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Shimsung: Finding True-Self

Posted on: 12/28/2009

Considered one of the most profound programs in Dahn Yoga training method, Shimsung is designed to help you look honestly and carefully at mental and emotional habits that keep you from living the life you want to live. Shimsung means “heart opening,” and this is the essential goal of the training. Through a wide variety of games and experiential activities, you will examine patterns of thinking that undermine relationships, and confront habits that sabotage the achievement of a more satisfying life. Through the program, you will develop the physical, emotional and mental sensitivity to experience your deepest essence and will acquire the tools to maintain this experience in your everyday life. You will also gain a stronger sense of self by identifying your personal foundation for all your daily actions and decisions. Shimsung is perfect if you want to get “back on track” or gain motivation for personal transformation.

Watch the video below to see what people say about their Shimsung experiences.

5 Responses to "Shimsung: Finding True-Self"

This video is wonderful!!! Thank you so much for making it available. You can see how the people in the video who are taking this program are soooo bright, motivated, and happy, just like I have been since I took my ShimSung almost 10 years ago!

I changed my life through shimsung & it opened my eyes.
I can follow my heart wants since Shimsung.
Thank you dahn yoga for Shimsung.

My shimsung training was very powerful! I opened up my heart a lot and released this huge sorrow from my heart. I was able to forgive myself for something I was feeling guilty about for the longest time since my mom passed away. I also discovered that I have been holding in my inner strength and not even know it. It’s amazing to feel empowered and shimsung has helped me heaps!

I took Shim Sung years ago and it had such a profound effect I have assisted in about 30 trainnings. To me this is the true beginning of what Dahn is about. Feeling the love in my heart and helping others experience the same. It empowers them and allows their true nature to be exposed. It rekindles a belief that they are worthy and capable of contributing to others Great to be around people when they discover this about themselves. Their faces become bright and they get a big smile. Grateful to be alive and a desire to share the love in their hearts with others. A truely possitive experiance.

Lloyd from Denver

Shim Sung for me was a deeper appreciation of everything around me. Life came to my world like I hadn’t seen before. The sky was bright and bluer, the trees and grass were greener. I felt the weight of the world lifted right off my shoulders. I’ve gone to other self help, and self improvement programs. Shim Sung was definitely the greatest experience I’ve every had.

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