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Brain Wave Vibration Explained: A simple self-healing method transforming hundreds of thousands of lives

Posted on: 01/05/2010

Brain Wave Vibration is an essential technique in Ilchi Lee’s Brain Education System Training (BEST), a self development system with many exercises and workshops organized into a five-step process. Brain Wave Vibration’s strength lies in its accessibility. It can be performed by almost anyone in any posture and does not take long to master.

The simplest form of Brain Wave Vibration involves moving your body to your own natural rhythm. It’s like dancing to a deep drum beat, but the music is coming from inside you. In the beginning of a session, however, many practitioners use drumming music to get them into the rhythm. In one sense, Brain Wave Vibration can be thought of as a moving meditation, because as you allow your body to move you keep bringing your attention to your physical sensations, or a particular goal or intention.

In fact, many people claim it’s easier for them to quiet their mind with Brain Wave Vibration than with stationary forms of meditation. The rhythmic movement and focus on the body release physical, mental, and emotional tension.

When you quiet your mind you can feel the natural “energy” of your body flowing through it. Cultures all over the world have recognized this life force of the body, though they’ve given it many different names. The most familiar name in the United States is chi, qi, or ki, as given by East Asian cultures. According to traditional Asian medicine, ki should flow unobstructed through meridian channels in the body. Blocks in this flow lead to disease on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. This philosophy is the basis for acupuncture, which receives growing support from the Western medical community.

According to Ilchi Lee’s book, Brain Wave Vibration: Getting Back into the Rhythm of a Happy Healthy Life , vibration as a healing technique has a long history. Michael Winkelman, a neuroscientist at Arizona State University who has investigated shamanic healing methods, has written that these methods integrate “unconscious or preconscious primary information processing functions and outputs… into the operations of the frontal cortex.” This means that our conscious mind becomes more aware of our unconscious processes such as those controlling our body’s physiological responses. Winkelman believes they achieve this integration by “physically stimulating systematic brain wave–discharge patterns.”

After traveling the world studying primitive healing customs, Bradford Keeney, Ph.D. noticed that the world’s many ancient native healing practices rely on having a deeply relaxed state. Rather than using stillness of mind and body through meditation, the most primitive cultures use ecstatic movement such as dancing and shaking.

Despite humanity’s long history of using vibration for healing, Brain Wave Vibration itself does not have much scientific support yet, although two Japanese researchers have performed preliminary studies. But evidence that meditation is beneficial has accumulated to the point where most people would not argue against it.

In addition, some studies on Whole Body Vibration, in which a person is vibrated by standing on an oscillating platform, have shown an increase in bone density, mobility, and muscular strength, especially in older adults. Researchers have theorized that the vibration increases the bioelectrical pulses in muscle tissue, thereby increasing the rate at which the muscle can gain strength and flexibility.

Although Brain Wave Vibration lacks direct and conclusive scientific evidence, it does have an ever-expanding body of anecdotal evidence, as represented on the website www.brainwavevibration.com. Brain Wave Vibration practitioners themselves have credited the practice with aiding their healing of various ailments from stress and tension to fibromyalgia and facial paralysis.

If you want to learn more about Brain Wave Vibration, please visit www.brainwavevibration.com or read Ilchi Lee’s book Brain Wave Vibration: Getting Back into the Rhythm of a Happy Healthy Life.

6 Responses to "Brain Wave Vibration Explained: A simple self-healing method transforming hundreds of thousands of lives"

When I first practiced brain wave vibration training it was very dificult because my body was so stiff becasue of all the tention that I had from school. Now, I am so much loosened up and my stomach problem has been gone since so I practice brain wave vibration every day!
Everyone should take 5 minutes to loosen them up.
It’s wonderful

Practicing Brain Wave Vibration every day helps me to stay positive and energized. Since I started this practice three years ago my emotions are stable, even though I was always a driven person, my emotions fluctuated between being hopeless about my future and the future of humanity. I really wanted to make a difference but didn’t have the tools or self confidence to do it. I practiced other types of yoga and meditation and wished to find a place where I connect with more positive people. I was really happy when I got an offer for an Intro session in the mail. Joining Dahn yoga has brought many wonderful experiences to my life and great realizations.

I practice BrainWave Vibration at times when my body feels stiff and just plainly not wanting to leave a cozy bed especially during cold, dark Autumn/Winter mornings. Upon waking up, simply in a sitting position I will move my head side to side, until my whole spine will eventually and naturally moves side to side. It doesn’t take very long, always the stiffness gets released and my brain more awake and alert. It’s a very good practice to start the day and with sense of gratitude.

For several months, because of tremendous stress, I did this evenmore so anytime of the day, in addition to the morning routine. It was during a major health crisis that touched my family a year ago. Besides my other responsibilities and as a caregiver to my Mother, I desperately needed to have physical strength, stamina, calmness and centeredness. The Dahn trainings I have learned and continuously practicing (of which one in particular is the Brain Wave Vibration Training), together with the love and support of Dahn Masters/Instructors and Members had helped me so much to get through the life’s trial and difficulties during those times, in facing the scary situation brought by a Stroke and its after-effects. Mom’s recovery was very painful to her and gradual with many setbacks and complications, but Mom was very-strong willed and so, progressing.

With the combination of Western medical intervention and with Brain Wave Vibration, I feel confident for her ongoing recovery and progress. Now, her trunk is able to hold upright for a much longer period of time, and she’s able to speak and communicate a lot more. With her brain healing, I am hoping for the regain in the functioning of her arm and leg to follow.

Mom could not move her head side to side before, it was frustrating, scary and strange for her. As I did it more and more with her, her trunk has gotten stronger, she’s doing the BrainWave Vibration now longer. Together, we do Brain Wave Vibration, we have our Mother-Daughter bonding through this exercise as well. At times, I would catch her doing it by herself and it brings a smile in my heart, that means she’s getting and feeling the benefits from it, that means she’s trusting the process. Today, I notice her neck is more flexible while doing the brain wave vibration training and at the same time was counting numbers in sequence and with enjoyment.

Thank you teacher Ilchi Lee for sharing this wonderful brain exercise. I feel grateful for having a tool to use as an aid to my Mom’s recovery from stroke and for myself as a better, calmer, more grounded caregiver for her and the family. Kampsahamnida… Kampsahamnida… Kampsahamnida. Thank you, thank you, thank you:)

With BWV, I feel my life rhythm so deeply and can tap into my body’s natural healing powers. My migraine have been reduced to almost nothing now.

Considering the amount of stress I deal with on a daily basis, BWV helps bring deep relaxation to my brain thus, helping me relax my whole body. I am much more grounded every moment that people I work with ask me what I do that I always look so calm and peaceful and happy, regardless of what’s going on around me.

BWV definitely helped me!

I use BWV to help me shake out the stress and tension from the day. It works! The book is simple and easy to read.

Brain wave vibration helps me relax and become in tune with my inner body rythm, it is a very simple technique that takes my brain away from all thoughts into a complete deep relaxation, shaking the stress away and opening all channels of body for better energy, after the class i find mysellf much lighter, energetic and stress free.
To my surprise i was reading some articles about new technique in treating patient with psychological issues and it is so similar to what we do in class, yet in the therapist room someone could pay 300 dollars per session. I love brain wave vibration.

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