted by the CNN broadcast. To me it shows a very ugly truth about the reporting in this country, and how easy it is for CNN to broadcast such outrageous statements without doing their research. I know that if CNN had done their research they would have found that Dahn Yoga is a by no means a cult. Dahn Yoga is simply in the business of wellness and provides a service that of which there is a demand and therefore they earn revenue. How far the member wants to take their service, or even to seek a career in the business, is up to the individual member.

I am extremely grateful for my opportunity to be a Dahn Yoga member, and I look forward to continuing my membership and continuing on my life journey with the support of my Dahn Yoga community.


I am a memebr in a Dahn Yoga Centre in Germany and can only say that my experiance has been a very positive & supportive one. I have been able to improve my health in all aspects. My words are, compassion, mind, body, spirit, limitation, hope, support…….

I like it and as a result of it, I am a better person to myself and to others.

A member from the German Dahn Centre

Dahn Yoga has helped me learn to create my life. I see all my choices and opportunities rather than obligations and problems. I feel free and connected to myself. I am in tune with my body more than I ever have been. Only positive results have shown through the 14 months I have been doing this. CNN completely got it wrong about Dahn Yoga and Ilchi Lee. I hope that they can look deeper or maybe even experience Dahn Yoga themselves. Anyone can tell you about a movie but until you see it yourself, you will never truely know.

Thank You Dahn Yoga!

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