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Dahn Yoga’s Response to CNN Broadcast

Posted on: 01/02/2010

CNN has advertised the lead up to a story that they will begin airing on January 5, 2010. CNN’s report will be principally investigating claims in a recent lawsuit against Dahn Yoga. We are concerned that the sensational claims of the plaintiffs may get most of the attention, which would be unfortunate. The plaintiffs have used news media to try to pressure Dahn Yoga into a large monetary settlement. If CNN only listened to the plaintiffs, they would get a distorted story about Dahn Yoga. Therefore, we at Dahn Yoga have fervently tried to help CNN air a fair and balanced story. We hope that CNN does not allow itself to be a tool of plaintiffs in a law suit.

1. The Lawsuit misrepresents Dahn Yoga, its employees and supporters

Dahn Yoga consists of programs for health and well-being and has provided great benefits to more than one million people in 10 countries throughout the world since 1985. Insinuating that Dahn Yoga is a cult damages the reputation of the nearly 3000 Dahn Yoga instructors around the world who take pride in their work as professionals and the hundreds of thousands of Dahn Yoga members who happily choose Dahn Yoga as their program for health and wellness.

2. Using the media as a means of exploitation

In May of 2009, 27 former Dahn Yoga employees filed a lawsuit against us without any clear factual evidence. They claim that we are a cult that uses different tactics to brainwash our practitioners. Instead of properly presenting their claims in court, they are using the media to air their grievances, attempting to pressure us into a large monetary settlement. One of the arguments they are claiming is that they were overworked. You may have wondered about how long the instructors work at the center and what they do. We give the instructors at every center the liberty to create and set their own hours. If they are not spending their time teaching others and meeting with members, during their free time they have the benefit of utilizing the center as a place for their own personal-training and practice. The plaintiffs also claimed they were physically tortured and experienced mental distress. The physical and mental distress they speak of is the bowing and yeon-dahn (sleeping tiger, eagle posture, etc.) practice that we do in regular class. Bowing and yeon-dahn are methods of strengthening the body and calming the mind in ancient Asian practices from which Dahn Yoga was derived. Bowing is also a well-known form of physical training and meditation practiced by many traditions throughout history.
Although the former employees have amended and re-filed their claims, they know that they still lack sufficient evidence to support their claims. Therefore they are making good on their threat to attack us with negative media coverage if we do not submit to their demands for tens of millions of dollars. We have not given into any of their demands because we are confident that we will win in court, and therefore they have continuously slandered us through the media in a campaign against our company and founder. CNN is now their latest attempt to extort money from Dahn Yoga.

3. Attacking Ilchi Lee’s character and work

CNN expressed a lot of interest in the plaintiffs’ claims and ideas about Ilchi Lee. They have asked questions and researched the plaintiffs’ claims, and we hope that they equally give space to Ilchi Lee’s 30-year dedication to health and peace and do not ignore his international recognition. Mr. Lee is the recipient of the Civic Medal of Honor, the highest civilian honor awarded by the government of his native South Korea. He has been both a guest and a host speaker at the United Nations; he has established two universities and several non-profit organizations. Ilchi Lee founded Dahn Yoga and laid a strong, successful foundation for Dahn Yoga’s global expansion. He handed over Dahn Yoga’s management to his students in 2002, and since then he has not been involved in Dahn Yoga’s management and operation. Information about Mr. Lee’s global humanitarian activities is readily available on the Internet and it was directly provided to CNN’s producers.

4. Concern for the representation of Mago statue, a symbol of peace

We know that CNN captured part of the presentation at the Mago Earth Park grand opening, an event recently hosted in Arizona by one of our non-profit affiliates. Because the plaintiffs have attempted or threatened to sabotage events hosted by Ilchi Lee, we are concerned that CNN’s footage could be used to promote the plaintiffs accusations and pejorative portrayals of Dahn Yoga as a cult and Ilchi Lee as a cult leader. This symbol of peace represents our connection to the earth. The Mago story is an East Asian cultural heritage passed down through generations of oral tradition. Ancient Mago is similar to Gaia of the Western tradition and is a mythical archetype of Mother Earth common to various cultures throughout the world. Ilchi Lee tells the story of Mago to communicate that the spirit that humanity shares a single source, and that source is the Earth. The Mago statue was erected to promote Earth awareness and a global peace initiative, specifically not representing or insisting on any one belief.

CNN Action Timeline

November 16, 2009: Initial Contact by David Fitzpatrick of CNN

November 19, 2009: Visit to Union Square Center by CNN Producer Undercover

November 23, 2009: On-going Discussion about scheduling Interview

December 9, 2009: Informational Interview without Cameras at offices of Herrick Feinstein LLP (Legal Counsel to Ilchi Lee)

December 10, 2009: Rescheduled On-Camera Interview due to Joseph’s Family Emergency

December 16, 2009: Trespass and Disruption by CNN at Mago Earth Park Dedication Ceremony (2 Cameramen and 2 Reporters)

December 18, 2009: Legal Counsel Complained to CNN Legal Department, Uninvited CNN Cameraman Filmed at Astoria Center

December 23, 2009: On-Camera Interview with CNN at Offices of Herrick Feinstein LLP

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If you would like to comment on the story go to www.cnn.com/feedback/cnntv/

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It’s very disappointing that CNN did such thing!
They focus on just entertainment rather than seeking the truth.
They should be aware of what they’re doing if they really want bright future for the earth and our descendents.
CNN reporters! Pay more attention!!!

I am proud to be a dahn yoga instructor and am happy to see so many great changes from people.

I want to see fair reporting practice from CNN.

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CNN needs to go to Dahn Yoga center to experience it.
and then talk with the Truth.
This is a WAR Spirituality VS Matirialism in this world.
I hope Dahn Yoga and brain Education can heal this world better.

I am finding the process of creating a news story fascinating. From everything I’ve seen and read so far, my guess is that the idea is to get enough information to fill the time you have for the story and to appear fair and balanced. It’s not truly to uncover all of the facts of the situation. Maybe that’s impossible. I watched Campbell Brown’s show today, and I was reminded about how much the media in general, not just CNN or Campbell Brown, plays into and provokes people’s fears. I’m glad Dahn Yoga has decided to set up this website so it can tell it’s version of the story. I hope we can use it to really let people know what Dahn Yoga is all about.

I am a Dahn Yoga instructor in UK for 4 years and I’ve never experienced anything similar to plaintiffs claims. I was never pressured, I made sure I am not a part of any cult, I always made my choices freely and I am happy for choices I made. I recovered my wellbeeing first and then I wanted to share it with others. That is exactly Ilchi Lee’s mind. People follow him because he is teaching the truth about life and they can feel it in their hearts. Trust your own senses, see it with a cool head, try not to get emotional about it. That is my suggestion for all of you. I wish you all a Happy New Year and lot’s of joy in Dahn Yoga!

Thank you for producing this site and comments on CNN’s report. This seems much more factual and grounded than the emotionally loaded report from CNN. At least here there is no ‘scandalistic’ tone and fantasy.
It is so sad to see reality transformed and twisted. Thank you for rectifying the story and informing people of the truth about Dahn Yoga.

It’s a real surprise to me how an “investigative” report on Dahn Yoga and it’s founder can be so completely different from the Dahn Yoga of which I’ve been a member for 6 years, and an instructor for 4 years.

Dahn Yoga and the practices I’ve learned from the organization, for me, have physically helped me recover from a traumatic brain injury, renewed the joy in my life, and helped me find peace of mind.

I’ve taken many of the advanced trainings, all of which have been 100% my choice and my decision. I have never regretted a single dollar I’ve spent on a Dahn Yoga class or training.

There are many Dahn Yoga Centers that offer a class for members of the Earth Citizen Movement group which costs $1 per month to join. This money goes to the United Nations. So the Earth Citizens members are offered a weekly Dahn Yoga class which is basically free.

I’ve never been coerced into taking any training or doing any practice.

My response to CNN

I am glad many are voicing positive accounts of Dahn Yoga in response to the scandalous CNN report. However I wish they are aware that there is an even larger volume of silent remorse from our instrustructors and members coming from a mixed feeling of disgust and shock being attacked by a force so savage that does not understand our language, our dreams and hopes, our culture and has no notion of respect or peace. In fact, the situation parelles that of the movie Avatar viewed by millions worldwide in theatres right now.

America in recent years as a culture has been well practiced in the warfare of social murder. In the times of Martin Luther King Junior or Malcome X, they needed to assasin the men physically but nowadays they have such weapons as ‘lawsuits’ and ‘interogative interview’, ‘cameras’ and ‘media’ that enable them to attemt social murder on anyone regardless of what you achieved through your life, what person of character you are.

In any sunny day, someone can walk in your back yard as you were throwing a party and stick up a microphone in your face with camera on and ‘ask’ questions like “I heard that you raped a person. Did you?” “I heard that you raped a person. Did you?” “I heard that you raped a person?” and film you and put it up on the internet. Given a lawsuit? Yet anyone can sue anyone though thousands get dismissed in the court as was the case with this perticular frivolous lawsuit. Do we call such violence of spirit a freedom of speech? What a savage culture have we created here.

When a warrior puts their life at stake to overcome their doubt and fear and tame their one and only flying dragon in the movie Avatar, would anyone who has a notion of self discipline call that a torture? 3000 bows are not even like putting one’s life at stake. In fact I would say it is easier than giving birth if you had 22 hours of labor that ended in C-section like me. Does the practice have an equivalent reward as a childbirth at the end? Definitely. Imagine yourself releasing 50 pounds of negative emotion and finding a true confidence.

The savage attacks on Ilchi Lee by CNN reporter and another Korean so called ‘tranlator’ reporter was nothing short of the attempted attacks on the soul tree, the spirit “Eh-Hwa” in the movie Avatar.
In fact the occasion where it happedned was a Celebration of Mago, the mother Earth. Ilchi Lee was hosting an event in Sedona, AZ, Mago Earth Park Grand Opening Ceremony. He writes:

“There is a world all living creatures have dreamed of together, ever since the Earth came to be. There is a world dreamed of by Moago-Mother Earth- and human beings, It is a dream shared by the old juniper tree, the red rocks and the rushing water of Oak Creek.
Oh, friend sho has come to Sedona, take this dream with you. And it just might be your question and your answer. This dream just might awaken the greatest things within you- A new Heaven, a new Earth, a new people, and a new life path, a world of peace in which all life is harmonious in a sacred Heaven, an abundant Earth. Although you nay not realize it now.”

Yet these ailien humans treat him like a savage, a criminal and with such technology of “cameras”, “internet” and “lawsuit” trying to destroy his name & spirit. However, so many lives have been touched and supported by his light that we will not let this happen. We will soar to new heights and fight this off. I hope there is an Avatar out there in the land of CNN who would be willing to come and learn the truth of our ways as well.

please update this new to twitter as well. Lot of followers want to hear something from dahn yoga.

I am so proud to work as an instructor for Dahn Yoga. I retired from a successful 25-year career to work for Dahn. I am the happiest and the healthiest that I have ever been. And everyday I ask how I can contribute peace to the World. This aspect of Dahn is unique: we have a clear goal and a plan for getting to the goal of harmonious life on our Mago.

My own mother is so proud of me. She shares with her friends the work that we are doing at Dahn. And my parents loved the Brain Art Festival and Ilchi Lee’s presentations.

CNN will bear the responsibility for their character assisination. Our organization each day becomes stronger. We will not be detered!

Here is my letter in support of our dahn yoga center. I do hope it can support our practice at this time. Here it is:

In light of the contreversy about Dahn Yoga I would like to share with you how dahn yoga has and continues to impact my life and those around me.

I would like to tell you for many years I suffered from migraine headaches contributing to my absentees of work, school and life. Migraines effected me socially, physically, economically and even spiritually. For years I have tried numerous medications, took many hospital emergency trips in pain. I held many different jobs and did very well in school. However I could not function to society’s levels of expectations in the working world. Biofeedback did not work, nor intravenous shots of medicine. There were times I wish I was not even alive from the imbalance it caused in my brain and body. I felt like there was no hope. I felt I had no purpose. Even after I got married and had a beautiful son I still got these debilitating headaches.

When I walked in Dahn Yoga center 5 years ago I felt like I had a new life. Two years ago I also became a Dahn Instructor. With dedicated training as a practicioner and Instructor my health, my family, and my outlook on life and getting back out in the world again improved. My family could vouch for my personal growth and improvement in my health and even character.

My training and support from Masters, Healers and other Instructors made me pursue my true lifes purpose in the Holistic Field of Health. Following the year of becoming an Instructor I also became an arthritis Tai Chi Instructor and a Health Counselor. My Dahn training has made me reach out in hopes for reaching all people and people with disabilities as well. Reaching out in the community and in the center has allowed me as an instructor to guide people back to recovering themselves with their mind and body. Seeing their improvement is so rewarding.

The Masters themeselves at Dahn Yoga have always been supportive to me in my growth, understanding of my condition and hopeful that I would do bettter for myself and family with my condition. They imagined things I could not imagine for myself because of the lack of confidence and lack of health I had. However Dahn Support and trainings have enabled me to function at a higher level than ever before physically, emotionally, economically, and socially as my migraines began to decrease with dahn training. My faith and hope have improved as well.

The principles of Dahn Yoga and Ilchi Lee made me realize so much about my body and how I can help it heal. Dahn Yoga has given me the tools to work with to be healthy by using my own mind and body. It is such a pleasure not to look at a biofeedback machine that never worked in the first place for me. The only tools you will find at Dahn Yoga is how to use your own Mind and Body for Health and Wellness.

Dahn Yoga as a business has been wonderful to me. In fact I always feel like it is a family business in that Dahn is very understanding, polite, cordial, and sincere. There is always openess for communication which is very important. I never had a problem.

I am saddened to hear about the allegations toward dahn yoga. I hope in this day and age I can trust CNN to be real and give a truthful story on the positive side as well.

I was really shocked, though I don’t know her personally of Lucie Vogels voice of her being a rebel against authority figure. It is not unlikely to find those in holistic practices to rebel so that is not shocking to me….just look at Master Ilchi Lee who went through many obstacles he went through to teach us how to recover our health. On that note Dahn practice has taught me respect and humility, and at the same time has taught me how to be the Master of my own Brain and be who I really want to be. In fact my Dahn Community has cheered me on in and outside the center in my growth and dreams for peace and health for everyone.

Dahn Yoga has sarted my journey. I am now a successful Dahn Yoga instructor, a future Brain Managment Consultant and a Holistic Health Counselor. My family is so proud, and I am so happy that my son does not see his Mom so sick anymore and stagnet. I have less migraines, more confidence and have discovered a path of helping others do the same for themselves. I could not be happier!

I look forward to continued training at my dahn yoga center and community for a happy, healthier and peaceful world.

Karen Doukas
BayRidge Dahn Center
Brooklyn, NY

When someone is labeled as brainwashed, then everything you say and do will viewed as untrue. When someone is coming to you with this belief system then, there is no way to have communication. They will see you with colored glasses. So, please take off your colored glasses and be open-minded. Look at everything and see all sides.

I’m writing on behalf of Dahn Yoga.I’have been practicing different types of yoga for 10 years, before I’ found Dahn yoga,which I’m practicing for almost 5 years. I’ just mention some benefits I’received. I’ stoped taking my antidepressant medications,which I’had used for 8 years, I’ boosted my imune system,which was very low,I’ stopped taking cortison injections for my bursitis,which disapeared. I’had no occurence of neck and back pain,which were part of my former 20 years.I’ regained my energy after years of Fatigue syndrom. In my sixties my body is more flexible than in my twentys, and I’ keep my weight stable.
I’ recomend Dahn yoga to everybody for longevity and undependence in older age.

I had the good fortune to meet Ilchi Lee in person at a training in Sedona. His quiet, spiritual presence filled the entire hall with peace like I’ve never felt before.

It is impossible to fake such a presence. It is impossible to have such a powerful presence without being a human being of integrity. So I was surprised when on the way home from the training, I saw the CNN story on a big screen at the airport. The Ilchi Lee depicted on that video was not the same as the man that I had met. On TV, they edited the photographs to make him look like a money-minded, conniving person. I promise you he is not that kind of person at all.

In four months of Dahn Yoga training, I have received more physical benefit than from any other gym, class, or doctor that I have ever been to. My body felt old and stiff and painful; now it is as limber as a child’s. My emotions are much more balanced than before, WITHOUT the need for antidepressants. I am happier and many people have told me that I look better.

The allegations of brainwashing are quite honestly a ridiculous joke. The only messages I’ve received from Dahn practice are of being true to myself and creating peace and love and happiness and health in the world.

Of course, peace and love and happiness and health don’t sell advertising.

I appreciate you airing the show on Dahn Yoga. The reason I am writing to you is that your broadcast failed to show the benefits of the program. As for myself, I have been a member for 9 years. My comments come strictly from my training and being with members and the masters for the nine years. I am not a paid employee.

The health benefits that I have received for myself and members who I have shared the classes with have been countless. They include: resolving insomnia to easing into menopause without any symptoms, reducing the effects of chemotherapy and radiation, to not having any menstrual symptoms including breast and stomach cramps, or swelling, healing himself from asthma, resolving restless leg syndrome to being healthy and not having the flu or colds. I personally know a member who suffered with depression and was on seven (7) medications and got off of them all and continues to be healthy. On a deeper spiritual level, I found my life purpose to help heal myself and heal the world through holistic and alternative approaches without using prescription drugs. I became a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Reiki Level 2 Practitioner and Energy healer. People need to know how great they are and how their mind and words affects their body and overall health and they too can heal naturally. I have shared the Dahn yoga principles, and alternative health concepts, and exercises with my clients with incredible results. For me being a firm believer in holistic healing and mind over body techniques, you cannot beat Dahn Yoga and their concepts.

In addition, I feel it is important to let you know that I have done 1000 bows on numerous occasions with the masters and members. It was actually a very exhilarating experience for me. In fact when we got done with the bows, the master took amazing care of us and she even prepared breakfast for us which we all shared together. We are always at choice whether we want to take programs or not. Including bowing, you can leave the room; go to the bathroom, or just stop. It is totally up to you.

About one year ago, I was experiencing severe stress resulting in acid indigestion from my corporate job. I started to use brain wave vibration everyday at home and at my local Dahn Center in Syosset, NY and the symptoms went away within 10 days and have not returned since. I did not change the foods that I was eating or take any over-the-counter drugs or medical attention. I owe it to brain wave vibration. I am sure there is documented evidence from many other Dahn Yoga members who have experienced brain wave vibration with similar results to mine.

I invite you to take a class at a local Dahn center. If you are in the New York area, I would be happy to accompany you to the class. I’m sure that you would really enjoy it.

Have the Best Day Ever!

I’ve been a member of Dahn Yoga for 3 yrs. and joining was the best thing I could ever do for myself. I feel great everyday and I’ve never been so happy. The instructors are genuine and the programs are phenomenal. I urge anyone sincerely seeking a happier, healthier life to go to a local center and give it a try.

Truly near DEATH, I knew of no where else to turn, out of desperation and curiosity, I decided to go into the Dahn Yoga Center nearby. Just few months earlier, I had been diagnosed with stage III breast cancer that had invaded my lymph nodes. After extensive surgery, 39 treatments of chemotherapy and 39 treatments of radiation, my body was thin, weak and I could barely walk 50 feet without becoming short of breath. In addition to the horrible physical impairments I experienced after all the treatment, I also suffered from a severe stress disorder.
Initially, after walking into the Dahn Yoga Center, the instructor asked me to list my goals in terms of improving my condition. Afterward, he told me very kindly, that I had a lot of hope. With tears in my eyes and fear in my heart, for the first time, I really believed that there was hope and that was the beginning of a challenging, yet successful journey to my recovery. I began attending classes 2 times a week, graduating to 5 times a week, as I became stronger. Special body strengthening exercises were suggested, that would detoxify me as well. I followed my instructor with devout allegiance, as I felt my body becoming fortified and invigorated. The instructor taught me how important the body, mind and spirit serve as a unit, communicating, resulting in a balance, restoring good health.
Within a year, I was able to resume my normal physical activities as I had done before the diagnosis of cancer. After my training at Dahn, I was at a point where I could ride my bike up to 20 miles in a day. Body weakness was dissipating and I had increased my breathing capacity to the point where shortness of breath no longer existed on exertion, or at rest. Gradually, my anxiety disorder was dispelled and no longer is a part of my life. Truthfully, it was the hard work and dedication from the instructors at the Dahn Yoga Center that literally helped me find my true self, deep inside and get my life back. Through their inexhaustible patience, a deep understanding of human need and great compassion toward humanity, I was blessed in getting a second chance at life again. There is NO other organization, not a school, a hospital or fitness center that could ever provide or compare to the healing and restorative techniques that Dahn Yoga offers. Truthfully, these are the most consecrated group of people who literally pledge their lives and who’s aim is to purely heal and preserve humanity and the earth. It is time to recognize the truth about what Dahn Yoga stands for and not allow a coalition of deceit and corrupt defamation plaque an exemplary, most honorable society as Dahn Yoga.
Very Sincerely,
Marilyn Kumra

It is sad that in the USA news has become more like pulp fiction than real reporting. However, I am glad that the American public understands this. What is so sad is that the news and those who use them for immoral purposes prey on people’s fear and insecurity in order to manipulate them. I am glad that more and more people are practicing having open hearts and minds and don’t consume all the junk they read or see.

I have always been interested in martial arts and have practice several different types. Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Aikido, Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Tai Chi, and different types of Yoga. I became a Reiki practitioner and have worked with energy for many years. I realized something indescribable was missing for me. I didn’t feel a completeness. I could do many things physically. However, my foundation did not feel solid. My mind was not calm. I had drive, but no direction. I have had this deep desire to help people every since I was a child. I became a police officer naively thinking I could save the world. One day, I was looking from a hill top over the city of Las Vegas, and I began to cry uncontrollably. I remember asking myself, “what am I doing? I have wasted so many years of my life, for What?” I had many material things around me. I still felt as thought I had not accomplished anything. I knew I was capable of anything I set my mind to. Why was I here? What was I to be doing with my life? I knew I had a purpose. I have overcome many life threatening moments. I was born for a reason. My job as a police officer was very stressful, and my health was becoming very poor. I had been admitted into the hospital for chest pains. I was prescribed medication, and I went home. The medication was only a mask for the pain I was in. I still had the pain, however, I was learning how to cover it up. December of 2004, I received a Dahn Yoga brochure, and went to a center. The moment I stepped in I felt a physical release in my body. I was greeted with a warm genuine smile. I knew it was genuine because of all my years of reading people as a police officer. Police officers have a gut instinct we rely on a lot. I honestly believe this instinct has saved me from some pretty hairy situations. I began asking about their classes, and what type of yoga they taught. I was also interested in the Tai Chi so that I could quiet my mind. I was asked if I had time, and invited into the main training room. I followed asking about the yoga program. As I entered the room I remember seeing a large picture of Bell Rock from Sedona at the front of the room. I recognized Bell Rock because I recently went to Sedona and a tour guide had taken me there for a meditation. I agreed to an energy check up. The individual was very polite, and professional. Because of my Reiki background I knew what he was doing as he began to scan my body with his hands. He read me like a book. He could tell where I was holding tension in my body. He offered good advise of different exercises I could do to help heal and relax my body. As a police officer we learn how to hide our emotions, and physical pain.

I became a member, and quickly found how helpful the yoga classes were to me. At the beginning I had a hard time getting down on the ground and sitting with my legs folding across each other due to injuries I had. One of my doctors told me I was looking at a full knee replacement because of the arthritis and injury to my knee. I was in pain all of the time. Usually by the end of the day I was in so much pain. All I wanted was for the pain to leave me. Every part of my body was tight. The instructors helped me by modifying the different positions, and focusing on my breathe. They were so patient, and always offering me words of encouragement. I soon felt a big difference in how my body was much more relaxed, and I was happier. I would smile for no reason. Within one month, I stopped taking the two prescriptions I was on. I learned a bowing technique which helped me balance my hips, calm my mind, and helped me to get up off the ground easier. I took a weekend workshop called Shim Sung. It was the best decision I had ever made. It changed my life. After Shim Sung I had a deeper appreciation for everything around me. The trees and grass was greener. I had gone to the ocean many times in the past to sooth my mind. But this time, it was so remarkable. So much beauty. My family had a deeper meaning to me. I felt so much love in my heart for everything around me.

I began hiking up mountain trails, an activity I thought I’d never be able to do again because of my knee deterioration. I have been given a very precious gift. I am no longer looking at a full knee replacement.

I began teaching at the center. I knew I could help people. I really wanted to give what I had to the members at the Dahn Yoga Center. I have taken many different workshops since then. The value of them is priceless. Every workshop has built on the one before it. I was not only learning through the knowledge. I was experiencing health, and deep peace of the mind. My many years working as a police officer I had seen so many destructive behaviors, so many unhappy people. Family members killing each other. The dead bodies, the abused children, and the remorse. I knew if I could share what I had learned about the deep inner peace to as many people I could around me. If they could feel the tension release from their body, and taste the deep peace that lies within each of them. I knew then I was making a difference in the world. A person who connects with this deep peace within them can not harm another. I found my purpose. I am now a retired police officer of over 19 years of service to my community. I take no medications, and during my exit physical for the police department the doctor asked me what I had been doing because my test showed me in very good health. I told him yoga. He told me to keep it up. He said that most police officers who retire with as many years that I had on the department are in poor health, and on some kind of medication usually for their hearts. Before practicing Dahn Yoga, I visited my doctor’s office at least once or twice a year for illnesses, and respiratory infections. I have been teaching Dahn Yoga since 2004, and I know I have had a positive effect on many people. I am now a very proud owner of a center of my own. I am making a difference in my community. I am helping others to heal themselves physically and emotionally. The district manager of the Dahn Yoga center once told me. We have two wolves inside of us. A bad wolve and a good wolve. The one that grows and becomes powerful is the one you feed. I have found my purpose. I feel complete. I know why I am here on earth. IlChi Lee has helped me find my way. I conducted an investigation on a cult during my 19 years as a police officer. This is not a cult. This is a misunderstanding due to cultural differences. I not only practice Dahn Yoga. I live it with every breath in my body because I know without it I would not be here today.

Thank you SO much for your sharing! Congratulations on your commitment to health and wellness through Dahn. We are blessed to be a part of it!

… whenever I practice Dahn Yoga I feel so happy and HEALTHY! It’s incredible. The sad thing is that so many people watching that report will never have the chance to grow, be more empowered and experience what I have, in the way of benefits, because they will be lead by a report that I feel was not well documented, researched nor representative of “both sides”! They for sure didn’t speak to the many articulate professionals who are grounded, self-confident and stable people that are members of this practice- many who have been for years. Also my one questions is, what is a CULT anyway?… If this is a cult – wow, it must be a good thing since I feel so great from my practice!! haaa…. All I can say is that as long as I keep growing in my practice with clarity, confidence and strength this is the practice I’m sticking with!!

Let’s ride these waves. 🙂 We can overcome anything!

It’s amazing how in the midst of all these events unfolding, we feel so much stronger conviction to set out what we said we will do. Indeed a great opportunity to grow for all of us, as ONE.

In our region, I will work with fellow healers and society leaders to raise more public awareness to the benefits of Dahn principles not just from the members but also from all the outreach participants that our healers have reached out to.

We will create our own way of disseminating information and sharing about how Dahn has benefited hundreds of people— through newsletters, videos, photos, presentations to get the ‘great HSP news’ out there!!! 🙂 It’s time to reach out more!

Hap Shim De Do !

Our society is based on symbolism, the golden arches, symbolizing McDonalds, the crucifix, symbolizing Christianity, the many idols of the saints and Jesus Christ in and out of the Catholic churches, etc.. just to name a few. Are these also considered cult symbols? All of these symbols are intended to communicate a positive message to society in some way. Why then, is the Mago statue, symbol of earth awareness and global peace being misrepresented and disrespected and portrayed as a “cult symbol?” Time to clarify the truth CNN: You are a respectable network, please convey the appropriate, true meaning of the Mago statue. Let the people know how well intended this symbol truly is and how Ilchi Lee has graced us with his noble intent to communicate with many who are resistant to his pioneering spirit in promoting world peace and preservation of our mother earth. Mago is a very beautiful and precious symbol which represents what we all as human beings desire, unity, love and global peace. Let’s open up our eyes first, to see the truth, then our hearts, next, to accept it.

I am writing to share my positive experiences in Dahn Yoga. I had tried other Yoga and taken ballet- I didn’t find what I was looking for.
I did not find the energy spark that I experienced in Dahn. My Dahn exercises assist me in staying focused and positive at work. I really enjoy the experiences.

The trainers are giving and care about their students. The Dahn staff challenge students to know and care about themselves more deeply.
The exercises may be vigorous at times, but I see trainers from Biggest
Loser TV show drive the participants much longer and harder. Each Dahn student decides what the limit is. But progress takes effort.

The trainers rotate locations regularly requiring students to adapt and be flexible. I think this a plus. The trainers and masters are calm and disciplined, providing a great example and helping me get motivated.
I am glad to participate in promoting the benefits of Dahn Yoga.

Stephanie, Thank you for your sharing. I appreciate your honesty and pure heart. MJ Thinking of you.

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